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Baccano! Dub Commentary Masterpost

This is a masterpost for my transcriptions of Baccano!’s Funimation dub commentary as heard on my copy of the 2007 anime adaptation’s DVD release. I’d like to thank @toushindai for her kind input when I needed a second ear now and then for hard to make out words. 


Below are links to the individual transcripts, with the relevant voice actors listed below each one. All four files should always be found in the folder linked above.

Episode 04

  • Tyler Walker (ADR Director; Line Producer; Vicky; Jack)
  • Bryan Massey (Ladd Russo)
  • J. Michael Tatum (Isaac Dian)
  • Caitlin Glass (Miria Harvent; Assistant ADR Director for eps 5-8)

Episode 07

  • Tyler Walker
  • Chuck Huber (Ronny Schiatto; Assistant ADR Director for eps 5-8; Script Writer for eps 4-16)
  • R Bruce Elliott (Szilard Quates)

Episode 09

  • Tyler Walker
  • Ian Sinclair (Dallas Genoard; Assistant ADR Director for eps 5-6 and 8-12)
  • Jerry Jewell (Claire Stanfield/Vino)

Episode 15

  • Tyler Walker
  • Joel McDonald (Jacuzzi Splot)
  • Chris Patton (Graham Specter)

All transcriptions and footnotes were done to the best of my ability, but occasionally reflect instances in which I was unable to make out certain words or could not confidently identify a speaker. Any and all corrections of errors or speaker identifications are gladly welcome, and will be incorporated accordingly into the files. 

The links should stay the same through any and all file replacements in the future, so this masterpost should never necessitate a replacement. If the links at any time cease to work or otherwise have problems - I would be very grateful if you could report such instances to me so I can fix them promptly. 

anonymous asked:

Do you know why Jihyo is leader instead of Nayeon? I love Jihyo as a leader but I know typically they go by age for Leader and if not there is usually a reason why the Leader isn't the oldest so I'm just curious.

cuz I guess usually JYPe’s leader ain’t the eldest but the one who really got this leader vibe, who seems to fit for this role better (?) 🤔

During a dinner with JYP (that you can find on TWICE TV1 ep 5 ; 00:52 + 7:07), he asked them to choose a leader. Plus Nayeon is called the “fake maknae” :’)

be-strong-fearless  asked:

4-Finn presents olivia for Gang (Rae isn’t with them). Archie does not like is upset because he is a Rinn shipper :D . He speak with Finn about Rae and Finn reveals how he is upset because he had heard that Rae and Liam kissed, Than he also had to get on with life.***After ep.07*** 5-Rae and Liam are still friends, Finn don’t like, get really jealous. Rae fights with Finn, because she is Liam only friend, how know much he need help. Some angst until Finn realizes that he has to talk to Liam

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know how old Olivia is, so I made up her age.  Surprise: I don’t care about Olivia so I made her old haha I’m also really shit with timelines, so ignore any mention of time frames if they’re wrong.



She’s…old.  Not eighty years old, but this girl was clearly not seventeen.  She was pretty though, and had dark hair.  Which was about the only think she shared with Rae.  Otherwise, Finn had managed to find the complete opposite of the girl we all thought he’d be with for a while.  Her name’s Olivia, and she works somewhere that I didn’t bother listening to.  She sipped her white wine while we downed pints and I wanted to cringe at all of our age differences.

She asked us all how our schooling was going, and what we planned on doing after.  I was grateful when she noticed the time and had to run off for a meeting.  The second she left, we all stared at Finn.


“Mate, how old is she?” Chop asked the question we were all burning to know.

Finn shrugged, his face tinging a bit red. “Dunno, I think she said twenty-nine?”

“Twenty-nine?  My aunt’s twenty-nine.” Izzy shared, and I gave Finn another look.

“Yeah, well age is but a number and all that jazz, right?” Chloe spoke up.

“Yeah, maybe to you, considering you’re screwing with an oldie too.” I told her.

“Oh shove off, Archie.” She spat at me.  I turned back to Finn.

“You’d rather date her than Rae?”

Finn glared at me.

“We all know it’s not up to me.  I’m just trying to move on, alright?  Can’t spend my whole life waiting for her, can I?”

“Yes!  That’s what you’re supposed to do!”

“I’m supposed to wait for her?  How’s that fair?  It’s not like she’s coming back to me!”

“You don’t know that!”

“I do!”

We were yelling now, and most of the pub had turned to look at us.  Chloe was hiding her face, Izzy was staring wide eyed, and Chop was shaking his head.

“Archie, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said quietly.

I probably knew better that anyone here what it felt like to not be able to be with the one you wanted to be with.

“Why do you think there’s no chance?”  Izzy asked Finn, resting her hand on his.  His eyes chanced a look at her face before hiding behind his lids.

“She’s with that Liam bloke now.”

“Who?” Chop asked, perking up.

“Liam, some guy at college who’s a huge twat.” Finn spat out, and his opinion hung between everyone.

“They’re not together,” Chloe piped up.  "They only kissed.“

Finn groaned and dropped his head onto the table.

"She’s known him two weeks, and they’ve kissed.  It took me a month before I even held her hand. Shit.” And he smacked his head on the table again.

“If it helps, she didn’t even like the kiss.” Chloe added but Finn rolled his eyes.

“It doesn’t, but thanks Chlo.”

“Mate, don’t go around with her anymore.  Go talk to Rae, and make things right.” I told him, hoping he’d listen to me.

“He can’t, can he?  He don’t know what he did to her!” Chop jumped to his defense.

“If he asks, then he’ll know!”

“Arch, you can’t just ask girls what’s wrong.” Chop gave me a sad all knowing look, as though it’d be impossible for me to understand anything that happens with girls.

“Rae’s not a normal girl,” I pointed out but Finn rolled his eyes.

“We can all keep saying that, but it doesn’t erase the fact that Rae is in fact a girl, and she must be handled like a girl.” He said.

“Stop talking about her like she’s some car you’ve all driven.  Try treating her like a person!  And Finn, Olivia is not horrible, if you like her, date her.” Izzy said and thus our discussion about how to deal with Rae ended.

Eventually the girls and Chop left, and it was just me and Finn at the table.

“Even if I still have a chance, I’m not sure if it’d be worth it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, what if we get back together, and then one day she decides she’s done with me?  I can’t go through it again.  She broke me, mate.”

And I could see the cracks in him when he looked up at me, and for a moment I felt inexplicably angry with Rae for breaking my best friend.

“I love her, Archie.  I really fucking love her.  But I can’t sit idly while she moves on without me.  Olivia’s helping me.”

For the first time in our friendship, I didn’t challenge him.  I just bought him another pint and changed the subject.