ep 2.10

Gilbert Blythe: A Character Study in 1D Lyrics

You’re alarmed by this title. It’s given you pause, and that’s okay. Maybe this sounds like a joke constructed by someone with a really long international flight ahead of her and a busted entertainment system. Maybe it just sounds like an elaborate setup for a 1D cover of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. It’s not. This is character based, literary-rooted meta, just with a Cheshire-accented, floppy-haired twist. This is Gilbert and Anne’s relationship, as delineated by One Direction lyrics.

Just trust me and that little voice in your head that sounds a whole lot like Ruby Gillis: click here for the Spotify playlist or the YouTube playlist, kick back, and take this journey with us.

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my fav ep of season 2

do you guys ever just look at the very first tweet where jason mentioned clexa (when ep 2.10 aired) and read through the replies cause its such a beautiful thing to experience all over again…. “yes clarke and lexa have a beautiful friendship!” … “why havent you made bell@rke canon yet? seems unfair :(” … “this is such a slap in the face” reading these tweets just filled my bank accounts finished my homework and refreshed my entire body