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Mimi do you know where I can watch Jin on Law of the Jungle!? I've been looking everywhere but I can't find the full episodes 😩

LAW OF THE JUNGLE. Theme: The Rising Star of 2017 

I will never forget how Jin used an ARMY bomb to fish. ICONIC!

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i'm super new to bigbang and i don't know what basic material i need to view. can u help me please omg

Hey there! :D Ive inally got time to reply to you ~ 

first of all: welcome to the fandom and our 5 prescious donuts!

When I first got to know BigBang back in 2011 I luckily did not know how to properly use my time and spent loads of nights watching their videos

I’ll try to link evrything I an remember 

and here is an archive of different subbed shows etc, there used to more i think maybe some got deleted

so NO 1 is a must the BIGBANG documentary it is the survival show which formed them and prepare yourself for a lot of tears

then also BigBang Idol world 

Intimate Note 

Secret Garden Parody

Coffee Prince Parody

Virus drama Parody

Shine A Light Concert Parody

Sonagi (Seungri’s Musical)

YG TV please note the nyongtory <3

BigBang on Come to Play

BigBang on Go show

Running Man ep 84 + 85

the Strong Heart YG Family Special  there are also BB Strong Heart episodes :D

Jiyong as a guest for Sarang on Superman Returns it’s super cute

BigBang on Happy Together

Jiyong’s IG live

Taeyang on I Live Alone


Their lives on v app 

Seungri as a juddge for Girls Fighting

Seungri on Flower Crew

Running Man ep 250 

Run BIGBANG Scout!

Weekly Idol part 1 + part 2

BigBang on MBC Radio Star (this is a must okay trust me watch iit)

BigBang on Sketchbook

GDYB on Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator

GDYB Infinity Challenge

BigBang MOMM

and that’s all I could find rn :) I hope it helped you <3


170207 Red Velvet @ After School Club Ep. 250



Theon x Sansa
      While at first Theon and Sansa were dubious over the betrothal, they soon found their attraction and friendship growing. Eventually, they were both able to find happiness with one another.  


I’ve seen some people ask for ipkknd with english subs. There is this guy in India who is currently translating them using his own software and is up to 250 eps so far (I managed to get 241 subs for free with some begging off others but now I’m stuck).

The problem is you have to pay £45 on his site because he has other shows he’s working on, too. I’ve managed to get him to knock it down to £20 for only ipkknd (2011-2012). If others are interested we can raise £20 and the people who chip in (can be like £1) can receive every subtitle(srt file) update until he finishes it. (I myself am currently downloading each episode and I’m up to 241 and putting it online.

If people are interested, pls message me and I can set something up if enough people are interested.

EDIT: if there is any method other than paypal people would be happier with (to see the amount being raised) I have no problem with it.

@phati-sari I was hoping you could signal boost this since you have a bigger platform than me for the show. 😊