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I know we all want Chaol coming back from the Southern Continent and just being…overwhelmed to say the least by everything that’s happened in his absence. But I kind of think some sort of massive drama is going to go down there. And he’s just going to come back and be so done with everything already. So he just ends up even more done with still more drama being heaped onto his plate.

 Like, Aelin is in an iron box being controlled by a demon fae queen? Wonderful. Dorian has decided to start banging a lethal witch queen? Great. Someone has to die in order to correct Elena’s past mistakes? Fantastic. An army of assassins turned up on my doorstep along with another army led by another assassin from the wastes? Uh-huh, and? Oh we’re on the brink of an all consuming, apocalyptic war with the Valg, our queen and greatest hope against them is actually Lysandra pretending to be Aelin, our king has lost his kingdom, we have the definition of a ragtag army which is all that’s standing between us and the destruction of our world? Sigh. When do we start? 

He’s just going to be…so you’re telling everything’s gone to hell and nothing’s gone to plan at all? Did you expect me to be surprised by this? What else is new? This is what we’ve been doing since the start.   

Hogwarts Houses

The laugh that spills out at inappropriate times, the sly grin when they you out about a new secret, going high and fast on the swingset, marshmallows over fire, heated kisses, overknees, tank tops, the first accord on a new guitar, rocking out in underpants, skinny dipping, lip biting, arms slung around the best friends necks,
Feeling invincible.

Lazy mornings, your own garden, hot tea, sunshine over the foggy dew, blue and white skies, flower crowns, dazzling smiled, warm hugs, adorable giggles, horse back riding, best friends cuddles, dancing in the rain, rolling in the grass, taking in a stray, baking your favourite cake, strolling over the market , ballerinas and dresses, finding a new café, playing the flute,
Feeling at ease.

Fluffy blanket, new hardcover books, taking on the piano, listening to music on the bus, watching the rain drops on the window, hot cocoa in the evening, flickering candles, holding hands, non verbal communication, small smiles and fleeting glances, completely absorbed in another world, doodles on your notes, messy buns, plaid and sneakers,
Feeling hopefull.

Knowing smirks and lopsided grins, torn jeans and combat boots, roadtrip without destination, new pencils and brushes, Violine, chapped lips, glinting eyes, thunder and lightning, running till your out of breath, secret Bro fists, raised eyebrows, jumping off the bridge into the water, walking through the night,
Feeling alive.


 by Monica Forss
Luxor, Egypt

  • the entire ToG fandom: wow dorian got pretty kinky in EoS damn boi.
  • me: dorian, bruh. step up your GAME. where are your whips and chains. your ball gags. your blind folds. you call that a choke hold? why didn’t manon pass out? where is ur red room of pleasure? where’s the role playing at? why didn’t you ask her to call you daddy??? what kind of dom even are you? hmmmm??
  • me: *remembers ToG is meant to be YA*
  • me: oh thats why

I mean, people do know that other games are allowed to take inspiration from Greek myths right? Not just borderlands?

okay but can we please talk about Chaol’s arc from Throne of Glass to Queen of Shadows?

 Like at the beginning he was a very gruff, closed off character who dealt with things in only the starkest of black or white terms. He lived only for his position and would have given his life to protect the royal family without a flicker of thought. 

And by the end of Queen of Shadows he’s had his eyes opened to the harsh realities of the world in the starkest of terms. He’s overcome all of the toxic things that he was taught and became a key player in the rebel movement which culminated in him being willing to give his life to bring the king down. He overcame his PTSD and isolation and he is the one at the end of this book who speaks with hope about our original trio not ending this journey but beginning the next. 

I’m just. So proud of my son and his character development okay? 




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