A teardrop by Adrian Costigan


With Empire of Storms less than 2 weeks (!!!) away, I just wanted to let everyone know that this blog will be spoiler-free until the week after release date–just to give everyone some time to read the book. After that, all subsequent eos posts will be tagged with #eos spoilers and/or #empire of storms spoilers. I know it’s not much time, but at least it’s one less blog you have to worry about if you’re anti-spoilers! Let’s all take each other’s preferences into account and be careful not to spoil people you guys! 

anonymous asked:

I'm not asking for spoilers by any means, but can you at the very least say how you feel about it ????? im dyinggg here.

I’m about halfway through and I am enjoying it immensely so far. The rest of my workday is crazy (filled with conference calls and meetings) so I won’t be able to continue reading until late tonight.