The She’s Kinda Hot EP will be released the 28th August and these are the tracklists (CD and Digital)

So much ashton. Finally finallY FINALLY SO MUCH ASHTON I NEEDED TO HEAR HIM SING AND SEE HIM FRONT AND CENTER FOR ONCE. luke lookin fine af like I’ve watched him grow from a boy with a dream into this gorgeous human being that belongs right there with that microphone using that magnificent voice to send a message that ITS OK NOT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE ITS OK TO BE DIFFERENT AND SAD AND STRANGE AND CRAZY YOURE STILL GOING TO BE OK. Michael. Can we just talk about how this style of music and the vibe of this video is essentially Michaels entire being. Its perfect he’s the real king of the broken scene. AND BABY CALUM WHO HAS TO DEAL WITH SO MUCH NONSENSE JUST SMILING THERE AND BEING CUTE AND TALENTED, JUST PERFECT.

This music video was everything that is good in the world I’m so so so so sooooo proud of them


She’s Kinda Hot Headers

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This is maybe my favorite gleecap and probably the best thing to come out of this episode lol

I often found myself singing it while doing random house chores