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                                                   So, what’d you tell the press?                                                                                             My official statement was that I hate Los Angeles.


Root x Shaw: Filming A Scene from “6741″ (5.07, POI)




Whatever it is, episode 5.07, like what Jonah Nolan said, is sure gonna be one helluva ride! As if that ain’t enough, Sarah Shahi also assured fans recently that the episode is gonna make Shoot fans happy, whatever she meant!

We shall see, shan’t we? ;)

Regardless, I’m totes excited for the return of my favourite US series (the smartest, cleverest show on the telly!), whenever that may be!!! \0/

Photo credits: @eyesofwitt & joy_v @ weibo (as per tweet)

Edit to add:

Remember this filmed scene (below) but missing from ep 4.01 “Panopticon”(based on Root & Shaw’s outfits) and excluded from the Blu-Ray/DVD set?

Well, if they do the same shit to the filmed Root x Shaw scene for 5.07 “6741,” I’d be totally miffed..!!! Just sayin’…

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