ep 49

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Do you know prince of tennis? Reactions of gom and kagami when they walk past ryoma doing basketball freethrows with a broom and a tennis ball! (Ep 49 (~15:00) if you wanna refer to it) <3 love youu

KUROKO: He had been standing there a while, just seeing Ryoma continue to get free shots in with a tennis ball. It was clear the boy wasn’t a basketball player; but he was really good at tennis. Ryoma kept going until he ran out of balls; he scoffs in annoyance. Suddenly, Kuroko was clapping and Ryoma jumped. He looked around the gym with paranoia. Was this gym haunted?

KAGAMI: It’s kind of mesmerizing to watch, and Kagami has to mentally slap himself to get him out of the daze. He runs up to the other boy with a basketball in tow. “Hey, that looks fun! Mind teaching me how to do that?” He was always on the lookout to expand his skillset. Ryoma smirks, turning away from him, uninterested. “A big loaf like you? Can you learn something hard like this?”

KISE: He was in the middle of trying to shed his fangirls; they chatted non-stop and he just wanted to escape and go home. However, he’s momentarily distracted when he sees Ryoma doing his freethrows in that strange way. His fans quiet down, following his gaze and seeing the younger boy. “Hey, that’s pretty impressive!” Kise shouts at him, but is vexed to see Ryoma ignore him.

AOMINE: Aomine noticed, and he’s surprised to see Ryoma continuously get the tennis ball in its target. It almost felt like the boy was showing off, and Aomine couldn’t have that. Ryoma was just enjoying himself, when suddenly a basketball from the corner enters his view. It came from a long distance away, but swished into the basket effortlessly. Aomine steps out from the shadows.

MIDORIMA: It probably bothers him a bit that he was doing those free throws so incorrectly. He can’t help himself from approaching the boy and lecturing him a bit. “You’re not doing that right.” Midorima says brusquely. Ryoma barely bats an eyelash, ignoring him and continuing his actions. “Whatever.” Is all he says like the teenage rebel he was. Midorima can feel his patience growing thin. 

MURASAKIBARA: He wonders from the beginning if the boy was stupid or poor; why was he playing tennis with a broom? It was weird. One of the tennis balls ricocheted all the way back to Mura, who only glances at it briefly. Ryoma gives him a weird look when the giant doesn’t return the ball to him. “Are you lost? Do you know where the tennis courts are?” He asks, tilting his head.

AKASHI: Akashi definitely thinks Ryoma is showing off his skills; it doesn’t stop him from getting involved. He steps behind Ryoma, who turns around defensively. “Do you need a basketball, boy?” Akashi asks with a tone of patronization. He throws said basketball towards Ryoma, who catches it. The younger boy looks at the ball, but quickly returns it to Akashi. “Nah, I’m not interested.”