Dear Sarah J Maas,

Thank you for giving us characters:

  • Who  have periods
  • Who have flashbacks
  • Who have nightmares
  • Who have intimacy issues
  • Who have physical disabilities
  • Who try to be happy despite trauma but don’t always succeed and that’s okay
  • Who have periods
  • Who have non-stigmatized, non-abusive sexual encounters with loving partners
  • Who have healthy sexual encounters even after sexual trauma
  • Who have to come to terms with the blurred lines of abuse over time rather than “just knowing”
  • Who fall out of love
  • Who have multiple relationships in their lifetimes
  • Who take time to get over a serious relationship before being able to jump into a new one
  • Who have to train and work in order to be fit and in shape
  • Who have a complicated relationship with their families
  • Who make mistakes, even mistakes that negatively affect the lives of innocent people, but who still try to be good
  • Who are badass women
  • and who are badass men.
Vaughan when he comes back to Doranelle
  • Vaughan *comes back after searching the North for Lorcan*:Where is he?
  • Fenrys:Meave broke his oath
  • Vaughan:Why?
  • Fenrys:I'm sure Gavriel would love to explain, but his oath was broken too.
  • Vaughan:What about you?
  • Fenrys:Oh Maeve just loves torturing me. Talking of torture, there's the 19 year old fire-breathing Queen of Terrassen currently strapped in a coffin iron next door.
  • Vaughan:What the fuck
  • Fenrys:Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. Ashryver. Like Gavriel's son.
  • Vaughan:What the fucking fuck.
  • Fenrys:She also happens to be Rowan's wife and mate.
  • Vaughan:What.
  • Fenrys:Because guess what, Rowan's first mate wasn't actually his mate but just a game of Maeve's.
  • Vaughan:The. Fuck.
  • Fenrys:OH YOU MISSED EVEN MORE. Lorcan gave up the tortured loner life and got married to the Lady of Perranth but then he screwed up and I think their marriage is over.
  • Vaughan:WHAT. THE. FUCK.

I got to meet the most wonderful @sjmaas today! It was so surreal and she is so lovely, as his her husband! And I gave her two prints, this being one of them. She said she recognised my art and I nearly passed out.
It was so amazing and I had the most amazing time, and thanks to the lovely girl that came up to me at the end, you were so adorable!



Me: "not as much as reading Empire of Storms.”

yes I told her my witch nickname so she’d write it in my book

Manon was by far my favorite in EoS. She has been since QoS, so I will be drawing her more I suspect, but for now, here she is on the ship ! 

I’ll admit, I lost motivation for this a little as it was so much work - painting all the wood, although therapeutic, gave me a headache and so by the time I got to painting her I was just like MEH. Anyway… 

Character copyright of Sarah J Maas. 

Lines in Empire of Storms That Killed Me

“Bring my body back to the cabin.” -Asterin, p. 162

 "I wanted to go to Perranth with you.“ -Lorcan, p. 537 

 "Where is Aelin…. Where is my wife?” -Rowan, p. 670 (combined quote).

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