ep 401

like a life of loving you (harvey/mike)

Mike is bored.

This contract is quite possibly the most dry, boring, soul crushing document he’s ever had the displeasure to work on. And he’s been working on it for hours now.

Every half hour or so he’ll make a complaint to Harvey, who sits beside him on the couch as he goes through his own tedious document (bi-laws, ugh so boring), the complaints getting more halfhearted as he goes along because Harvey has absolutely no sympathy for him.

When Mike says, “I’m so bored,” Harvey replies with an absent, “Don’t care.”

When Mike complains, “Why am I stuck with this boring contract?” Harvey replies with an automatic, “Because it’s your job.”

When Mike suggests, “Hey let’s take a break for a minute,” Harvey replies with an exasperated, “Get back to work.”

When Mike asks, “Can I work on something else please,” Harvey replies with a short, “No.”

When Mike demands, “Give me something fun to do,” Harvey replies with, “Like a life of loving you.”

Mike looks up from his contract, his face full of amused confusion. Harvey doesn’t seem to have noticed anything amiss, because he’s still just working away like he didn’t just say that.

“Uh, Harvey,” Mike says, on the verge of laughter because he can’t believe that a) Harvey just said that, and b) that he hasn’t even realized yet.

“What?” Harvey asks, exasperated, actually looking up from his paperwork this time. He takes in Mike’s smiling face, furrowing his brow in confusion.

Mike doesn’t say anything, because even though Harvey doesn’t have his eidetic memory he still has a damn good one, and he knows Harvey will eventually get there. Plus, it’s more fun watching Harvey work it out himself, and Mike can tell the exact moment Harvey remembers because his entire face changes. There’s a moment, just a flash, of embarrassment before he schools his features into wearied indifference.

“It’s just a song lyric, Mike.”

“Uh huh, sure it is,” Mike says, amused.

“It is,” Harvey insists indignantly. “It’s just a quirk of the brain, automatically completing a half finished lyric. You of all people should understand that. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“Are you sure you’re not just using that as a cover because you really want to confess your undying love for me but just can’t quite find the words…”

Mike can’t get anything else out because he’s laughing, and the best part is that Harvey chuckles along. Mike loves that he and Harvey can tease and bait each other without it getting weird. It’s one of his favorite things about their relationship. And even though Harvey will never admit it Mike knows he feels the same way, that he appreciates that Mike can keep up with him and give as good as he gets.

“Okay, smartass,” Harvey eventually says with a smile bordering on fond, “get back to work.”

Mike does, but only for a minute. It’s too good of an opportunity to let pass. “Soooo, what’s the next line of the song?”

“Nope, not telling,” Harvey replies, not even looking up from his work.

“Come on, you know I can just google it anyway.” And he gets out his phone to press the point.

“Okay, okay,” Harvey relents.

Mike grins, victorious, but when Harvey puts his pen down and looks up at Mike he doesn’t say anything. So Mike prompts him by starting it off himself. “Give me something fun to do, like a life of loving you…”

“Kiss me quick now baby, I’m still crazy over you,” Harvey replies in an even tone.

Mike is unprepared for that in every sense of the word. He just keeps looking at Harvey, because all the money in the world wouldn’t make him look away now, and Harvey, incredibly, keeps their gazes locked. Mike swallows, nervous. He’s suddenly aware of how close they are to each other on the couch, a proximity that is so common these days it usually goes unnoticed. His heart pounds hard in his chest and the want that Mike feels for Harvey every waking moment of the day takes control. He asks Harvey to say it again, barely recognizing his own voice, thick with desire.

When Harvey obeys, his words are low, rough. “Kiss me quick now, baby. I’m still crazy over you.”

Mike kisses him then, because how could he not. In the three years they’ve worked together there has never been a more opportune moment and Mike can’t not take it. And Harvey kisses him back, their lips moving effortlessly against each other. But then Harvey pulls away, eyes glancing beyond Mike to the glass wall of his office and beyond.

“We can’t, Mike. We’re at work.”

“Don’t care. And it’s late, no one is here anyway. Now kiss me quick Harvey, because I am crazy over you.”

And Harvey does.


Raymond “dealing with the devil 101″ Reddington