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Man sometimes I just think about how mad it is that Buffy delivers one of the most painful, dramatic episodes/reveals in song form. Like wtf Joss get it together. WHY IS THIS EPISODE SO GOOD. IT HAS NO RIGHT.


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Infinite Challenge ep. 498

FIC: Next of Kin

Fandom: Critical Role
Characters: Grog Strongjaw & Kaylie Shorthalt
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,709
Summary: A missing scene from episode 84: Grog goes looking for Kaylie, or, a goliath and a gnome walk into a bar.
Also on: AO3
Notes: For Critical Role Relationship Week.

It’s not the longest day of Grog’s life. It’s just damn close.

He doesn’t ponder what-ifs much. If a thing is done, it’s done—behind him, forgotten. At least, that’s how it was. Things have been changing, slowly, so slowly that he—keen though he is—hasn’t noticed, so even after drinking with Pike and Kerr and Percy, even after seeing with his own eyes that Scanlan sleeps peacefully, he can’t just shake it all off and go to sleep. Something needles him, at the back of his mind, an itch he can’t reach.

Kaylie. Through the haze of drink and barely-sidestepped grief, he thinks, Where is Kaylie?

Scanlan wouldn’t want her to be by herself. In a town completely unfamiliar to her, wrestling with feelings that Grog can’t even imagine, probably. Though his step wavers a bit, he veers wide of the room waiting for him and heads off through the castle.

“Hey,” he barks—probably a little too loud—at the first guard he comes across in the foyer, who startles and clatters in his armor, immediately bringing his sword and shield to the read. Dragons, Grog has observed, make people jumpy. “Have you seen a gnome? She has…she looks…” He tries to organize his thoughts. “You know Scanlan?”

The guard, probably deciding that he isn’t a dragon, lowers the sword a little. “We don’t see many gnomes around here,” he says, his voice questioning.

“Look.” Grog makes an effort to keep his voice a bit quieter. “You probably don’t know, but I’m Grand Poobah de…Something…of All of This and That, and it’s very important for me to know if you’ve seen a gnome that looks like Scanlan. Female. Short brown hair.”

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RWBY Art Challenge

Day 12: Outfit Swap!

This was originally going to be a MUCH different picture, but then I was tired and didn’t really feel like drawing five people. May do that later. 

Behave, Nora.


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