ep 3x16


Davina’s (recent) wardrobe appreciation 

The best part of Nyssa for this season is seeing somebody who, unlike all these other people who had normal lives and tragedy turned them into what they were, she was turned into what she is from birth. She’s actually going on a different trajectory where she’s seeing what kindness looks like for the first time and she’s seeing what normal people look like for the first time. Especially with what she considers to be her inheritance is taken away from her, it sends her on a completely different journey.

Arrow EP Andrew Kreisberg [IGN.com Marc 1, 2015]

I spent my day writing a 3x16 post-ep and it is the most depressing damn thing I’ve ever read. I’m not sure the episode was this depressing.

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after that…not confirmed yet, but we should keep the 3 eps per month aka one re-run per month schedule also in March & April, cause after ep 3x18 we have 7 eps left and about 2 months to go…

[#Arrow Spoilers] We see a very different Oliver, a more introspective, a more vulnerable and, in a lot of ways, defeated version of the character as we move towards the last portion of our episodes. But it could push Oliver to open up to those around him. You can only push people away for so long…
—  Stephen Amell teases Oliver reaction to Ra’s al Ghul’s offer [EW March 14, 2015]