Bluh, I typed a big huge thign about how much fun I had at EOAstuck, and how awesome everyone was, but i’m on my friend’s computer, so I’m stuck with IE, and it didn’t like that I tried to do anything, so I have to type it all again, and upload everything again. I am the Terezi, and I don’t know anyone else’s Tumblrs.

Breaking out 50sstuck!Jane for the End of August-stuck meet today!!!

Wow I haven’t worn this since the St. Patty’s Day meetup!

I’ll be going to the Pru (maybe to the commons later!) so seee you guys there!! <3 

haha may or may not put on the beautiful sequined jacket depending on the weather. 


A lot of these are crappy quality because I took them quick.

I apologize for the four photos I took without asking.
If any of the people in them want them taken down, just ask. 
(That would be the Tavros/Gamzee pictures and 50’s stuck Dirk/Roxy.)

Eridan w/cape - Unknown
Eridan to the right - Rickyfirehav
Karkat with bowtie - Unknown
Vriska - Unknown

Jake English - Does not have a tumblr
Fem Dave -  quentinheirofshit
Humanstuck Kanaya - centaursauxillatrix 

50’s stuck Roxy - psychedelicpaprika
50’s stuck Dirk - gemiblu

Tavros - k-hiq
Gamzee - Unknown

I didn’t search very hard with the tags,
so if I missed anyone or got something wrong, please message me.