ep : 3.15

anonymous asked:

"I can’t see a single reason to HATE Bela” " I mean, she shot Sam? She wasn’t going to kill him…” But she did try to kill Sam (and Dean) in ep 3.15.

Yeah but so’s everyone? My point is that Bela has been in this massively unfair hated character box the whole time, and other characters do just as bad stuff and they’re beloved. I mean, Crowley has earnestly thought to kill Sam and/or Dean many times. Rowena went off with a single minded purpose to kill Dean in 10x17 and in 10x23 put a spell on Cas that would have killed him in time, and only reversed it at gunpoint. Loads of faves have tried to kill Sam and Dean because that’s just what happens on this show, and lots of antagonists are fan favourites or have sizable fanclubs at least. It just feels like some of these early season characters and ESPECIALLY Bela because of the whole mix of things like only having one season, being an antagonist, one episode to belatedly introduce a sympathetic backstory, etc, have made her somehow the easiest character to hate, to the point where even feeling sorry for her seems to be a niche thing? 

I don’t know, I always thought she was fun, and interesting, and at least ignoring the usual fiesty female character written by men things, was pretty interesting and really a huge part of season 3 and all? And then it turns out fandom seems to have her legacy as “loathed annoying character” 


Super Cool Promo for next week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ep 3.15: “Spacetime”