ep 49 spoilers

they won’t be sad for long. they’re going to call every night and carlos will come home! joseph and jeffery seem to legitimately care far too much about queer representation and representation of people of color to removie their main queer person of color from the show, i mean, come on.

honestly? this is far better than i expected from this episode. when i first heard the rumors that part B had been a deal breaker for so many, i was fearing, like. american horror story/glee level queer BS, and i was sort of dreading this episode because of it! but they clearly still love one another, and are very intent on finding their way back to one another, so i can honestly say i’m not that worried.

well done, joseph and jeffery, for incorporating a conflict in cecil and carlos’s relationship that isn’t detrimental to what they mean to so many fans. you haven’t let me down yet.

(also, dana and tamika were bamf as shit?? like holy wow.)

thethespacecoyote replied to your post: ok oooohhhhKAY WELL THAT WAS A ROLLERC…

I feel like people were building it up to be more painful than it was…what happened is mostly what i thought would happen

yeah, exactly! i was fearing the worst, and honestly, this isn’t so bad! especially when there’s a PRETTY solid chance carlos will be coming home on his and cecil’s anniversary. people were overreacting i suppose?? who knows