Hi guys!! I’ll be at Fanime this weekend from Thursday May 26 to Monday May 29! It would be amazing if you could come give me a visit

I’ll have a few EOMC prints available(but mostly fanart) hopefully in the future maybe some physical copies can be made, who knows! One can dream haha

Also, I have a tiny bit of accent when I’m nervous, sorry about that

the real update will happen on June 1st! Please look forward to that

See you guys there!!


Leigh had so many emotions swirling at this very moment the church she married in was baptized in, she never knew she would be burying her prince bobby. “How could this happen when am i going to wake up from this nightmare!”

Sammy has bubble guts knowing it was on his watch that his son was whisked away and broke their perfect dream .  The guilt is overwhelming at time s Leigh never has blamed him but he knows she has resentment for him. “How could i sleep that hard, Hell i worked 48 hours straight the night before trying to pay for her shopping habit! I’m sorry god i just don’t know how to make it right.”

Both parents have been there for Kaity-Grace despite their own brokenness.  Kaity was an intelligent child and understood death but still longed for her little brother she hopes he will come see her in her dreams . “Bobby boy i miss you, why did you fly to heaven?”


Jere as they call him is a, 22 year old,  lovable guy that has great personality and charm.  A graduate of Newcrest State University and Granite High, he is well rounded but sometimes feels as if he’s in the shadow of his brother who’s a doctor like his dad.  He often wonders if he should take a crack at med school but loves nursing and has enrolled in Jefferson Douglass’ nurse anethestist program, and went into nursing to honor his mom who died of cancer a few years back, who also was a nurse prac. On top of this Jere is in a complex triangle of friendships and romances, He just moved to East Oasis a few months ago and likes it a lot.  One of his best friends is Mickey Reddix, MD who is Sheila Reddix-O'Connor’s younger brother and brother in law to Sammy. Many of his coworkers stay in Sand Snake Cove so sometimes you accidentally see malice and mischief by mistake lol.