You were born on February 8th, 1931 in Marion, Indiana to Mildred (nee. Wilson) and Winton Dean. A beautiful child you were, with cherub-like features and a defined grin that as you grew up, would become something of a signature look. James Byron Dean, Jimmy to most, you are a gift, a talent, an incredibly beautiful human being, and loved terribly by many.

To your fans, and from your fans, those who look up to you, and who can identify with you are all thinking about you today, thinking about how you’ve helped them, guided them, and how you stand as something in their life, and in my own life. Without you Jimmy, we’d probably all be quite lost, not knowing exactly who we are, feeling somewhat empty inside, you brought us all together and we’ve created a sort of family, you’ve guided certain people in directions they thought would never or could never go towards, even bringing two people together who really fit – kind of like the pieces of a puzzle, two people who may have never met if it weren’t for you. You’re a pretty incredible person Jimmy, sometimes having been an introvert or an outsider, it didn’t matter, you were authentic and its what makes you so special - to all of us. 

Jimmy, this day is for you, and today you’d be 82 if you were still with us, sorely missed, deeply loved and never forgotten. We love you Jimmy, we will always love you. Happy Birthday darling.