eon draws

For @sushimanjuu for the @devilmansecretsanta THINGY! Granted, it wasn’t so much secret since I had anon off like a pansy, let alone the admin of the event itself 😭😭(I never ever drew Akira before or, for that matter anything relating to this series up until this point for whatever reason- so huzzah) Because the first thing u think when you think of Christmas is a teen possessed by a demon.

I mean, It’s probably not what you wanted by any stretch (or much at that note X,)), so I wouldn’t blame you for any disappointment /;3;/ (i really really do love your blog though 💕 wah)

I. “he will be a god.”
“do you understand?”

II. you are ephemeral; your life a fleeting flicker
he is eternal;
his lungs will draw breath eons after yours cease with a final shiver

III. you are burning, burning, burning
he is the fire that scorches your skin
he is the cool water in which you swim
your hands, blistered, reaching for the sun
you will gladly turn to ash, to be his chosen one

IV.  "what are you thinking about?“
you.  always.

V. his golden hair, his shining smile, his lyre-like laugh
this and this and this
juggling figs, long summer swims, looking up to find his eyes fixed upon you
this, and
this, and

VI. “do you want to be a god?”
“not yet”

VII. the fates will be cruel
together, you will face misfortune after misfortune
but: together
even the fates cannot change that which is decided

VIII. he is your reason
you are his

IX. you know him
you will always know him
by his breath as it stirs the air,
by the soft padding of his feet upon the earth,
by the quickening behind your ribs when his glance meets yours

X. you will love him
you will lose him
you will follow him unto the ends of the earth
it is certain

ten years in love; part I  (h.m.)

ten years in war; part II (coming soon)

all quoted sections from The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

wip of a piece im workin on (based on melanie martinez’ song ‘soap’) that im slowly making progress on….so very slowly…..