eoin o'duffy


Ireland’s biggest and most iconic fascist movement, the Blueshirts (and later splinter, the Greenshirts), was founded in 1932. Many of the Blueshirts went on to fight for Franco on the fascist side of the Spanish Civil War as the Irish Brigade, led by Eoin O’Duffy. As the Blueshirts made up a portion of the Irish political party, Fine Gael, the party and it’s members to this day are often nicknamed blueshirts.

General Eoin O’Duffy, founder of the Irish National Corporate Party, during a meeting with Francisco Franco in Spain, 1937. Originally one of Michael Collins’ fellow leaders in the Irish Civil War, he was inspired to found the NCP based off of Benito Mussolini’s policies in Italy. He managed to inspire 700 “greenshirts” to join Franco’s fight against the “atheist hordes” in Spain, but by all accounts they were a poorly-trained, slovenly bunch who saw little action and were sent home within a few months.