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The Flash S1 tribute | remember me for centuries

This is a tribute about the whole first season of The Flash. I hope you like it. Pls watch in HD.
Song I used: Centuries, cover by Caleb Hyles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao6S0fOzMD4

It’s finally done! Pls like and or reblog it! It was lots of work. I think I never spent more hours on one video. 

I hope it meets your expectations.

The Scientist/Cop Thing (2)

.This is part two of: The Scientist/Cop Thing 


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In the Hospital:

When the Train stopped Barry ran over to the Hospital as fast as he could. Dr. Harrison Wells and Joe were waiting for him outside, they wanted to show him that he wasn't alone because both of them knew about his feelings for you.

“How is she?” Barry asked breathless, not even noticed that his suit started to burn.

Joe pointed at him, “Barry, Barry!” 

“Whoa shit!” 

As Barry got out of his burning suit, Harrison gave him a Jacket and another pillow which was quite more comfortable than the suit he was dressed into to impress you. Before you got shot.

“Come on now, we’ll bring you to her.” Harrison said soft and all of them got into the Hospital.


When Dr. Harrison Wells, Joe and Barry got in the intensive care unit, he saw Caitlin, Iris, Eddie and Cisco siting worried in small chairs. Cisco hold Caitlin’s hand and tried to calm her down while she was crying, he tried not to cry because he wanted to be strong for her. Than a Doctor came out of the room where your friends were siting in front of and Barry started to walk faster, he had to control himself not to run like the Flash.

“How is she, How is Y/N?” He asked worried.

The Doctor looked at Barry, “I cannot tell you except you’re her family.”

Joe saw that Barry got pissed and was going to do something that no one wanted to happen. “Listen Doc, Y/N lost her family when she was little and since that we took care of her.” 

Iris stood up, “We’re her family. Especially he is.” she smiled at Barry.

“Fine. We operated her and got the bullet out of her chest but she didn’t wake up til now, she’s in an induced coma and we don’t know if she’ll ever wake up again, I’m sorry.” The Doctor said soft. “but I cannot let one of you in this room.”

Joe showed the Doctor his police badge. “We’ll get in this room if you like it or not and I think you will let us in because otherwise we both will have some troubles.”

The Doctor looked annoyed, “Okay fine. Only two understood?”

Joe nodded and the Doctor walked away, “Barry shall I come with you?”

Caitlin stood up, “Joe, I know you’re her father in some ways but could I?” she asked while tears rolled down her face.

“Yeah sure.” Joe replied and wrapped his arm gently around her to show that he would be there for her too.

“Ready?” Barry asked and Caitlin nodded as she took his hand.


Barry opened slowly the door and stepped into it, together with Caitlin. Caitlin had to cry again as she saw you laying in a small bed surrounded by machines that controlled your breathing and heartbeat. Barry let go of Caitlin and walked closer to you, he was shocked like her but mostly he was angry as he saw you.

“What happened? Why did she got shot?” He asked angry.

“There was a bank robbery and- and Eddie told her to get in there first, to convince the Boys to stop this whole thing. They thought that they hadn’t any guns and Eddie got called a few minutes ago to get a confirmation of that.” Caitlin replied soft.

“And how the hell did she got shot if there wasn’t a gun?” Barry asked louder but Caitlin didn’t get a chance to answer. “Meta’s.” He shook his head. “I’m going to find them and than I-” he paused and looked at you. “You’ve to wake up. I need you. I need my best friend you cannot leave me and give everything up like this. I need to tell you that I love you. I need you to hear it.”

Caitlin got closer to Barry and touched his shoulder, he clenched his teeth and tried not to cry. He got out of the room and looked angry at Eddie.

“If you ever and I mean ever.. tell Y/N to get into something like this, without a gun, you’ll need an Ice one to hold me back of you.” Barry threatened and Eddie nodded, 

He knew that Barry had feelings for you.. actually everyone could see it. As Barry was done looking angry at Eddie he looked at Harrison. In the moment he did, Harrison knew what Barry was going to do next and nodded and Barry ran. He didn’t care if any one would see that he was the Flash, he only wanted to find the guys who hurt you.

“What was that?” Iris asked curious, she didn’t know that Eddie gave you the order to get into the Bank.


Barry ran into S.T.A.R Labs to get his suit and to find out where these two bank rubbers where and as he did he ran to get them.


In a dark place in Central City:

“We got almost into prison because of you! I won’t rob another bank, you shot at her.” A guy said.

Another guy chuckled, “We didn’t get almost into prison, we had no guns.”

As Barry heard where the guys be her ran to them. 

“Ash? Look it’s the Flash.” The guy said and laughed soft. “You found us and now? Want to arrest us?”

“Max don’t..” 

“He’s right Max, don’t.” Barry said serious and stepped closer. “I am not here to arrest you.”

The guy called Max lifted his hand and pointed at Barry, “Don’t make another move.” he dictated. “Was the girl I shot a friend of your’s?” Max smirked and provoked Barry even more.

“Max what are you doing man? Stop.” Ash said worried.

“Her name is Y/N and yes, she’s my best friend.” Barry replied and ran at the guy and pulled him of his feet. “You shouldn’t shot at someone, when you don’t know who her friends are.” 

Barry wanted to ran again and beat Max but his brother Ash transported himself to Barry and hit him first. Max stood up and kicked Barry in his rips and started to shot but Barry stood up fast and could escape the bullets that came out of Max’s hand.


Meanwhile in the Hospital // In a dark place in Central City:

Caitlin was still in your room but now with Cisco next to her while the others waited outside.

“Y/N, if you can hear me, you have to wake up. We need you, Barry needs you. I don’t know where he is right now but I know that he’s going to do something bad. Please.” She said crying and Cisco had tears in his eyes now too.

“I know where he is.” Felicity said with an Tablet in her hand, coming into your room. Ignoring what Joe said with just two people in your room. “He found the guys.”

“I don’t like the sound of this.” Cisco said and wiped his tears away, he didn’t want Felicity to see them.

“Yeah and I think it’s not going to end up well. I have his frequencies here and they-” Felicity paused as she noticed that Caitlin and Cisco looked confused how she got them. “Yes okay, I hacked your system but that doesn’t matter right now. His pretty hurt but doesn’t give up, I think he got a bullet in his arm..”

“Barry.” You said soft.

“Y/N? Y/N!” Open your eyes, it’s me Caitlin.” She smiled.

You heard every word they said even when it doesn’t seem so. You tried to get up in the moment Barry told you he loved you but you couldn't it was like you were kept in your own body. You opened your eyes and took a deep breath, your chest hurt with every breath you took but you didn’t care about it. 

“Hey, sweetie.” Caitlin smiled with tears, she was glad that you were awake.

“She’s awake!” Iris shouted and ran together with Joe, Eddie and Wells into your room.

“Glad to see you Y/N.” Harrison smiled and you nodded soft.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Eddie said feelings of guilt

You took Eddie’s hand and smiled, “It’s okay.” Than you let go and looked over to Joe, “At least I could proof Barry that being a Cop is more dangerous.”

Joe and everyone else had too laugh, you had too but it hurts. Felicity’s Tablet beeped and showed that Barry got shot in the other arm.

“Well, I wouldn’t be sure of that.” She said. “We’ve to get him out of there.”

“We can’t talk to him, we’re not in the lab.” Caitlin replied worried.

Cisco smirked, “We don’t need the lab to talk to him.” he pulled a sort of headphone out of his backpack.

“Why did you have this with you?” Caitlin asked curious.

“Well, you never know when you could need it.”


Immediately you sat up and had to scream as you did because of your pain. As you sat you took the headphone out of Cisco’s hands and got it online. Cisco, Caitlin and Felicity were impressed that you knew how to do it.

“What? I was with you a few times when you did all your Mastermind Nerd things.” You laughed soft and then you focused. “Barry? Barry can you hear me?”

“Y/N?” Barry asked weak, he laid on the ground.

You had tears in your eyes as you heard his voice, he was alive. “Yes, It’s me.” You smiled. “Please Barry, you’ve to stop and come back to me.

“It’s too late, I could hide behind a corner but soon they’ll find me. They’re stronger than me. I can’t beat them.” He replied and spluttered some blood.

Everyone around you could hear Barry. Iris started to cry and Caitlin and Felicity had tears in their eyes like you. You looked at Wells and remembered what he always told Barry when he thought he couldn't do something.

“Barry listen to me okay? I heard what you said. Every word.” You paused and heard Barry’s heavy breathing and tried not to cry. “You needed my to wake up and I did but I need you to stand up now and fight them. I know you want to proof me that being a scientist and the Flash is more dangerous but you cannot do that when you’re not gettin’ up now.” You smirked.

“Where are you Flash? Come out and let us end this.” Max said.

“Y/N I- I” Barry started and closed his eyes as heard the Brothers..

“-I know you can do that. You’ve to because if you’re not gettin’ up right now and lock them up, than it would be meaning less to tell you that I love you. Barry Allen, I love you.” 

As Barry heard what you said he opened his eyes and felt the lightning in it. He stood up and ignored his pain. Barry got out of the corner where he hide and started to ran. He ran like he never did before and pulled by one of their feet and beat them unconscious but not dead like he wanted to to it at first, he did not because he knew you didn’t want him to.

“Barry?” You asked soft.

“I will lock them up now.” He replied smiling and lifted them up.

“Okay, I guess I’ll see you later.” You asked chuckling.

“You bet.” Barry replied and ran with a Flash to S.T.A.R. Labs

You looked to Harrison who had a proud smile in his face. “Well done Y/N.” You nodded and laid down again to relax your body again.


In the Hospital:

After Barry brought the brothers into S.T.A.R. Labs and locked them up he ran changed his clothes and cleaned up his face and ran to the Hospital again to see you.

“Barry.” Iris said smiling as she noticed him leaning on the door. 

He was listening to your voice while you argued with Caitlin, Cisco, Eddie, Felicity, Wells and Joe about what was more dangerous, being a Cop or a Scientist who was also the Flash.

“Come on guy’s give them some privacy.” Joe said with a smile and everyone walked out of the room.

Barry walked over to you and sat on your bed. As he took your hand in his, you felt an electroshock, it was a really small one and you had to laugh about it with Barry.

“You know I would’ve died out there if you wouldn’t be there.” He said soft.

“I wasn’t there, I was here. I just talked to you.” You replied smiling.

“You were always with me. Since we were little. You’re with me when I am Barry Allen and when I’m the Flash and without you I couldn’t be either of them. I love you.”

You sat up again and again you didn’t care about the pain. You wrapped your arms around Barry’s neck and pulled him closer to you and kissed him.


“OHHHHHHHH!” You heard everybody saying and stopped kissing each other.

“Being alone in this family isn’t possible.” You laughed soft. “So about the Scientist/Cop thing, how about an undecided?”

“Yeah I can live with that.” Barry smirked and leaned forward to kiss you again.

“I cannot!” Cisco interrupted.

“Me neither, being a Cop is more dangerous.” Joe replied and Eddie nodded.

“I agree, I almost lost my best friend.” Caitlin said.

“No I’m sorry Caitlin but being a Scientist is more dangerous besides that Barry is The Flash. Wells argued.

“The Flash? Phh she doesn’t need to be the Flash.” Iris said smiling.

Your friends were arguing while Barry and you were just happy to have each other. You laughed together with them and were happy to have your friends. No, your family.

Arrowverse Pokemon Au
  • Barry Allen: he had an eevee that he kept on his person at all times, they both got hit by the lightening and the eevee evolved into Jolteon. They are inseparable. Barry's Jolteon loves Len's Umbreon and they can be found cuddling more often than not.
  • Leonard Snart: an Umbreon and a Regice that he stole from Star labs, but it loves him unconditionally. Umbreon has been with him since childhood which explains the dark type evolution. The Regice has taken to stopping Barry during fights by hugging him and it annoys Len to no end. Barry thinks its cute.
  • Mick Rory: he set fire to building and a Heatran was attracted to it. They've been best friends ever since.
  • Lisa Snart: a Persian. Their favorite past time is rolling in piles of money together. Even though persians are known for their tempermental personality Lisa has never once been scratched.
  • Cisco Ramon: When Cisco joined Star Labs, Eobard gave him a Beldum that he raised up to a Metagross.
  • Iris West: she has an Audino, and a Kecleon that help her with her investigative reporting.
  • Joe West: he has a police issued Machoke.
  • Wally West: he has an Zebstrika and a Rapidash that he won from street racing.
  • Caitlin Snow: she has an Eevee that has never evolved for some reason. She's given it all kinds of evolution stones but nothing has happened so in her free time she studies it. When Ronnie died she acquired his Talonflame.
  • Ronnie Raymond: he had a Talonflame. it didn't get along with Stein so Caitlin took it after his death.
  • Martin Stein: he has a tiny Victini that loves to help with research. Too bad it sets stuff on fire when it's excited. It helped Stein after Ronnie died by keeping his energy up until they found Jaxx.
  • Jefferson "Jaxx" Jackson: He has a Klank and a Torchic that Stein got him when he joined him as the second half of Firestorm.
  • Mark Mardon: he never had a pokemon. After he found out his brother died he was mad and distraught. His emotions created a storm and suddenly a newly made Castform appeared. Mark believes that it's his brothers reincarnation.
  • The Trickster/James Jesse: Mr. Mime.
  • Axel Walker: Mime jr.
  • Oliver Queen: A Fearow that he befriended on the island and a Crobat that he found in the wreckage left by Malcolm Merlin
  • Felicity Smoak: She has a Swoobat that get along famously with Oliver's Crobat.
  • Malcolm Merlin: he has a Murkrow and a Noctowl
  • Thea Queen: like a typical rich girl she has a Delacatty and Purugly. When she learned that Merlin was her father she caught a Hawlucha and trained it while Merlin trained her. She takes the Hawlucha with her on missions.
  • Eobard Thwane: he has a Elektross that is as evil as he is
  • Harrison "Harry" Wells: he has a Beeheeyem and Mew-Two. Earth one has yet to genetically engineer their own Mew-Two which has disappointed him to no end.
  • Zoom: when Zoom was an average human he had a Emolga. When he developed his speed he went power mad and killed his Emolga for its own speed. He became even more enraged when it didn't work.
  • Jay Garrick: He has a Pachirisu and a Manectric. When Zoom took Jay's speed the Manectric got him to safety but was injured in the process. It now walks with a limp.
  • Kendra and Carter: They both have Staraptors. Kendra has a female Unfezant as well. The Staraptors reincarnate with them.
  • Sara Lance: She had an Exploud but when she died Laurel took it and they bonded. Now she has a Lucario and they get along swimmingly.
  • Laurel Lance: When she took up the mantle of Black Canary she inherited Sara's Exploud and now they fight crime together.
  • Ray Palmer: He has a Genesect and a Steelix
  • Rip Hunter: he has a Celebi of course!
Reverse Flash is Eobard Thawne  & “Harrison Wells” is Eobard Thawne

Reverse Flash and Flash in Nora Allen’s Home

Reverse Flash and The Flash both went back through time fight each other to the point where we see Barry Allen as a child. Reverse Flash kills Barry’s mom while Future Flash saved his past self but also went back to his time. In doing so, Reverse Flash also pursuits The Flash to get back to his original timeline but ran out of the Speed Force and thus is stuck in this timeline.

Harrison Wells Flashbacks

Harrison Wells in 2000 was married to Tess Morgan and they both owned scientific labs. Tess coined the term Star Labs and it seems they had a promising future with their married life as well as being on the verge of having scientific breakthroughs.  

Unfortunately Eobard Thawne knows that they are going to be successful with their Particle Accelerator by the year 2020. The problem is he needs that invention done faster because Eobard is desperate to go back to his time.

This is why he causes the car accident that kills Tess Morgan and subsequently kills Harrison Wells by taking over his identity using a facial/body reconstruction device. He basically body snatched Harrison Wells body to have access to Wells’ labs and be personally involved in the invention of the particle accelerator. 

Overall, Tess Morgan and Harrison Wells were murdered by Eobard Thwane.

Most importunately, Harrison Wells IS NOT Harrison Wells. He is fully Eobard Thawne.

Sidenote: Eddie Thwane is simply a distant relative of Eobard Thawne.

P.S. I still have a problem with the fact almost everyone is hiding the truth from Iris West. It’s getting frustrating now that Eddie knows about Barry’s secret before Iris.

If you still have any questions about The Flash and it’s mythology feel free to ask!