ep 7x14

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A post-ep for 7x14, ‘Come Back

“We’ll always make time for noodles,” Kensi says softly before pushing up on her toes and pressing a sweet kiss to his lips.  “Always.”

“Can that time be now?”  Deeks mumbles against her mouth, causing her to pull back slightly and roll her eyes good-naturedly.  “What?  I’m seriously hungry.  Which means you must be starving.”

She huffs in retort, but can’t deny it, she is hungry – they’re getting off work over an hour later than normal and the intense shootout at the safe house this afternoon didn’t leave a lot of time or opportunity for a snack.  Yet, she’s torn between wanting to grab some dinner and really wanting to get to her house to load up the SUV with her stuff.

It’s just a formality, really, the whole “moving in together” thing.  They spend most of their nights together and so many of her belongings are already at his house, but Kensi can’t wait to make it official.  Since they decided to take this step almost a week ago, she’s spent the past few days and nights at her place, boxing up the possessions she can’t bear to part with and (much to Deeks’s surprise) throwing out or donating the vast majority of everything else.  Two, maybe three trips between houses and it will be a done deal.

Just the thought of it is enough to bring that goofy, excited grin back to her face. 

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