ep 603

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Like i really hope that they don't go that route of introducing any sort of love interest for Killian (although i can understand the appeal coz Colin has chemistry with a paper bag if need be) ... but i agree with the majority .. we've seen leutinant Killian, pirate killian, captain hook, redeemed Hook, romantic Hook, brotastic Hook, friend Hook, deckhand Hook, Hero Hook .. i would love it if they show us paternal/father/grandfather Hook .. you know he'll be gr8 at it .. EP 603 anyone!


I haven’t had a chance to read my timeline so I’m not sure what anyone else is saying. But I love the idea of seeing Killian with Lucy (and with CS’ kids, too). Plus, being there as Henry’s stepfather. There are so many great possibilities for story between them.

brief summary of the Season 6 summer premiere promo + Season 6 predictions.

brief summary of the Season 6 summer premiere promo

tell me that im not that only one who felt actual goosebumps watching the promo? kudos to the pll team for creating such an intense promo in such little time!

who IS singing the song? sounds like Mona to me but it could be anyone!


how is A going to torture all these girls without face to face interaction? there HAS got to be a way for these girls to see A face to face, right?

pink-haired Aria? what’s going on? re-enacting that night? 

and why does Mona look severely tortured? why only her? that means A must have forced her?

okay, at this point, Alison is already out of jail and looking for the girls BUT why the yellow top? so she can attract A’s attention? is this all in 601? because there’s no way it’s 604 and they just ended the filming for 602/603 so that’s unlikely possible.

pretty obvious at this point Mona CANNOT communicate with the girls at all, under A’s commands, so the girls do not know anything that is happening to Mona!

Has the PD found the dollhouse? Oh is it just another dollhouse?

Now the important question: “PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!” Mona or Alison? To me, it was initially Mona but now, it is also highly likely it’s Alison!

Season 6 predictions.

  1. I have a strong feeling that Mona or Alison will die a hero, either way. 
  2. Mona is locked away from the girls completely, and is being brutally tortured by A. 
  3. The Liars escape soon, but WITHOUT Mona. 
  4. Alison gets out of jail (obviously) and goes to find the girls near the dollhouse and gets caught by A. 
  5. The PD finally finds the dollhouse, with no signs of life as A evacuated along with Mona. (Girls escaped already)
  6. Janel wasn’t on set for eps 602/603 (correct me if I’m wrong, but she’s travelling a whole lot), so I am certain A kidnapped Mona and ran away or Mona was left to die. UPDATE! (i uploaded this and then found out janel posted a pic of her on set zzzz)  anyway, Mona is on set of 605, so hopefully she is found ALIVE/ escaped alive and reunited with the rest!
  7. The girls soon escape in 602/603 according to BTS, also in 604 they are all wearing normal clothes in Rosewood as well as in 602/603.