White Bats -  Complex Echoes EP

  1. Stockport
  2. Midnight Is When Life Begins
  3. Daylight, Sunset
  4. Daylight, Sunset (Radio Edit)

Stream their new recorded  track, “Stockport” here:

White Bats is a post-punk band from Madrid, an excellent quartet that we have been following since their very start, and we have seen playing live several times. An awesome band.

Stream “Midnight Is When Life Begins” here:

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recently i decided to go back to using my real name for music. for such a long time i thought my name wasn’t “cool enough” to be a stage name. a lot of people didn’t like me growing up, so when they’d say my name, it was always attached to some kind of hate. so when i decided to become an artist, i tried to create something that would erase that. i dropped my last name for my middle, then i changed it completely. but i felt like i was lying to myself the entire time. as time went on people who became great friends kept telling me what a great name i was born with and i felt like it was time to be true to myself. a name may not seem like a big deal to others, but it was really significant for me which is why i’m writing this. So here I am now. Michael Medrano: singer, songwriter, performer. Ignite will be on iTunes, Apple Music & Spotify in a few days under my final stage name. For now, check it out on soundcloud!

I thought it was an urban legend that All I Want for Christmas was meant to be at the end of s3′s Christmas episode, and Kurt was actually wearing the gum wrapper ring Blaine gave him………………well I guess it was true.

*X files music starts playing*

Plugging Music highlights EDM rock releases forthcoming from new Australian duo SkullClub

Plugging Music highlights EDM rock releases forthcoming from new Australian duo SkullClub

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SkullClub, a recently formed duo who fuse the sounds of heavy rock and electronic music are signed to Sony Music and based in Brisbane, Australia.

The duo is Matt McGuire, producer, drummer, audio engineer and manager and John Third on guitar, keyboards and electronic controllers, who together combine electronic sounds with live instruments.

Matt McGuire has has toured regularly since he was 17…

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