eo boy

I know we all want Chaol coming back from the Southern Continent and just being…overwhelmed to say the least by everything that’s happened in his absence. But I kind of think some sort of massive drama is going to go down there. And he’s just going to come back and be so done with everything already. So he just ends up even more done with still more drama being heaped onto his plate.

 Like, Aelin is in an iron box being controlled by a demon fae queen? Wonderful. Dorian has decided to start banging a lethal witch queen? Great. Someone has to die in order to correct Elena’s past mistakes? Fantastic. An army of assassins turned up on my doorstep along with another army led by another assassin from the wastes? Uh-huh, and? Oh we’re on the brink of an all consuming, apocalyptic war with the Valg, our queen and greatest hope against them is actually Lysandra pretending to be Aelin, our king has lost his kingdom, we have the definition of a ragtag army which is all that’s standing between us and the destruction of our world? Sigh. When do we start? 

He’s just going to be…so you’re telling everything’s gone to hell and nothing’s gone to plan at all? Did you expect me to be surprised by this? What else is new? This is what we’ve been doing since the start.   

Hogwarts Houses

The laugh that spills out at inappropriate times, the sly grin when they you out about a new secret, going high and fast on the swingset, marshmallows over fire, heated kisses, overknees, tank tops, the first accord on a new guitar, rocking out in underpants, skinny dipping, lip biting, arms slung around the best friends necks,
Feeling invincible.

Lazy mornings, your own garden, hot tea, sunshine over the foggy dew, blue and white skies, flower crowns, dazzling smiled, warm hugs, adorable giggles, horse back riding, best friends cuddles, dancing in the rain, rolling in the grass, taking in a stray, baking your favourite cake, strolling over the market , ballerinas and dresses, finding a new café, playing the flute,
Feeling at ease.

Fluffy blanket, new hardcover books, taking on the piano, listening to music on the bus, watching the rain drops on the window, hot cocoa in the evening, flickering candles, holding hands, non verbal communication, small smiles and fleeting glances, completely absorbed in another world, doodles on your notes, messy buns, plaid and sneakers,
Feeling hopefull.

Knowing smirks and lopsided grins, torn jeans and combat boots, roadtrip without destination, new pencils and brushes, Violine, chapped lips, glinting eyes, thunder and lightning, running till your out of breath, secret Bro fists, raised eyebrows, jumping off the bridge into the water, walking through the night,
Feeling alive.

Was feeling down today so I doodled an EOS and my OC Eugene (probably while they’re still silly university students). She’s about two inches taller than him and she likes ti gloat. ;) Sorry if the quality is sub-par, I had to scan it with my phone since I’m on vacation this week.

Pose used: http://snuffysbox.tumblr.com/post/160528621862/carrying-on-with-height-difference-centric-draw

Positive Post Time!

With all the drama discourse that’s been flying around, I feel like we need some happy jams going on in here. So excuse me while I blow the Fog Horn of Fabulous People. (I also encourage you all to do this for your own fabulous companions. I love reading warm-hearted happy call-outs!)

1.) @clan-melarn​   -That’s right, I’m calling you out first, buddy. You are one of the most supportive friends I’ve made in a long while and have never failed to be there for me when I’m having hard times, even if you’re struggling too. I adore you and appreciate you! (And your characters are lovely and I am so happy I finally broke the 7th seal and posted at you.)

2.) @the-hitless-swordsman​ - We go from new to old here. I’ve known you for a long time, buddy. And man, you have put up with the best and worst of me. You have and always will be my #1 co-healer. You are the kolto shell to my static barrier. You are the respect to my women. The Selene to my Eos.

3.) @tariev​  - Woo boy. If there was anyone who could pull a positive attitude out in the most dark of times, it’s this guy right here. Tariev is a beautiful fountain of RP and a really energetic guy, even when he’s struggling with his own conflicts and difficulties. You’re a bad-ass, sir.

4.) @deviant-oreo​ and @lolstealing​  - I place these two together because they’re like two peas in a pod. Between the two of them is a huge, everlasting fountain of silly creativity and I freaking LOVE it. Thanks for giving my blue man a reason to keep going. I am so happy I managed to stumble into you two.

5.) @lockerinannis​ / @weepingknight​ - We haven’t role-played together yet. Heck, we don’t even talk, not that it could be remedied if I stopped being such a doofus. But it goes without saying that you inspire me with your posts and your artwork. It is always a happy day when I see your writing/art pop up on my dash. 

6.) @hithren​ - Similar to @weepingknight​, we’ve not yet role-played, nor do we really talk. But your art is absolutely astounding and I live for seeing it pop up on my dash. You have such a beautiful collection of characters and they are a joy to read about!

7.) @ladyrivienne​ - Last but most certainly not least, I can’t thank you enough for prying me out of my shell and engaging me for story times! I am in LOVE with the way that you write and you are incredibly kind and pleasant. An ABSOLUTE ANGEL (with elf ears, of course). Your writing and photo edits give me LIFE.

Of course, there are dozens more people I can call out. Just because you’re not here on this list doesn’t mean you won’t be in the future! I very well might do another one of these tomorrow. Regardless, thank you all for following me.

And take some time to write some nice things about the people you engage every day! (or the ones you’d like to engage!) A little happy thought towards another person goes a LONG way!