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Arrow Season 5 Trailer: A Killer Oliver, Felicity's Beau, Dig Returns and More
By Vlada Gelman

Oliver Queen is, once again, a killing machine.

In a new trailer for Arrow Season 5, the masked hero puts death-by-lethal force back on the table, which is a “a huge step backwards,” in Thea’s opinion.

While Oliver certainly makes his might known on the streets of Star City, taking out criminals left and right, he can’t do it alone. With Big Bad Prometheus on the streets murdering people, Team Arrow takes in some new recruits, who are put through the ringer by Ol and Dig. And they’re not the only ones being initiated: In flashbacks, Oliver renounces his family as he joins the Bratva.

Also spotted in the sneak peek: Felicity smooching her new boyfriend, Mayor Queen getting shot and Oliver doing the salmon ladder… in a business suit.

Arrow Season 5 will feature a variety of fresh faces, including Rocky IVopponent Dolph Lundgren (as a Big Bad in the Russia flashbacks), Popularalum Carly Pope (as a Coast City reporter), Chicago P.D.’s Josh Segarra (in the series-regular role of D.A. Adrian Chase aka Vigilante), Reaper‘s Rick Gonzalez (as the DC Comics character Wild Dog),The McCarthys‘ Tyler Ritter (as SCPD Detective Malone), Blindspot’s Joe Dinicol (recurring as Rory Regan aka the vigilante Ragman) and former WWE grappler Cody Rhodes in a guest role TBA.

Katie Cassidy — who is now a series regular across Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow — will return in the season opener to spill what Laurel told Oliver before her death.

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I just want to brag a little. The premiere date of skk s2--ups I mean bsd s2 is my birthday. I am so hype it feels like I have Chuuya as my present. Ok, thank you.

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Season 4, Ep 5 is going to blow us away .//Like Bellamy is going to hook up with Echo, and Clarke would send him to die once again because that what passes as "true love" in this show?

So anyway….why do ya’ll do this? Why do ya’ll act like any relationship on this show is completely perfect and unproblematic?

Let me go through the list of canon confirmed (and accepted by fandom) romantic couples and you tell me who’s the best?


L/xa spent the entirety of the first Season trying to kill the Delinquents (and in ADC’s own words: was originally somewhat of a villain). 

L/xa betrayed Clarke and abandoned her and her people to what she believed to be certain death. 

L/xa was cool with Clarke murdering her lover and even had the gall to stay “This will stay with your forever.” (Hint: probably best not to rub in the traumatic events your significant other has experienced.)

Clarke spit in L/xa’s face, called her a bitch and threatened to kill her. 

Clarke held a knife to L/xa’s throat in an attempt to kill her.

L/xa was so swayed by Clarke that she turned her back on her people and their traditions (ultimately resulting in her death.)


Literally started with a kidnapping. 

Literally had the kidnapped victim apologize to her kidnapper for “freaking out so badly”, but “if you knew how I’d grown up you would understand.” (Like…?????)

Everyone loves to rag on and on about pedophilia in this fandom, but conveniently forget that Lincoln was a grown ass man and Octavia is canon confirmed as being 17 fucking years old!!!!!

Had severe “White Savior” over and undertones. 

Literally showcased Octavia’s hitting Lincoln to “magically heal him from a drug addiction” as heroic and badass. 

Showcased Octavia sleeping outside of the Ark and Lincoln joining her as romantic (even though Octavia knew that Lincoln was under a kill order and should not be outside the Ark’s perimeter).

Had Octavia speak down to Lincoln about his ability to speak his own fucking language, which he taught her?!


Finn was cheating on Raven. 

Finn became so obsessed with Clarke that he murdered 18 innocent Grounders.

Finn was still “in love” with Clarke but had no problem sleeping with Raven during that time period. 

Finn was just…overall…a douche. 

Fraven? Finn/Raven? (Do they have a ship name?):

Finn was cheating on Raven. 

Finn had sex with Raven even though he was still “in love” with Clarke. 

Just…overall…a douche. 


Raven had sex with Bellamy as a way to get back at Finn. (I literally do not care what world you live in, this is problematic as shit and I’m tired of people framing it as romantic. Raven did not have sex with Bellamy because she was “into him” or “loved him” or anything like that.   She wanted to hurt Finn, she knew that Finn could not stand Bellamy (and had in fact expressed jealousy with Clarke willingly trusting Bellamy-and so decided to use that against him by using Bellamy. Raven and Bellamy having sex was not about Br/ven, it was about Fraven.)

Raven held a knife to Bellamy’s throat. 


One of them was literally spying on the other. 


Kane shocklashed Abby.


Emori betrayed Murphy to some other Grounders because she needed the reward. 



Like….none of the above offenses are things I would be cool with in this current day and age. If my partner did any of those things to me, I would literally call the police on them. 

Please stop pretending as if the world the 100 lives in is in any way, shape or form equivalent to our own. It’s not and that viewpoint should shape the way that ya’ll look at the relationships in this world. 

P.S.   I’m not trying to attack any specific ship/start “the discourse”/etc, etc. I’m just trying to point out that there is almost no perfectly healthy ship on this   show.