ep 5x9

mac’s gayest looks: a compilation (part 1)

ep 3x14: this Iconic Gay Boy created a vigilante uniform (already gay as a concept) with a tight, sleeveless black tank; not only a beret but a fucking maroon beret; and arguably the gayest of all….. suspenders, which everyone knows straight people cannot physically wear. Dare I say…… Gay Icon.  

ep 5x9: listen i have no clue what Boys Club is but it sounds EXTREMELY gay. enough said. 

ep 3x9: everyone knows that ronald “mac” mcdonald made sleeveless shirts gay, but this one really takes it to another level. the holes in the shirt? gay. especially the one conveniently showing off his tight gay abs. and then take a closer look at the red….. at first they look like blood splatters but they’re actually cowboys touching penises. plus the studded belt? mac has truly transcended to another level of gay with this Look. 

ep 2x5: AGAIN WITH THE BERETS!!!!!! WHICH AUTOMATICALLY MAKES ANY OUTFIT GAY AS HELL. combined with the skull and crossbones with a heart t-shirt… and “revenge”…. one of the gayest shirts i have ever seen. This is one of the earliest signs of Gay Mac and thus is iconic. 


The Flashback scene on episode 5x09 (above) scene has to be from an episode between 1x05 to 1x14 when Felicity was not part of the team

BTW, Oliver wore a similar outfit on episodes 1x08/1x09 when he was dealing with the Huntress and Anthony Venza an associate of Frank Bertinelli