ep 7x23

Here’s my contribution for #CastleFanficMonday. It’s not great because of reasons, but nonetheless, I hope this is adequate. Unbetaed so all mistakes are mine.

Ever wondered how Castle’s bow tie came undone at the end of 7x23? Well it might have gone a little like this:

The moment Castle finishes his speech, Paula herds him off the stage and leads him behind the over sized cardboard prints of his head lined along the back of it. He follows her reluctantly, itching to go back to his table instead, eager to get back to the celebrations. He does remember that Paula’s promised that this part of the night should take no more than a few minutes so he tamps down desperation and readies himself as he steps into a sea of flashing bulbs and reporters shoving microphones in his face.

He flashes the photographers the biggest grin he can muster and straightens his tuxedo. It’s not that bad, he admits after a while. It’s been a long time since he’s truly enjoyed this kind of media attention. The last few times he’s done this have been to boost his sales numbers and he found them painfully dull and monotonous, but this time it’s for him; people are here to celebrate him and his achievements and his family is here with him this time instead of the usual industry big wigs.

Speaking of –

He spins around, ignoring the clamoring of the public for a moment and ducks out from behind one of the large portraits of himself, waving wildly to catch his wife’s eye. She’s talking animatedly to Esposito sitting next to her, but he’s counting on their weird mental telepathy thing for her to take notice of him. Sure enough, it only takes a few seconds before Beckett swivels in her seat, and he watches in awe as her eyes roam the room until they land on him. Even after seven years, their connection remains strong.

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