“He was running around with Marcelo’s son (in Cardiff). When we returned to the Bernabeu to celebrate, Cristiano Jr. and Marcelito (Enzo) were playing around on the field in front of all the fans. It was a much different scene than when I was playing in the streets at his age, but I hope that the feeling for my son is the same as it was for me.” - Cristiano


“I help my team in creating action and scoring goals.” - Enzo Alves Vieira - football player of Fútbol Cantera Benjamín B.

Position : Forward

Weight : 36,5 kg

Height : 1,37 m

“Enzo is a very skilled and powerful player. A forward with a lot of mobility that always works for the team.  He stands out for its sacrifice and constancy. He knows how to read the plays well and has a good finish, which guarantees a good number of goals for the team.”