Uncle: Ganda ng mga kuha mo ha! Ano gamit mong camera?

Me: Thank you tito! Canon Powershot A480 po.

**went upstairs**

Uncle: Oh eto. Alagaan mo to ha!

Me: *Speechless*

So now I have Canon EOS 1000D, Kit Lens (18-55mm), Speedlite 430EX II, Macro Lens (105mm 1:2.8), Zoom Lens (55-250mm) and Telephoto Lens (70-200mm).

I’ve never been this happy! Will really take good care of my adopted baby! :3

Got a 4GB Eye-Fi Connect X2 SD card last week for my DSLR (Canon EOS 1000D) - and it is fantastic.

As soon as I turn on my camera (when near my wi-fi @ home) the card automatically transfers all new photos to my laptop and my FTP server.

Also I can set it up tp transfer the photos to Flickr, Picassa, Facebook and so on + it geotags all my photos for me.


Street photography in London, summer 2013.

To my friend Ebba Hagberg who thinks that photography is “easy and just about pressing a button”

Canon eos 1000d and ef 28/2.8