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NO SAH mi jess c yuh selfie an u haffi tell mi yuh skincare routine tho. fi mi face fava Eastah bun wid raisin an mi doan like it lmao

Thank u! I had very bad skin (pimples, craters, scars, blackheads)

i got u:

Daily basis-
Exfoliating scrub (st ives aloe scrub)
Tone (witch hazel)
Moisturize (i have oily skin and i use aveeno cuz it’s gentle

Weekly basis-
Clay mask (u can buy bentonite clay by itself for cheap online, otherwise, i use whatever clay mask i vibe with at that time)

Peel off mask (peels off blackheads and such

Monthly basis- enzyme peel (gentler than a chemical peel and there’s a wide range of products.. The cheapest i saw was in walgreens.. Called freeman feeling beautiful enzyme mask)


The “the magnet I bought didn’t work and I wanna die” or “I got double of two things and the wrong brow pomade color because I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing” haul

W0rld m@rket:
Long gold necklace - 19.99
Long Crystal necklace - 19.99
Gold hoops (idk where one went) - 4.99
Little gold and blue necklace x2 (i accidentally got two) - 25.98
Gold choker - 14.99
Red candle - 0.99
Tiny dishes x2 - 5.98
Wax candles x2 - 7.98
Fake plant - 3.99

Oil painting medium - 19.99
Golden titanium white acrylic paint - 17.99
Golden alizarin red acrylic paint x2 - 33.98

2nd and charles:
Tarot bag - 9.95
Crystal magnet - 3.99

Gold necklace - 5.90

Milk and honey - 14.99

Mario badescu drying lotion - 17
Mario badescu enzyme revitalizing mask - 20
Anastasia brow pomade in taupe - 18
Tarte single metallic eyeshadow in pin-up - 14
Urban decay ydk single eyeshadow - 19
Anastasia brow duo brush x2 - 36
Better than sex mascara - 23
Anastasia glow kit - 40

Total: $398.67

I bought a magnet off eBay and it was too weak to work. But I hit ulta for the first time and it’s amazing!!! I’m SO excited I got the better than sex mascara and the glow kit.

Any questions, ask me!

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What products do you use, mom?? :)

  1.  oil based cleanser - “take the day off oil cleanser” by clinique. ( only at night)
  2. water based cleanser - “acne triple clear deep action foaming scrub” by clean & clear (with a knock-off clarisonic )
  3. exfoliator - “black sugar wash off mask” by skinfood, “enzyme cleansing gel” by mario badescu, and “pumpkin enzyme mask” by peter thomas roth (they’re all exfoliators i like but i only exfoliate at night on monday, wednesday and friday since it’s so harsh)
  4. toner - “original which hazel pore perfecting toner “ by dickensens
  5. essence - “ facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rose water” by mario badescu ( pretty sure that’s not an essence but ? I'm confused and do it anyways lmao)
  6. serum - “brilliant future age defense & renew serum” by bare minerals
  7. sheet mask - “moisture bomb sheet mask” by garnier (only at night)
  8. eye cream - “brilliant future age defense and renew eye cream” by bare minerals, and/or “retinol correxion eye cream” by roc
  9. moisturizer - “dramatically different moisturizing lotion +” by clinique, or “anti-wrinkle night cream” by neutrogena
  10. sunscreen - “youth code dark spot  spf 30 day cream “ by l’oreal paris (only in the morning)

yeahh i’m kinda bendin the rules but whatever. and the products i use are subject to change since i’m going to ulta soon

Beauty On A Budget: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Face Masks!

Now that finals are approaching and I’m going to be having more time off to blog, I wanted to start this new weekly post called Beauty On A Budget! I will be sharing skincare and makeup that are very affordable, because its always good to find good beauty deals :)

This week I’m going to be talking about freeman masks! These are hands down my favorite masks from the drugstore. I have so many of these and I love everyone I have. These masks can be found at most drugstores (walmart, target, cvs etc..) & ULTA. I usually get mine at ULTA. 

There are several different mask to choose from, and it really depends on what you’re looking to do. They have peel off masks, charcoal masks, enzyme (MY FAV) masks, and many more. I can feel these working  on my skin, and my skin looks so healthy and radiant after everyone I have used. I have found myself going and trying all these expensive face masks that end up doing absolutely nothing for skin. 

My favorites from the line are definitely the enzyme, dead sea minerals, and avocado and oatmeal mask! These are good for oily skin too :) Taking care of your skin is so important & now you will be able to do so without breaking the bank :)

These retail for $3.99, so it doesn’t get much better than that :)

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Your skin is perfect! What have you been doing? Your snapchat made me so jealous😍xx

Aw thanks!!! This is my current skin care routine:

  • Face wash: i use a random clean and clear (i need to pick up something else, i was thinking kiehl’s? but i can’t find any reviews)
  • Toner: Glossier Soothing Mist
  • Serum: Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum (1-3 times a week) and Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum (the other nights, i use it at night because it’s a bit heavy for a day serum on oily skin) 
    • I need to find a day serum.
  • Eye Cream: Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil (just the past few days since I got it) A lot of eye creams have aging ingredients (alcohol for example) so I thought I would use something natural until I find something else.
  • Moisturizer: Glossier Priming Moisturizer or Clinique Dramatically Different Gel
    • I use the Clinique in the day and Glossier at night (as a night cream since my face is oily). Now that its cooler out my skin get dehydrated so I’ll wear the Glossier moisturizer in the day if I’m using the Becca Ever Matte Primer because it’s very drying when used with a matte foundation.
  • Masks: Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (not for sensitive skin, it’s what i’ve used the past 2 weeks and i swear I can see a difference) Then I don’t own any but the GlamGlow masks are amazing, I always get a sample of one when I go to Sephora!
    I just got the Glossier Moon Mask (on any dry patches since my skin can get dehydrated, also can be used after any really drying clay masks) and Glossier Mega Greens Mask (kinda reminds me of the glamglow green because it turns clear when its ready to be removed). They both seem really nice, I’ll need to wear them a few more times to get a full review.
  • Lips: Bite Agave Mask, Fresh Sugar Lip Balm, Glossier Balm Dot Com, or Dior Lip Maximizer). 
    • I wear lip balms 24/7 if I’m not wearing a lipstick/gloss. The bite and fresh are perfect for adding moisture, glossier for keeping in moisture, and the dior for before lipstick because it smooths the lips!

My skin seriously looks so good lately.

@officialjdunn: ✨Sunday Facial✨

1. CLEANSE #EmmaHardie Moringa cleansing balm

2. EXFOLIATE #PeterThomasRoth Pumpkin enzyme mask

3. STEAM #SkinOwl beauty steam

4. CLAY MASK #DrSebagh skin perfecting mask

5.HYDRATING MASK #SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque

6. EYE CREAM #EstèeLauder advanced night repair eye

7. MOISTURIZE #PixiSkintreats Beauty Sleep Cream

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Hey girl! Let me know that routine. I can't message you.

Exfoliate/gentle face wash
Tone (witch hazel)
AHA serum if i have acne scarring
Moisturize or use oil (shea butter or coconut oil (keeps my oil production down. I have oily skin)

Clay mask (u can get bentonite clay masks or powder anywhere nowadays)
Peel off mask (cucumber or charcoal (good for blackheads))

Enzyme peel (i mentioned freeman feeling beautiful brand as a cheap introduction to enzyme peels and masks. Not every peel will be drastic and that’s good cuz sometimes u just need a lil boost in ur cell turnover rate nd having ur skin peel would be inconvenient)

Hmu if u got more questions 😊