Question Words in Korean~

Curiosity plays a big role in learning a new language and visiting new places, so let’s learn Korean particles to help us ask more

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

왜 (wae) why
어디 (eo di) where
뭐 (mwo) what
어느 (eo neu) which
언제 (eon jae) when
어떻게 (eo ddeok-kae) how
누가/누구 (noo ga / noo gu) who
어떤 (eot-teon) what kind of
무슨 (moo seun) what kind of
얼마/얼마나 (eol ma / eol ma na) how much

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

  • My Tolkien Professor: So what do we want to say about Maeglin?
  • Students: His father has a lot of problems
  • Professor: Yes, you know I wonder how much behavior of Maeglin do you think we can blame on Ëol?
  • Professor: Which if you think about it
  • Professor: Ëol sounds a lot like a-hole
  • Professor: Which is pretty true to his character

Maeglinweek day 2: childhood / life in Nan Elmoth

Eol and Aredhel often walk through the forest, showing their son the different plants and animals or talking with the ents that tend to the trees. Today they have encountered a troop of soldiers from Doriath, the first elves outside of the Nan Elmoth Enclave that Maeglin has ever seen. He’s not certain what to think of them. 


Eol doesn’t care about your messages, Mablung, he’s far more concerned about how cute his son is.


I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
And I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you’ll do
You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream

Once upon a dream- Lana del Rey

I tried to make the love’s story between Eöl and Aredhel 

based from Maleficent’s soundtrak

like i said

i tried Uu


Adventures in speedpainting: Nan Elmoth

…. i really like glowing mushrooms, okay? 

- the deeper into Nan Elmoth you go, the more surreal it is. 

- the trees are huge. The fungi are huge. The whole forest is out to get you.

- I know the Silmarillion implies that Eol lives alone in his creepy forest.. but i prefer to think that there’s an entire enclave of elves in Nan Elmoth, and Eol is their lord. 

- the elves in Nan Elmoth are a mix of Nandor and Sindar, those who refused to remove to Menegroth when Melian raised the girdle. 

- The forest is soaked in enchantments, starting with the lingering echos of Melian’s song of entrapment and confusion that she ensnared Elu Thingol in ere the rising of the sun and moon. Eol adds to these, as do his hunters, meaning that Nan Elmoth is almost impossible to enter without permission of its Lord. 

- There are also ents living in Nan Elmoth, who are just as huge and twisted and covered in glowing fungi as the trees.

- Aredhel takes one look at Nan Elmoth and decides she needs to explore it, and promptly gets trapped in the enchantments. 

- Even by the time Maeglin is grown, she still can’t make it across the forest without getting lost. That doesn’t stop her from trying. 

- don’t drink from the river. 


Few days spent on the bigest atoll of French Polynesia called Rangiroa.

I went there to explore one of the most famous diving spots. 

Music: Beat Antiques - The Porch

Special thanks to Alex & Fred, The Six Passengers dive club.

moriquendii  asked:

Eol utterly adores Maeglin.

Yes! I totally agree. Maeglin is Eol’s greatest creation, and he will fight anyone who tries to take him (quite literally). 

It is an unpopular opinion, but only because we are judging their relationship off of Eol’s actions towards the end of his life. And I’m not saying what he did was right, but Eol completely snapped for various, believable reasons, and unfortunately Maeglin happened to be his victim. Considering that Maeglin was being handed over to the people who slayed his kin, by his wife whom he trusted dearly, Eol lost it. I think telling Maeglin he would chain him was a desperate attempt to keep him close—without even fully realizing what he was saying—and when he tried to kill him, Eol was probably gone.

Giving the circumstances of what exactly Eol was going through, how betrayed, confused, and angry he must have felt, coupled with the trauma of leaving the woods, going into the sun, climbing a mountain (yall, I’m from a plains area. Altitude sickness had me dead when I went to Colorado), and being humiliated by the Noldor (and his wife, whom he loved dearly, just standing there saying nothing), and then given the option of death or staying with the people who killed his kin, I can see why he did what he did. You’d be surprised how people can act under traumatic circumstances, Eol is no exception.

Does it excuse anything, absolutely not. But, at the same time, doesn’t speak for his love. Eol is shown to be a loving person. We see that through how much his relationship with Aredhel is glorified (it’s one of the most romantic depictions of a relationship in the Silm), and then Maeglin’s eventual birth.

Also, I don’t think his negligence to name Maeglin right after his birth had anything to do with how he felt about him. Maeglin was given the name “sharp glance” because Eol saw his sharp gaze, and intercepted it various ways. That said, perhaps Sindar custom is to give a child a name based on how they present themselves, or based on certain aspects of their personality as we see with Maeglin.

The sindar culture of Nan Elmoth will always be cloaked to us, because the Silmarillion is biased towards Eol and his kin, but I’m betting it’s a cultural thing.

And he took Maeglin on quests with him to see the dwarves, he took him under his wing and taught him how to craft. I think there was great love between them. The silent kind though. The kind through actions, through work, through walking in close proximity to one another, to staying with one another in the Forge.

I think he was overjoyed to have Maeglin as a son. He treasured him above all else.

I think when Maeglin was younger, Eol took him into the woods and told him the name of the trees and the plants, of the starts and constellations, told him of his travels with the dwarves, and run ins with orcs, and how the world was before the sun and moon came, and much, much more.

These two were close, very close. I suppose that’s why his departure changed Eol so drastically.

Gondolin - King Turgon’s Realm

Fell in 510 FA - the Siege of Gondolin

(Source: X)

  • Top Row: Gondolin the city hidden in the Encircling Mountains with the trees of silver and gold, children of the trees of Valinor, Glingol (golden) and its mate Bansil (silver)
    • Center: Glorfindel of the Golden Flower and Ecthelion of the Fountains playing his flute
    • Right: Lady Aredhel taking a horse and riding alone into the woods of Doriath
      • Below Aredhel: Princess Idril, Turgon’s daughter.  Her epessë or nickname was ‘Celebrindal’ (silver-foot) because she always went barefoot
    • Thorondor, the Eagle Lord, who brought Hurin and Huor to Gondolin, which was the beginning of the end for Gondolin.  He later lifted Glorfindel’s body and brought it to its resting place.
  • Second Row: Maeglin, Aredhel’s son, of the House of the Mole, who betrayed Gondolin.
    • Eöl, who came to reclaim his son after Aredhel left him, threw a spear at him when he refused to return with him, but Aredhel leapt in front and was slain by the spear’s poison.
    • Central: Tuor (mortal man)  and Idril (Elven princess) with their young son Eärendil, the half-elven.
  • Third Row: Hurin, the cursed prisoner of war, was freed from Morgoth’s captivity.  He went in the mountains hoping to return to Gondolin, but Turgon ignored him though his presence was known. 
    • Feeling forsaken, Hurin called out in despair, ‘Turgon, Turgon, remember the Fen of Serech! (The battle where the House of Hador helped Turgon escape.) O Turgon, will you not hear in your hidden halls?’ which revealed the location of the hidden city to Morgoth’s spies.
      • Hurin had only been released to lead Morgoth to Gondolin, which he did not know.  
  • Center: Battle with the Balrogs
    • Glorfindel goes over the edge of a cliff slaying a mighty Balrog.  As the Balrog fell from his wound, it grabbed Glorfindel by his hair and they fell together.  His last defense allowed the refugees to escape.
    • Ecthelion stepped in to defend his friend, Tuor, from Gothmog. Having been wounded in both arms, he defeated Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs, by stabbing him with his helm’s spike, grappling him with his legs and pulling him down into the Fountain of the King where they both drown.
      • Ecthelion was so valiant in his fighting that day, slaying countless goblins before his fight with Gothmog, that his name became a battle-cry for the Eldar.  Goblins cower before the sounding of his name.  
  • Fourth Row: The Fall of the White Tower where King Turgon and his guards made their last stand after ordering all others to follow Tuor and flee the city via Idril’s Secret Way.  
    • Fourth Row - center: Eärendil the Mariner completing the first successful voyage to Valinor since the exile, bearing a Silmaril, and gaining the aid of the Valar for the War of Wrath.
      • The Silmaril is seen in the sky as a star which gives hope to the Elves of Middle-earth

(Sorry this one was so long!  Tolkien wrote about the Fall of Gondolin again and again.  There is a lot of text material to work from here.)

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moriquendii  asked:

Aredhel could never bring herself to tell Maeglin about the Helcaraxe. So Maeglin grew up not know why his mother hated the winter, why she would spend most of her days in Eol's forge watching them work, when she usually rode out to hunt or explore. It was only in Gondolin that he realised why she had hated the cold so much, and what she had lost out there on the ice. After that, he always felt a little guilty that he loved winter best of all the seasons.

Despite this all, I see Maeglin inventing ice-skating in Gondolin lol.

But real talk, Aredhel hates it.

I just imagine when Maeglin runs outside into the snow, Aredhel quickly runs behind him, grabs him, and takes him to Eol’s forge. Eol keeps silent, even as Maglor squeals and tries to go outside.  

He understands his wife’s fear, and even makes a spot in his forge so that Aredhel can make herself comfortable. She doesn’t like being alone, and will spend the entire day in Eol’s hot forge if she he has to (though usually during winter, he’ll cut his forge work short and stay with her in their home).

Sometimes she tries to be brave, for Maeglin at least.

She’ll will herself to play with her son  in the snow, build tiny snow men and forts with him, and much more. But she’s always sad, and usually retreats to the Forge within an hour, either leaving him alone or dragging him behind her.

For the most part, he and Eol enjoy the snow together, but Maeglin can’t ignore the sad look in his father’s eyes at Aredhel’s absence.

As he gets older and works with his father, he starts to realize that no one goes outside. Aredhel is usually silent, staring at the wall, always in her own world.

Maeglin often calls her name, tries to get her attention, only to be met with silence. Eol simply tells him to leave her alone, tells him that she isn’t herself during winter. He never says why though, only that it’s up to Aredhel. It scares Maeglin, he’s never seen his mother look so dead.

But needless to say, when winter comes to Gondolin and he embraces it like a gift for his begetting day, Glorfindel looks at him and says, “ Did your mother never tell you?”

Thus  the heartbreak ensues right after, and Maeglin never feels the same about winter.

Aredhel never told him, because she knew how much he loved the snow.