Eouen redesign.  Colored ink drawing.

Finally colored the Eouen redesign drawing I did like a month ago.  Her costume looks a lot more… coherent now.

Eouen (pronounced OWEN) is the primary Eastern cardinal god and is Dhio and Kaia’s boss.  Like Dhio, she was started life as a prehistoric beast who was then granted godhood.  (She was a kind of cross between some sort of terrorbird and a secretary bird - yet another thing I gotta draw out eventually)

Maybe next I’ll draw some Northern gods?  Or maybe I’ll just draw nothing but Eastern gods forever and ever.

Eouen, 2002.  Nostalgia Monday, this is nearly ten years old oh jeez I was 16 aaa

I’ve been looking for this picture for a couple weeks now, figured I’d lost it!  Turns out it was on an older hard drive.

Since I’ve been drawing my old pantheon, might as well show off how I used to draw my old pantheon.  Eouen is the cardinal god of the East and technically Dhio and Kaia’s boss.  I was still subscribing to the school of “let's put some funky elaborate shit on a character that’s pretty memorable right?”  I might just have played Final Fantasy 10.

Someone requested a redesign of Eouen in the comments recently, I’m definitely gonna do it.  I like her too much to leave her with that costume. :/ :\ :/ :\

why am I putting this back on the internet, the internet doesn’t need to remember this