if nesta doesn’t become the scariest, most badass high fae in acotar3 i swear i will riot because as a human she managed to make the king of hybern nervous

imagine what will happen when she starts using her fae body/senses as a weapon and get’s trained by cassian

imagine the people who will try to fight her and then she just takes her sword and comes at them and they see their life flashing before their eyes because let’s be real, they won’t survive this

imagine the quiet whispers of the high fae lady that is kicking ass on the battlefield and isn’t Mor

imagine Nesta overtime getting cool legendary names like “Nesta, the Terror of the Battle” “Nesta, The Fierce” or my personal favorite “Nesta, Commander of the female illyrian army”

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you are honestly so nice and kind and cute and you're one of my favourite blogs i love seeing you on my dashboard you're just really really great and i wanted to tell you that because i think it's nice to tell people how wonderful they are and well i'd send this on anon but i dont really care tbh i just want you to know that you are awesome :) <3

I hope you don’t mind me publishing it, oh god,  it made me smile and it made me get a little (maybe a lot) emotional so uhm thank you for that, you’re definitely the awesome one ♥ (I will keep it on my blog, for happiness, yes)

I’ve been waiting to do this project for years and I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I get to be a shieldmaiden! Step 1 is the shield. I’m using the same technique I used on Lagertha’s shield - the entire thing will be made out of cardboard and treated to look like wood planking. #eowyn #shieldmaiden #lordoftherings #lotr #returnoftheking #rotk #dernhelm #tolkien #cosplay

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Okay I just read the part in Crown of Midnight where Celaena sings to Nehemias’ grave, and was reminded A LOT of Eowyn singing at Theodreds funeral in the Two Towers film. Check it out yo.