Alone At Sea Analysis & Review

What’s up my buttercups! So i guess this is my first post on this site…tbh, I never really thought I’d actually use this account, but I was just so passionate about this particular episode i just had to make this post! So, without further a due, on to the review!

We begin the episode with Steven and Greg attempting to surprise Lapis with a boat ride. Lapis is unsure with going with them, saying that she doesn’t deserve it, however Steven tells her that he understands that she spent a really long time fused with Jasper at the bottom of the ocean, but gently reassures her that she isn’t Malachite anymore, and that water is apart of who she is, and that she can’t let one bad experience take that away from her.

This is where we begin the long list of subliminal messages within the episode.
This episode core message(s) is that a toxic relationship is not healthy.

More on this later.

Steven remarks that they even named the boat ‘Li’l Lappy’, panning to Greg with a S.S.MISERY plastered on the side of the boat, followed by Greg quickly fixing the makeshift ‘Li’l Lappy‘ sign covering the S.S.MISERY.

This specific gesture shows the action of covering a depressing, sad emotion (misery) with a happier title; symbolizing the act of suppressing depressive thoughts and feelings with a mask of a happier, not depressed facade; Which is exactly what Lapis has been doing through-out this entire episode.

Greg, Steven, and Lapis depart the dock (taking apart of it with them. Literally.) Greg offers Lapis to Captain the ship for a while, however Lapis refuses profusely, exclaiming “Don’t put me in charge!”. Which is an interesting insight on what Lapis feels on taking charge or leading something. You make just reply with “Well she just didn’t want to captain the ship…”  And while that could be true, the fact that she reacted so strongly to this definitely raises some red flags; and I hope that this leadership dilemma will be fleshed out more in the future.

Side note: Greg looks gorgeous here.

Side side note: Why doesn’t he have shoes…

After sometime, Greg decides to fish! Lapis perks up with wanting to help; raising a very large bubble of water, abundant with fish. Greg thanks her, but tells her he wishes to do it the ‘old-fashioned way.’ Lapis blushes, apologizes, then prominently lowers the water down. I personally really enjoyed the fact that Lapis was so ready to help Greg out, and her her embarrassment after she is asked to put the water down is honestly quite cute.

After quite a long while waiting for a bite, Lapis asks “When does the fish part happen” And Greg replies with “Sometimes it isn’t about the fish you keep, but the company you catch.” Immediately afterwards, the line catches a bite, so Greg offers her to try and reel it in. Their catch becomes suprisingly strong, pulling Lapis nearly overboard. Steven and Greg try to keep Lapis on the boat the best they can, while Lapis keeps her focus on the line, remarking how strong the grip on the line is; leading to a cut to when the line in the water is, with air bubbles suddenly rising to the surface, as a eerie shadow gets closer to the surface.

Lapis gasps and the fishing line snaps, sending the three flopping backwards. The shadow hurriedly disappears, leaving Lapis looking at the ocean in fright.Greg and Steven congratulate Lapis for tangling with that ‘beast’ so well.

Note: Ok. Clearly, it’s Jasper. The line of “…the company you catch.” and the immediate tug on the fishing line from an abnormally strong force was  V E R Y  S U B T L E… 

But onto the review…

Lapis is seen visibly shaken from the event, and Steven attempts to cheer her up. However, the boat suddenly jolt and Greg calls Steven over to tell him that there is something wrong with the boat. They exchange a few jokes to lighten the mood, yet the boat makes a rumbling gurgle followed by another violent shake, causing Greg and son to check the engine; only to find the engine busted. Steven goes to tell the bad news to Lapis, but Lapis blames herself, confessing she cannot stop thinking about being fused as Malachite, remembering how she used all of her strength to keem them down, and how she was in a constant battle with Jasper to keep them locked in fusion. Steven remarks that she’s not Malachite anymore, and that she doesn’t have to be with Jasper, but Lapis corrects him, confessing that she misses Jasper…

This is were the toxic relationship message I mentioned earlier comes into effect.

Many abusive couples with split and get together for so long, that they feel bound to one another, trapped in eternal misery with one another, with their mixed emotions about each other clashing against them like vigorous ocean waves against a sandy beach. Like Lapis and Jasper, they stayed as a forced fusion for so long that they grew attached to one another, depending on one another for their perceived goals: Lapis’ goal was to save Steven, while Jasper’s was to gain power.

Often, if a partner of someone is abusive, they will physiologically damage the victim, making them feel that they depend on their partner to simply survive. And in other cases, the abuser will make the victim believe that they are the one causing all the misfortune against their partner; And considering how damaged the victim is, they’ll believe it.

In the case of Lapis, when she remarks how long they were fused, and she says it in a way that implies that she grew feelings for Jasper while being trapped in a fusion. When Steven states that Jasper was terrible, Lapis immediately retorts that she herself was terrible, going on to list how she broke Greg’s leg, and stole earths ocean, and tells Steven to prove her wrong.

In some abusive relationships, the abuser will make the victim believe that they are the one causing all the misfortune against their partner; And considering how damaged the victim is, they’ll believe it. Which seems to correlate with Lapis’ and Jaspers situation quite well.

It is clearly shown that Lapis was psychologically damaged from this event, defending Jasper by beating herself down. Which, by the way, is often how abusive victims defend their abusers.

Note: I could go on, however I should probably get on to some other points first.

And then suddenly, the boat shakes…

Jasper them climbs onto the boat, exclaiming “FINALLY!” As a shocked Steven and Lapis look on. Jasper then tells Lapis that she has been following her, and walks towards Lapis. Steven sees this and intervenes, protecting Lapis with his shield.

At the sight of this, Jasper laughs and remarks, and I quote,

“This dull down version of Rose Quartz works for you now?”

This line is very interesting to me because it might be implying that the line ‘works for you now may imply that Rose Quartz worked for someone before. Now I don’t exactly have enough time to flesh this thought out right now, but it’s something to ponder. 

Jasper continues to laugh and say that Steven is pointing his sheild the wrong way. Saying that she knows what Lapis is capable of. She then admits that even if she herself is a brute, Lapis is the true monster.

Lapis goes quiet, and Steven yells at Jasper that Lapis wants nothing to do with her. Jasper then pushes Steven aside, causing Lapis to attempt to run after him, but Jasper hold her down and gets on her knees.

Jasper pleads with Lapis, asking her to be Malachite with her again. Lapis is appalled by this gesture, and asks Jasper why she would even want that, Jasper reply’s by stating that she was wrong about fusion.

Jasper here is clearly wanting to fuse with Lapis for power, continuously stating how strong Malachite was…

and how she could fly… I really don’t know why i found this so funny, I just loved Jaspers face here.

Lapis then says how much she mistreated Jasper, and how she liked taking out everything out on her, and how bad the situation was.

Jaspers quickly promises that it would be better this time, that she is a changed gem, and that she’s the only one the could handle Lapis’ power, exclaiming that together they would be unstoppable.

Notice again, how Jasper’s attention turns to power. She wants to use Lapis for her personal gain: Power.

Lapis proclaims an astounding “NO.” Proceeding to exclaim how their relationship wasn’t healthy,and that she didn’t want to feel like how she felt with Jasper ever again.

This is so relieving to me. This shows that if you are a victim, you can stand up and you can decline your abusers offers. And that as a victim you must assess your situation and figure out if what you have is healthy, and if not, get out of it. If it only hurts you, it’s not worth your time.

Finally, after some Once Punch Man action:

The episode concludes with Lapis, Greg, and Steven flying away from their now sunken ship.

In the end, this symbolizes that Lapis may be ready to move on, to leave her S.S.MISERY behind her. It will take her time to recover, but in the end, she is on her path to getting away from Malachite and lead a healthier life without being trapped in a forced fused at the bottom of the ocean.


I hope you guys like my Analysis of Alone At Sea! Again guys, this is my first review, and its 12;00 midnight, so this is definitely not the best i can put out there, but don’t worry! If I ever make a review on another Steven Universe episode I will make sure to make in much more in-depth than I had gone in this review.  Again, they’re things in this episode I didn’t touch on, so I may or may not make some follow up theories later on.

And with that, I bid you farewell!

Have Mercy- My Oldest Friend

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