ORCHIDÉE NOIRE - De vous à toi (avec Coco Gallo) (Music Video) // MARS 2015

Taken from ‘Insomnie faire’ EP (2015).


Things don’t get better because you want them to. Starting right now, we have to live in the real world.We have to control who lives here.Your way is gonna destroy this place. It’s gonna get people killed. It’s already gotten people killed. And I’m not gonna stand by and just let it happen. If you don’t fight, you die.

Runnin’ through the moment as the sun goes down
Starlight, starlight
And all I ever wanted was to hear that sound
All night, all night

But it’s all for you to prove it
Keep on movin’, keep on usin’
My shine, my shine, my shine


IAN WHEELOCK - のデモ (DEMOs) EP 2015

1 Think About It (それについて考え DEMO)

2 Drug Test (薬物検査 DEMO)

3 Dopamine (ドーパミン DEMO)

4 Pele (皮膚 JPOP Radio Version DEMO)

デモの (DEMOs) EP 2015 is the first EP of demo tapes written by Ian Wheelock inspired by travels in Hawai’i. Produced by Stephen Martin, this album establishes the genre Ukelele Wave; ushering in a new era of nostalgic vibes.  ICW - 3/22/15

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