Hi Nashville. It’s been almost 13 years since I came to Nashville with the dream of being a songwriter and a recording artist and I learned so much about what it means to be an entertainer from the remarkable artists in this arena tonight. That’s just one of the reasons why I feel so honored to present this next award to any one of these 5 outstanding nominees for Entertainer of the Year and to be apart of this historic night that we will all remember.
—  Taylor Swift announcing EOTY at the CMAs

EOTY WRAP UP: Top 20 Songs of 2014
Conor Soper, Avid Sound Staff Writer

As the year winds down, cue the countdown, Avid Sound creators and writers have been busy putting together our first ever year-end lists, including Top 20 Songs and Top 15 Albums of 2014.

Below, Avid Sound’s very own co-creator Conor Soper’s Top 20 Songs of 2014, these are the standalone tracks that made the best impression to him or changed the game in his eyes, starting from 20.

20. “Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)” by Clean Bandit

One of the most fun tracks released this year and a one that seemingly came out of nowhere. I remember being showed the song a week or two before it blew up and thinking nothing much of it. If this song teaches you anything, it’s to root for the underdogs.

19. “Silent Partner” by La Roux

Out of all the new tracks off La Roux’s sophomore LP, “Silent Partner” is the obvious standout. It’s a dazzling and daunting seven-minute jam session that shows the techno girl from the first record isn’t gone.

18. “Queen” by Perfume Genius

“Queen” is as mesmerizing as it is beautiful. It’s dark, it’s gay, it’s euphoric and everything that 2014 needed.

17. “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” by Against Me!

Laura Jane Grace makes clear the internal and external struggles of being transgender in a world that is largely transphobic and transmisogynistic. Those of us who are cisgendered will never quite understand her pain, but she makes us feel at least an ounce of what she has felt.

16. “2 On (feat. ScHoolBoy Q)” by Tinashe

The DJ Mustard produced “2 On” was one of the year’s top party songs and a breakout for one of the most promising artists out their. Tinashe’s soft vocals and minimal production give the song that chill party vibe every is looking for. Also, I’m partial to the Brooke Candy remix of the song.

15. “Hold On To Ya” by III Bones

Underdog of the year goes to this track. III Bones is a little-known group from Ocala, FL who make bluesy rock and soul-like songs. “Hold On To Ya” is the first single and studio recorded song from the band and if it’s any hint as to what’s coming on their debut album then the world better prepare for the next big thing.

14. “Alibi” by BANKS

Album opener for BANKS’ debut Goddess not only shows the singer’s vocal range, but her lyrical depth and booming production that all create her dark musical atmosphere.

13. “My Blue Supreme” by Interpol

Interpol’s new album showed they were finally able to make new and exciting music with a similar sound palette. “My Blue Supreme” dabbles in some of their finest past moments while simultaneously propelling the listener into new territory.

12. “Magic Mountain” by The Drums

With “Magic Mountain” The Drums have proved their staying power beyond their usual song dichotomy of devastating heartbreak tracks and upbeat summertime jams. It’s a weird song to say the least, but it’s power lies in its strangeness.

11. “Alone Again” by Betty Who

Although most know her for “High Society” and “Somebody Loves You,” there were some other gems on Betty Who’s debut, including “Alone Again.” The bubbling bassline, the glittering production, and popping drums matched with her vocals make the perfect 80s-inspired pop track.

10. “Froot” by Marina and the Diamonds

A late entry for 2014, but one of the top contenders for a good reason. Marina returns from her sophomore album with a new disco twist and a sound more similar to her debut album.

9. “Reservoir” by Metronomy

In an interview, Metronomy stated that they were afraid they were going to get too big after The English Riviera’s massive success, so they toned down their third album to prevent that. Luckily for us, some of that pop seeped into their third LP and translated into “Reservoir.”

8. “Fuck Texting” by Junglepussy

Junglepussy’s debut album, Satisfaction Guaranteed, went largely under the radar for most, I believe it’s because she only released her album through Soundcloud. Regardless, the whole thing was full of quality material, especially the brazen “Fuck Texting” calling ladies to arms to confront their man if they think he’s cheating.

7. “Prince Johnny” by St. Vincent

While St. Vincent’s strongest work usually lies in Annie Clark’s powerhouse guitar slashers, “Prince Johnny” carries a very ethereal weight that lures the listener in and makes one of the years most vulnerable and satisfying tracks.

6. “Two Weeks” by FKA Twigs

If “2 On” wasn’t sexy enough for you, then “Two Weeks” will fill the void. Twigs’ breathy vocals and seductive lyricism over a sensual beat will get anyone in the mood.

5. “Chandelier” by Sia

“Chandelier” is easily the powerhouse hit of the year. If you haven’t found yourself attempting to scream the lyrics over Sia while driving and almost flipping your car, then you haven’t lived.

4. “Walk This Way” by MØ

MØ has the formula for making some of the catchiest songs out there and if you want the secret, “Walk This Way” is a good microcosm for her criminally overlooked debut album.

3. “Strip” by Jessie J

“Strip” should have been Jessie J’s lead single or at least a follow-up for her latest underwhelming Sweet Talker. Instead she went for the easy hit “ Bang Bang” with two hype artists, then “Burnin’ Up” with the obligatory rap feature, and most recently for the wannabe heartfelt “Masterpiece.” “Strip” was somehow relegated to the realm of bonus tracks and will likely never see the light of day as a single where it belongs.

2. “Catch” by Allie X

If you’re one of those people who likes to brag about knowing an artist before they get huge, then get listening to Allie X. The pop star in the making has turned down a number of record deals in favor of doing her own thing, which has produced three top notch singles, of which “Catch” is the best.

1. “Love In High Places” by Kimbra

“Abandon” was a word used a lot by Kimbra when discussing this track and her sophomore album The Golden Echo. You can feel that when listening to the barren landscapes of “Love in High Place” that Kimbra fills with forests, rivers, and everything in between. “Love in High Places” is a sonic landscape like no other and some of Kimbra’s most thoughtful work yet.

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but Blake didn't not deserve EOTY or AOTY. He doesn't tour as often as the other people in that category and he doesn't write his own songs. (Yes I know he wrote a whopping 3 songs ). AOTY is about artistry and the people in that category took the time to write songs and craft that. If anything Storyteller from Carrie should have been nominated. MAYBE he deserved a MVOTY but I'm sorry this Blake pitty party on your blog is getting old.

I never said anything about AOTY… I was more focused on MVOTY and EOTY. Chris didn’t even put out an album this year and just lived off the popularity of Traveller and he still get a nomination over Blake. That doesn’t seem fair… And the award of EOTY is “for the act displaying the greatest competence in all aspects of the entertainment field. Voter should give consideration not only to recorded performance, but also to the in-person performance, staging, public acceptance, attitude, leadership, and overall contribution to the Country Music image.”
Blake had the top selling album, played about 30 almost sold out shows on tour as well as a large number of festivals during the summer, is one of America’s favorite country artists in general, hosted the KCAs, took part in Angry Birds, continued to bring country artists onto the Voice (which seems like a contribution to the country music image), and made dozens of appearances on late night television. Maybe I’m crazy but that seems like he might be EOTY worthy. Just a thought.
Also… THIS IS A BLAKE SHELTON BLOG. If you are tired of a “Blake Shelton pity party”, wtf do you follow me? Are you confused?

anonymous asked:

Whoo boy it seems like not only Shefani/BSers are mad about Blake not being nominated Country blogs and CMT Cody have waded in too. I'm with you I think Blake is irritated by it but the success he's having and winning big at the PCAs I'm sure takes the sting out of it. I mean it's pretty obvious looking at the nominations and seeing people who were nominated for Grammys and who won Grammys not getting nominated, the ACMs don't really care about looking biased.

I mean it’s impossible to look at the year Blake has had and say “oh yea he definitely didn’t deserve a nomination”. I mean he has done just as much, if not more than, most of the MVOTY and EOTY nominees. And what makes it worse is that this is the 3rd time in a row that he’s been snubbed. And it’s already sketchy since it ties directly into when he divorced Miranda and starting dating Gwen. So it definitely makes the country music industry look like they have something against him.
Blake probably expected it like we did but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting. I mean he is clearly really proud of his album and he didn’t get any recognition for it from the country music industry. At least he won the AMA but still… I would see why he would be a little bitter. And I think the ACMs will probably see some pushback like the CMAs did over Blake not being there.

anonymous asked:

Luke dedicated his EOTY speech to Blake, saying he couldn't possibly accept the award because he believed the 'AGWAG' singer was more deserving. "I'm very humble and gracious but the artist of my life is Blake and the IIH album was just so monumental and so well thought out, and so beautiful and soul-baring," he said, visibly fighting back tears. Blake was clearly moved by the speech as he was also seen looking tearful and mouthing "I love you" to Luke as he spoke on stage. <<It could happen. 😂

Oh yea… Totally.

anonymous asked:

I was reading on a shefani blog (I swear everyone in shefani fandom frequents the same set of 5 blogs including this one!) and an anon who commented that B was prioritizing time with G and family and Voice and that if he didn't change it up and become more "present" and spend more time in his preparation (tour?), his "singing career is gonna die quickly" (I'm quoting here). Since you know B and CM better than us newbies - is this how it works in CM? Do you see it happening to B?

Wait were they talking about tour rehearsals or something? 😂 Because Blake never does tour rehearsals.
Idk what the person was implying. The thing about country music is that country artists are mostly people from the South who put their family above everything else. I mean Carrie Underwood took like 2 years off to have a baby and she came back to a sold out tour. Garth Brooks took like 20 years off to raise his kids and he won EOTY last year. There’s no way for country artists to over prioritize their family or relationships. And that includes Blake.
And as far as The Voice, that show keeps Blake’s career relevant. I mean The Voice is why Blake sells so many records and has so much success. He’s constantly on TV. It’s a great gig for him. And he’s helping bring artists into country music, which is awesome. Blake isn’t really the kind of guy who likes touring 24/7 anyways, which is all country artists really do when they aren’t releasing music. So the Voice isn’t affecting him negatively.
There’s no reason to worry.

anonymous asked:

If we're going to go by how many shows people did to qualify for awards - can we get ACM to also include Dixie Chicks? Put them to compete under Group as well as EOTY please. They did 55 shows and earned $46.2M last year and left quite an impression at the CMAs to boot LOL.

Yea… The Dixie Chicks are a whole different issue 😂 They are an example of someone that the country music industry actually hates.

anonymous asked:

"it seems like not only Shefani/BSers are mad about Blake not being nominated Country blogs and CMT Cody have waded in too" Actually, while i'm not sure about Cody, a lot of country blogs as well as radio stations already waded into it at the CMAs. I read several very well articulated pieces about it then, which included Jason and Kenny but it was mainly B because his was the biggest most puzzling snub of all. Might also explain why radio and some blogs are some of B's biggest stans.

Yea, Cody replied to a tweet about Blake being snubbed and he said he agreed that Blake should have been nominated. But I think a lot of people probably do agree. Even if Blake isn’t a critical success, the award shows aren’t about critical success. They’re about success in general, at least when it comes to MVOTY and EOTY. It’s hard to argue that Blake hasn’t been successful.

Reasons Miranda Lambert Should Win Entertainer of the Year - 2015 CMA Awards
  • Second artist in a decade to win a CMA, ACM, and Grammy for the same album, Platinum
  • Most consecutive female vocalist of the year ( 5 in a row ) for CMA Awards
  • Most consecutive female vocalist of the year ( 6 in a row ) for ACM Awards
  • Opened a Bed and Breakfast, The Ladysmith
  • Opened her own shelter, Redemption Ranch
  • Started a shoe line
  • Two Sold Out Tours, Certified Platinum Tour, Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars 
  • First Artist to have 5 albums debut at Number 1
  • Wrote 8 Tracks of 16 for Platinum 
  • Started Scholarship for girls pursuing music 
  • Raised over $2,000,000 for Muttnation Foundation
  • Hosting 8th Cause for the Paws in September 
  • Named Nashville Symphony’s 2015 Harmony Award Winner 
  • First female to partner with Dodge Ram, wrote exclusive song “Roots and Wings” 
  • Wrote song “Two of a Crime” for movie “Hot Pursuit”
  • Performed a Superstar Duet with Patty Loveless 
  • Appeared on Junk Gypsies 
  • First Ever Covergirl of Country Living Magazine 
  • Gave away $200,000 to 50 Shelters in 50 Fifty States for the second year
  • Using her position in country to take relative unknown singer songwriters on an all female tour