ep 49

  • Red robed figure: I need to know, do you trust me?
  • Merle: *laughs*
  • Magnus: Wait. No!
  • Taako: No! *even more incredulous* No!!
  • Merle: No! Not just no, but HELL NO!
  • Taako: You're fuckin' popping up in a red robe like Satan, you're speaking parseltongue, you're like doing- No, we don't trust you! What kind of question is that??

you ever think about how they had that first discussion at the end of ep 49 when taako was like… COVERED in desert. like the dude didn’t even have time to shower, and then there’s this guy in front of him that is so hot taako would let his ass get reaped to reap that ass.

and kravitz is STILL deliriously hot. and taako is just COVERED in dirt. just fought a purple worm. probably would be internally screaming at the situation if he wasn’t ready to pass out. so he’s just internally sighing because of Course this is how it happens. of fucking course.

still gets that shit though!! fuck yeah!! gay icon