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We can see such a different Victor.

“What should I give Yuuri now”: he’s not just caring. This is a new level. 

A level in which he no longer ‘experiments’ on Yuuri (as he had done in ep 7: “Let’s try shattering his” and see how it goes), but rather seriously ponders what to give him, how to enrich him and soothe his worries.

rebelcaptain + the little mermaid

Cassian Andor is being forced to chose a wife by his royal advisors. He’s reluctant to marry, until a mysterious woman saves him from a shipwreck. 

Jyn Erso just wants to experience life above the water, against her father’s wishes. When she saves a man from drowning, she decides to seize the day and trade her voice for a chance at a human life.