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Hellooooo!! Do you have any headcanons for Musichetta/Cosette/Eponine friendship?

  • Cosette can sing, Eponine can rap, Musichetta can beatbox. Youtube videos, street performances, talent shows, open mics, serenading their friends, honestly the list can go on. imagine the possibilities. (this was a post i made awhile back honestly i still love it)
  • Musichetta and Cosette teaching Eponine how to knit because they’re both super crafty. They have nights where they “get lit and knit” and that can go in so many different directions tbh
  • Eponine has designed matching tattoos for all of them. They asked her to, and she was happy to oblige. It’s also because got a degree in studio art, so she knows what’s up
  • When one of them is sad, the others show up to her apartment with shopping bags of the person’s favorite food and have a self-care night.
  • They all made friendship bracelets for each other and wear them every single day
  • Cosette and Eponine thought it would be hilarious to recreate all of Musichetta’s pictures with Joly and Bossuet. So they spent an entire day dedicated to making sure they were as accurate as possible. They spent the next day replacing all of the pictures in Musichetta’s apartment with them just to see if Joly and Bossuet noticed (it took them 3 days because Bossuet is super oblivious and Joly was barely home)
The Light Behind Your Eyes (Arena + Rainy Mood)
  • The Light Behind Your Eyes (Arena + Rainy Mood)
  • My Chemical Romance


As requested by @addictgee,
Originally performed by My Chemical Romance, 
I bring you The Light Behind Your Eyes
with added Reverb effect + Rainy Mood.

Eponine and Cosette both have insanely popular instagram makeup pages and youtube channels where they post tutorials and different looks. Eponine’s looks are more grunge and glamour while Cosette’s are more natural and cutesy. Their styles differ drastically, but they have a similar fan base.

A lot of their fans keep requesting they do a video together. They live on opposite ends of the country, Cosette in San Diego and Eponine in Atlanta, so it takes awhile, but they finally get in touch and meet up to make a collab.

Their first video together is swapping makeup styles where they try to mimic one another.

A couple of months later, their second video is titled “My Girlfriend Does My Makeup”