ep 5.22


We’re gonna be getting less Todo now for the next couple of eps so might as well appreciate this precious boy while we got him

Here are season’s 2 so far

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And here are the ones from season 1:

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[SCHEDULE] EXO’s SCHEDULE for February (2017)

EXO’s SCHEDULE: [BROADCAST] - all programme broadcasts and live broadcasts, including weekly music shows and dramas, [REC] - programme recordings, [RADIO] - radio programmes, [SIGN] / [MEET] - fan-signing and fan-meeting events, [PERF] - performance events, including concerts and festivals, [RELEASE] - music releases, [BIRTHDAY] - member’s birthdays and birthday parties, [OTHER] - various other scheduled activities.

This schedule will be continually updated.

EXO-K SCHEDULE (Last updated on 170228)

February 1

[BROADCAST] MBC ‘Missing Nine’ Ep.5 (MBC ‘미씽나인’ 제5휘) - 22:00 KST - (Chanyeol)

February 2

[BROADCAST] MBC ‘Universe’s Star’ Ep.2 (MBC ‘우주의 별이’ 제2휘) - 23:00 KAT - (Suho)

[BROADCAST] MBC ‘Missing Nine’ Ep.6 (MBC ‘미씽나인’ 제6휘) - 22:00 KST - (Chanyeol)

February 3

[RELEASE] SM Station Suho X Song Youngju ‘Curtain’ - (Suho)

February 4

[BROADCAST] WOWOW Premium Exoplanet #3 ~Complete Version~ - 17:00 JST

February 7

[BROADCAST] ‘New Trial’ VIP première (‘재심’ VIP 시사회) - (Suho)

February 8

[BROADCAST] MBC ‘Missing Nine’ Ep.7 (MBC ‘미씽나인’ 제7휘) - 22:00 KST - (Chanyeol)

[RADIO] SBS Power FM Jang Yewon’s A Night Like Tonight (SBS 파워FM 장예원의 오늘같은 밤) - 23:00-01:00 KST - (Suho)

February 9

[RADIO] KBS Cool FM Park Jiyoon’s Gayo Plaza (KBS 쿨FM 박지윤의 가요광장) - 12:00-14:00 KST - (Suho)

[BROADCAST] MBC ‘Missing Nine’ Ep.8 (MBC ‘미씽나인’ 제8휘) - 22:00 KST - (Chanyeol)

[BROADCAST] MBC ‘Universe’s Star’ Ep.3 (MBC ‘우주의 별이’ 제3휘) - 23:00 KST - (Suho)

February 10

[RELEASE] ‘The Universe’s Star’ OST ‘Starlight’ (낮에 뜨는 별) - 00:00 KST - (Suho)

February 11

[PERF] Exoplanet #3 - The EXO’rDium in Hong Kong - 19:00 CST

February 12

[PERF] Exoplanet #3 - The EXO’rDium in Hong Kong - 19:00 CST

February 13

[RADIO] MBC FM4U Jonghyun’s Blue Night (MBC FM4U 푸른 밤 종현입니다) - 24:00 KST - (Suho)

February 14

[RELEASE] Baekhyun x Soyu collaboration song ‘It’s Raining’ (비가와) - (Baekhyun)

February 15

[BROADCAST] SMTown The Stage -Japan Original Version- - 00:00 JST

[BROADCAST] MBC ‘Missing Nine’ Ep.9 (MBC ‘미씽나인’ 제9휘) - 22:00 KST - (Chanyeol)

February 16

[BROADCAST] MBC ‘Missing Nine’ Ep.10 (MBC ‘미씽나인’ 제10휘) - 22:00 KST - (Chanyeol)

[SIGN] NCsoft ‘Crush U’ fansign (엔씨소프트 ‘크러시 유’ 팬사인회) - (EXO-CBX)

[AWARD] 4th EDaily Culture Awards (제4회 이데일리 문화대상) - (Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Suho, Chen, Xiumin)

February 18

[PERF] K-Drama Festa in Pyeongchang - 17:00 KST - (EXO-CBX)

February 22

[AWARD] 6th Gaon Chart Awards (제6회 가온차트 어워즈)

[BROADCAST] MBC ‘Missing Nine’ Ep.11 (MBC ‘미씽나인’ 제11휘) - 22:00 KST - (Chanyeol)

February 23

[RELEASE] Chanyeol x Junggigo collaboration song ‘Let Me Love You’ - 00:00 KST - (Chanyeol)

[OTHER] ‘A Stray Goat’ VIP première (‘눈발’ VIP 시사회) - (Suho)

[BROADCAST] MBC ‘Missing Nine’ Ep.12 (MBC ‘미씽나인’ 제12휘) - 22:00 KST - (Chanyeol)

February 25

[PERF] Exoplanet #3 - The EXO’rDium in Manila

February 26

[PERF] Exoplanet #3 - The EXO’rDium in Manila

EXO-M SCHEDULE (Last updated on 170228)

February 4

[BROADCAST] WOWOW Premium Exoplanet #3 ~Complete Version~ - 17:00 JST

February 11

[PERF] Exoplanet #3 - The EXO’rDium in Hong Kong - 19:00 CST

February 12

[PERF] Exoplanet #3 - The EXO’rDium in Hong Kong - 19:00 CST

February 15

[BROADCAST] SMTown The Stage -Japan Original Version- - 00:00 JST

February 16

[RELEASE] ‘Missing Nine’ OST ‘I’m Not Okay’ (안녕 못해) - (Chen)

[SIGN] NCsoft ‘Crush U’ fansign (엔씨소프트 ‘크러시 유’ 팬사인회) - (EXO-CBX)

[AWARD] 4th EDaily Culture Awards (제4회 이데일리 문화대상) - (Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Suho, Chen, Xiumin)

February 18

[PERF] K-Drama Festa in Pyeongchang - 17:00 KST - (EXO-CBX)

[BROADCAST] ‘King of Glory’ Chushou live stream (王者荣耀触手直播) - 18:00 CST - (Lay)

February 22

[AWARD] 6th Gaon Chart Awards (제6회 가온차트 어워즈)

February 25

[PERF] Exoplanet #3 - The EXO’rDium in Manila

February 26

[PERF] Exoplanet #3 - The EXO’rDium in Manila

[AWARD] 2017 China Quality TV Drama Awards (2017中国电视剧品质盛典) - (Lay)

February 28

[PERF] TMall Beauty Awards (天猫金妆奖) - 18:00 CST - (Lay) - (Shanghai)

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Why do Tumblr posts always say "And now, the weather"? Half the time, Cecil says it differently.

“And now, the weather”: ep 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17, 21

“Let’s go to the weather”: ep 4, 5, 9, 16, 22, 24, 25, 42

“I give you the weather”: 19a, 19b, 26, 28, 29, 32, 34, 39

“I take you now to the weather”: 30, 44, Condos

“But first, the weather”: 18, 27


“As you start the car, the man on the radio says something about the weather.” (ep 13) 

“Besides, perhaps, taking you in a haze of terror and heat to the weather?” (ep 15) 

“Let us go now, possibly for the last time, to the weather.” (ep 20) 

“Let’s go, surrounded and confused, vulnerable and trembling, to the weather.” (ep 23) 

“Let us go now (and I do hope we come back), to the weather.” (ep 31) 

“Listeners, let’s just go to the weather, OK?” (ep 33) 

“And now I don’t so much take you, as just kind of leave you – just kind of disappear and gently nudge you towards, in the heart of a world that soon won’t be, the weather.” (ep 35) 

“So let me take you now, for as long as it can last, to the weather.” (ep 36) 

“As I go, you go, to the weather.” (ep 37) 

“No! Wait! Stop! John? John? No!” (ep 38) 

“And until that time, the only truth we will have is the weather.” (ep 40) 

“And so, before I go, I take you to the WALK-ther…the WeALtKher. The WALK. WALK. WALK. W–” (ep 41) 

“Jeremy! Take us to the weather! You come here, you son of a–” (ep 43) 

So you know, mix it up a little! 


2. The Hickey

Every week, Justin impresses the judges with his fashion choices. He looks fly in a jacket by Armani, pants by Ralph Lauren, belt by Prada, and hickey by Mame. 

Uh-oh, J Smooth, that one’s going to get you in trouble with Yu Tsai. It appears as though Yu is pissed that Justin forgot to retouch his hickey, but I’m pretty sure they’re looking at a “before” photo of Justin given that Justin’s acne is still visible. Retouching is expensive, Yu Tsai explains, so “suck somewhere else, please.”

I’d like to extend the same criticism to Yu Tsai. Go suck somewhere else… preferably on a show I don’t watch.

If Mame is having trouble finding somewhere else to suck, I think Mikey has a suggestion:

There are about 50 women who can tell you why you’d come to regret that decision, though.

As for the hickey, Justin accepts the blame for the incident, claiming that he must bruise too easily. Really, though, the blame lies on Mame. Who in the hell gives someone a hickey past the 10th grade? That’s some sloppy hook-up technique.

At least Mame has the common sense to play dumb. Maybe if Justin had referred to the mark as “flesh eating bacteria” when Yu Tsai pointed it out rather than completely freezing, he’d have escape the lecture. If you’ll notice, Justin is the only one to discuss the hickey on camera. Mame, meanwhile, looks at the mark and says “that rash will clear up soon.”

Yeah, rash. That’s a story J-Smooth would be smart to stick to if he ever wants Mame to, well, “suck somewhere else.”

5 Funniest Moments from ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 5

5. Smiles Are for Suckers!

Best believe that when the judges tell you that you smile too much, they’re going to do something to get that smile off your face… like eliminate you.

It’s no wonder that Dustin and Nyle get along so well. They’re both too “goofy” to be models, according to the judges. Nyle says that Dustin is one of the only people in the house that communicates with him, and that Dustin even learned some sign language. It’s weird that Nyle counts Dustin flipping him the bird as “sign language,” but I suppose having Dustin acknowledge him at all feels like a victory in that house.

Nyle did have that middle finger coming, though, after telling Dustin that his beer pong skills are so weak that he might not be ready for college. Poor Nyle actually has some good one-liners. It’s too bad that the other models aren’t conversing with him more so we’d get to hear them.

When I say beer pong, I mean “beer” pong. They’re actually playing with water, presumably due to Dustin only being eighteen. Adam would be so disappointed.

While Dustin is working on smiling less, Hadassah is taking the judge’s advice to try to smile more in an attempt to seem more likable. It seems odd to me that a beauty queen like Hadassah would have to practice not coming across as a bitch, but okay.  

At panel, Hadassah does her best to smile when the judges point out her facial expression in her photo sucks yet again. That task is a little harder when Kelly Cutrone says she looks like someone who works in the back of a shoe store.

Next, Dustin tries not to smile when the judges compliment the fact that they finally gave him the great facial expression they’ve been asking for. However, they’re not feeling the fact that his body looks “short” with that particular pose. That seems like a crock of shit piece of feedback to give on a “not too tall/not too short” cycle. This whole “short is beautiful” kick Tyra is on is only plausible if she’d stop orgasming each time one of the models looks a few inches taller than they are in photos and fuming when a legitimately 6′ guy isn’t stretched to the fullest.

Hadassah and Dustin end up in the bottom two. Before revealing who gets to stay, Tyra asks, “Who’s the model?” Good question. Is it the guy who’s fun to be around or the girl who struggles to be likable? Is it the guy who gave his best photo yet or the girl who, by Tyra’s own admission, has been “every week getting weaker”? Is it the guy who the judges had to choose a lousy photo of the first week just to find one that was semi-good for Hadassah or that same girl who was already in the bottom two last week?

The “model” who is staying is… shoe store employee Hadassah, of course.

Dustin has ‘cute Abercrombie boy’ written all over his young face and buff bod, yet rather than appreciating his obvious marketable attributes, Tyra tells him she’s disappointed he didn’t unleash his high fashion potential. Obviously, commercial modeling will be a way more attainable career option for Dustin, and any reality television “model” actually.  

Whatever, Dustin will be fine. I’m sure he’ll get booked for some gigs and that the photographers won’t give two shits if he wants to smile in the pictures… so long as his shirt is off. Dustin even admits that the best part of going home is that now he can smile all he wants. Let Kyle be your guide and smile for miles, Dustin!

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 5


1. Courtney Fucks Up Fiercely 

At panel, Tyra has some important advice for Courtney to become more model-esque: start doing everything “fiercely.” That includes eating cereal, brushing her teeth (which is obviously a not-so-subtle reminder to fucking brush her teeth in general after her confession the week before about going long periods of time without brushing), and - who knows where Tyra thinks up these things - going “number one.”

The highlight of the whole damn episode is Miss J acting out fierce bathroom poses. I like the elegance of Miss J’s urination stance, followed by the effort of his crapping crouch. So toilet couture!

Beyond having to watch Miss J pantomime pooping, this week’s been hard on Courtney, beginning with her trying to sleep outside in the cold to avoid her roommates. Mikey says:

Yeah, don’t feel that unwanted, Courtney! Feel the exact amount of unwanted that Mikey is comfortable inflicting on you!

In all honesty, though, I’m starting to understand what Mikey meant when he called Courtney “weak.” That’s not to say he’s any less of an asshole for treating her that way, but I can see myself getting sick of Courtney’s theatrics pretty fast, too.

She pities herself. She doesn’t follow instructions on set. She’s constantly sick from not eating. She moans about how Mikey led her on before dropping her for Ashley when, if you’ll recall, she’s the one who has a boyfriend back home. It’s probably these unrequited feelings that provoke Courtney to try to throw Mikey under the bus.

One night, Courtney sits next to Mikey and Devin as they discuss how they can’t wait for a new “Best Photo” to replace Ava’s current one on the wall. It’s obnoxious, competitive shit talking, but there’s nothing personal about their comments. Courtney, however, decides to take it personal on Ava’s behalf and runs up to our Bible study friend to misconstrue the situation.

This sets Ava off and, for the record, she’s never been funnier. She cries. She demands apologies from people, then refuses to let them speak to her. She tells Mikey if he’s going to say mean things about her, to save them for the confessional because… that makes them less mean? I dunno, some Christians have a weird relationship with confessionals I guess. On a rational level, Ava seems to understand the situation is one big misunderstanding, but she’s still pissed that this incident has compromised her time in the Tyra Suite.

Shame on the rest of the models for trying to ruin Ava’s hard-earned stay in a room of life-size Tyra portraits. Girl, you deserve it!

Meanwhile, Courtney knows she’s been caught as an instigator, so she pulls a Marvin by sobbing in the shower. Nyle, unable to hear how the drama unfolded and realize that she pretty much did this to herself, goes to comfort her. He asks if there’s anywhere else she’d rather be.

Nope, like most thirsty Top Model fans, she can think of no place better than resting her head against Nyle’s hairy chest. Elsewhere, the other contestants decide they’re pretty much done with Courtney.

The next day at the photoshoot, Courtney approaches Ava and says that it looks like they’re both the “outcasts” now. Courtney might be a quick study - she seems to be replicating Mikey’s strategy of emotionally manipulating one of the weaker people to make her dependent on her. Unfortunately for Courtney, Ava calmed down after getting a good night’s sleep next to, like, twelve Tyras, and she isn’t about to ostracize herself.

“Everybody’s been nice to me.” Haha, that’s shady, but as good a way as any to let Courtney know she’s not going to be flushing all her relationships in the house down the toilet. But if she were to choose to flush that toilet, best believe she’d do it FIERCELY.

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 5

4. Bello’s Threesome

Y’all know I’m not a fan of Bello, but I’m with him on this bed incident. It’s cool with me if you want to hook up with someone… just do it more than a few inches from where I’m trying to sleep. At the point Bello speaks up, Ashley’s mattress is actually touching Bello’s. Maybe the beds didn’t start out so close, but after a little gyration… they were practically involving Bello in a threesome. Foursome if you want to count the giant teddy bear.

Bello makes it very clear that he requires eight hours of beauty sleep. If he’s already that cranky after a full night’s sleep, if I were his roommate, I’d make sure he got it. Drifting unconscious, Bello says, “I was almost there” when the couple beside him interrupts him. To be fair, I’m sure Mikey and an allegedly “moaning” Ashley could say the same right back.

Mikey, with all the rage of a man with blue balls, threatens Bello. Ironically, the ensuing shouting match lasts longer than Mikey’s hook-up session would have. (What can I say? I spoke to those 50 women Mikey referenced.) All the while, Ashley and Devin successfully restrain Mikey from resorting to physical violence, which means Mikey’s quest to be the latest man in his family to go prison will have to wait for another day.

By the next morning, Mikey and Bello set aside their differences long enough to engage in some side-by-side long-hair hair-care.

Considering how much these guys care about their hare, I’d argue that there’s something even more intimate about this routine than sex, but go ahead with your bad selves!

Mikey composes himself well enough to come out on top at the day’s challenge even, and the producers bait Mikey by awarding him a “romantic dinner” for two. There’s only one person Mikey thinks of when he hears “romantic” date - Devin.  Mikey tries to explain that he can’t choose Ashley since she is his “undercover lover” and that would expose their secret. Except that it’s not exactly undercover after Devin told the judges of Mikey and Ashley’s “swirling” last week. Mikey even said he was happy to have that secret out in the open. Looks like he wants to put it back in the closet when it involves going on a real date.

Bello is unimpressed that Mikey chose Devin. He thinks that if you’re cuddling with a girl, you’re obligated to “treat her to some damn wine.”

I’m not worried about Ashley because it seems like there’s plenty of wine available back at the house - if Bello’s willing to share, that is. When the boys finally return from their bro-date, Bello complains that they ruined the mood of the house. Dude, you were clearly just - rather pathetically - drinking alone in your room; don’t act like they spoiled some awesome night. 

Chug, chug, Bello! You never know who’ll end up trying to get in bed with you tonight!

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 5

rewatching pll s5

yo remember in season 5 ep 22 someone rented a storage unit under hanna’s name the day before mona was ‘murdered’?

and in the murder scene we see a person with blonde hair/ wearing a blonde wig right? 

im not sure about the details, but im pretty sure u have to be there in person with your ID to rent a storage unit, so assuming that said person used hanna’s photo in the ID, that person must at least look like hanna even a little bit right?

And who do we know that looks like hanna? Who do they keep comparing hanna to? Alison.

And you know who looks like alison? Cece.

5.22 observation - The burn on Alison's arm

Before you read, please keep in mind that I consider this to be more of an interesting observation as opposed to an actual theory. 

One of the A ending’s that has stuck out to me the most throughout the existence of PLL was in Season 4, Ep. 1 “A is for A-L-I-V-E”. This is the episode where we are first introduced to the Black Widow. During the A ending, we see Black Widow’s reflection (surrounded by pics of Ali with her eyes cut out –creepy) through a mirror where she then lifts her veil. It is revealed that she is wearing an Alison mask that’s burned on the left side (shown below). 

In the recent episode, “To Plea or Not to Plea” (Season 5, Ep. 22) Alison is beaten up by an inmate in jail and has cuts and bruises all over her body as a result. I say “inmate” in a singular manner because only one unknown shadow/figure is shown to be moving in the laundry room with Ali. I believe that the other inmate present (shown to be leaving the room while locking the door behind her) was only there to keep watch and make sure the attack went unnoticed by guards. You’ll notice in the picture below that the injury on her right arm is a burn that I believe is from the iron she was using to iron her clothes seconds prior to this incident. 

By now you’re probably thinking, “Okay…so what if she has a burn on her arm? How is that linked to black widow?" 

I think it’s possible that one of the inmates was paid  (via the money in bibles from 5.21’s ending) to burn a side of Ali’s face. The reason that her arm is burnt in that particular spot is because she was trying to cover / protect her face while trying to fight her attacker off. 

Black Widow’s A ending reveal in 4.1 makes it apparent that this person does NOT like Alison (may I again point out the creepy pictures with her eyes cut out?).This leads me to think that under Black Widow’s mask, she might have an actual burn / deformity on her face as a result of a fire that she believes was caused by Alison. It could possibly relate to the Jenna thing, but I’m leaning more towards the lodge fire in the season 3 finale, as Black Widow was revealed in the season 4 premiere. Maybe it relates to something we have yet to discover. 

Regardless of whether or not Black Widow is Big A, she is definitely on the A team and there was certainly a reason why Alison was burned with  an iron in addition to being beaten up alone. 

Or.. maybe I’m just crazy and the two are not connected at all LOL :)