BTS just won Top Social Artist at BMA! congrates both BTS & ARMY. The images credit to owner. When I listen to Rapmon’s speech, its remind me when VIXX 1st win (during voodoo doll era) because, the 1st person(s) they thanked to are their fans 😭

Both of this group came from a small company. Both of them are the 1st kpop group created from their company (correct me if I wrong)


VIXX performed “love equation” during Yu Huiyeol Sketchbook latest ep. This song won 8 trophies on music show which make it one of the succcessful single for VIXX. I got teary eyes when saw videos of them winning the trophys at music shows and happy too oc 😁 I wish this will happen soon during this era. The song used zero english lyrics, 100% lyrics are in korean. But it still catchy to me tho. Tomorrow will be VIXX 5TH ANNIVERSARY! I hope they won on Show Champion. I want to see them felt shocked again with the win 🙌🙏


I wont call myself an ARMY, yet. Why? I dont deserve it, bcause the things that I know about them is only their song title 😆 I do watched their MV but never vote for them in any music show. (I DID VOTE FOR THEM ON MAMA AWARD LAST YEAR) I hope, VIXX also gonna have a beautiful and successful journey following their dreams 🙆

Once again, congrates BTS. 👏👏