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Pretty Little Secret- AJ Styles (1/2)

Pairing: AJ Styles x OFC (Michelle)

Rating: Explicit

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3,040

Warning: Daddy Kink, semi-public sex, cum marking, breeding kink, unprotected sex, major dirty talk, talk of tit fucking, oral (male and female), slight bondage. (I regret nothing writing this)

Plot: Secret lovers are finally reunited after being apart for so long. They are in for a long and intense night of pleasure. And by the end of it, their relationship might not be so secret.

*Part 2 will be posted May 21st!*

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I can hardly contain my excitement, heart almost beating out of my chest as I practically run down the halls at the RAW arena. I finally get to see my boyfriend for the first time in nearly two months. Feels like a life time, considering we have only been dating for about four months, going two months of the four without seeing each other, it is a life time. But it comes with the territory of dating one of the biggest names in WWE, AJ Styles.

“Whoa there girlie, where’s the fire?” Enzo grabs me by the arms before I hit the floor as I slip on a wet spot.

I let out a nervous giggle, “Uh, I’m just on my way to meet someone.”

“Must be someone important to have you nearly hurt yourself to get to ‘em.”

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Something wretched about this (so precious about this)

For anyone that missed it on AO3, here is the Klaroline Valentine one shot I wrote for @thetourguidebarbie. Includes Succubus!Caroline. Title from From Eden by Hozier.

Caroline despised being indebted to anyone.

              Being in such debt to a vampire of all creatures was even worse.

              For millennia, the vampires had been a bane to Caroline’s kind.  They became addicted to the touch and taste of a Succubus so easily, and it typically resulted in a shortened lifespan for the succubus in question.

              But Katherine Pierce had once saved Caroline’s life, and so was – begrudgingly – owed a boon.

              “Distraction.” She ran a finger around the edge of her cup.  It was a latte – a rather delicious latte – but the taste was marred by the fact that she was there with a creature that could choose to go for her throat at any moment.  “That’s all?”

              “That’s all?” Katherine raised one perfectly manicured eyebrow.  “Well, I could try and make it more complicated… but I figured that being a distraction to Klaus Mikaelson would be difficult enough.”

              “Is Klaus Mikaelson supposed to mean something to me?”  Caroline took a sip of her latte, watching Katherine over the edge.

              Katherine eyed her in return, a slow smile that Caroline knew better than to trust curving her lips, but… this would get rid of the damn favor.

              “He doesn’t need to mean a thing.  So you’ll help me?”

              “Tell me what you know.”

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Don’t Speak *Cristiano Ronaldo imagine*


I sighed closing the door to the house, today was a long day and all I wanted to do right now was sleep. However as I walked past the kitchen I realized that sleep wasn’t even close to what I could do. Groaning I set my bag down, and tied up my hair as I begun to wash dishes. 

As I continued to wash the dishes, it seemed like it was never ending because every time I washed a dish more would appear like it was some sort of sorcery. And at some point in my mind I just said, “Fuck it!” throwing the sponge in the sink I stormed through the house looking for one person in particular. 

When I walked past the game room, I heard laughing and stopped. Taking a look inside I saw exactly who I was looking for. I slammed the door open and it ended up hitting the wall. Cristiano jumped slightly and turned around giving me a smile, “Hey babe” 

I raised an eyebrow, “Don’t you hey babe me” I told him

Cristiano stood up and made his way over to give me a kiss when I stopped him, “What’s wrong?” He asked

“What’s wrong Cristiano? How about I’ve been working late shifts every night since the last two weeks, and when I come home I come home to dishes that seem to be multiplying every second. You’re home since 4 o’clock you can’t wash the dishes?Are your hands broken or some shit?” I asked

Cristiano stared at me in shock, “I’m sorry, you feel that way but there’s nothing I can do about your late shifts” He said trying to be funny

I gave him a blank stare, “I’m not fucking around Cristiano” 

He sighed, “Alright I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you want me to do honestly. The house stuff is all your job, I just fix things and play soccer” Cristiano said turning around

“So you’re saying house chores are for women alone?”

Cristiano quickly turned around, “Well I mean-”

I scoffed, “Fuck you Cristiano” 

“Y/N come on”

I pushed his hands away, “No seriously fuck you, I do some much shit and you don’t do anything minus play video games when you’re not on the field or at practice.”

“And what do you do at work? You’re a nurse, you just assist the damn doctors all day and you’re here yelling at me!”

I stared at him, “So that’s what you think I do all day? I have to fucking deal with other ignorant ass people and then come home and deal with the fucking king of ignorance” I yelled at him

“And how do you think it is with you?! You’re the same way!You never stop nagging and you’re just as ignorant as I am” 

I groaned in frustration, and walked out of the game room. Fine! He doesn’t want to hear my nagging, he won’t have to hear it anymore then. 

~The Next Day

When I woke up, I didn’t even bother making breakfast and just grabbed a bowl of cereal I sat down at the table and scrolled through the news on my phone. After a little while, Cristiano woke up and looked around. “You didn’t make breakfast?” He asked

I didn’t say anything and placed my bowl in the sink. Cristiano raised an eyebrow, “Hello? Am I speaking into the air?” He asked again

I walked past him and he reached out grabbing my arm but missing. I just continued walking to the room and getting ready to go to work, grabbing my keys I walked out into the garage. “Y/N, hey I haven’t seen you in a while?”Marcelo said 

I smiled giving him a hug, “It has been how are the boys?” I asked

Cristiano looked between us with his mouth open and a face full of shock, Marcelo chuckled, “They’re great, Liam’s not keeping us up as much as he used to, and Enzo’s actually been asking about you” He said

I smiled, “Well tell Enzo, I’ll stop by soon with Junior one of these days” 

Marcelo nodded, “Will do”

“Hey Y/N, can you pass me that?” Cristiano asked

I payed him no attention, and gave Marcelo a hug. “I’ve got to run to the hospital, I’ll see you later alright” I told him

Marcelo nodded chuckling, "Have fun at work" He said

I waved and started walking to my car, “You see what I mean, she’s been ignoring me like that since this morning” I heard Cristiano say

I rolled my eyes getting in my car and heading off to work. My time at work was so nice, for some reason today no one was begging ignorant or rude it was just a nice and peaceful day. So you could imagine how I felt when the day ended, I groaned walking through the doors Leila and Frankie next to me. “What’s up with you? Are you Y/N actually enjoying work today?” Frankie asked

I nodded, “It’s my break today”

They chuckled, we eventually had to split up and get into our separate cars and then home. Once I got home, I sighed as soon as I walked through the door. Heading into the kitchen I had already started to tie my hair up when I saw the amount of dishes in the sink.

I rolled my eyes not even not speaking to the damn man will get him to help out. “Y/N these are for you” Cristiano said

I didn’t pay him any attention, and continued to wash the mount of dishes in the sink. Cristiano sighed, “Y/N are you really going to ignore me? I said I was sorry”

Again I didn’t say anything, and just scoffed. Cristiano stayed all the way till I finished washing the dishes. He followed me all the way around the house as I did everything that needed to be done even when I went to the bathroom he stayed outside the door. 

And just as I was going to walk out of the door, Cristiano pulled the door shut. I groaned, “I’m not letting go of the door until you talk to me Y/N” He said

I raised an eyebrow, and looked around the bathroom. I shook my head, and opened up the window. Climbing out, I walked around the house and to the front door getting the key from under the mat I unlocked the door and went to the bedroom. 

When I walked in Cristiano stared at me shocked, “How did you? There’s no-God Damnit Y/N” He said

I shook my head at him, and changed my clothes. 


When I woke up the next morning, the entire living room and coffee table was filled with flowers and teddy bear’s. I looked around confused, and Cristiano came over placing his hand over my shoulder, “So do you like it? It’s my way of saying I’m sorry about what I said the other day. I was wrong, and I-Wait where are you going?” He asked as I walked away

I didn’t answer him, and continued walking out of the living room. Cristiano sighed, “Y/N please speak to me I’m sorry, alright I’m a fucking tool and I deserve to be hit” He said

I tried my hardest not to laugh, but he continued, “Seriously sometimes I don’t know why you stay with me, but then I remember how attractive I am and then I realize-but that’s not the point.” He said continuing to ramble on

I chuckled shaking my head, “Shut up Ronaldo” 

Cristiano smiled, “She speaks” He said

I rolled my eyebrows, “She does speak”

Cristiano sighed, “I really am sorry about what I said to you the other night, I know what you do is important both at work and here. I understand that now, and I don’t know what made me be an ass and say those things” 

I nodded, “I’m glad you realized how important I am” 

Cristiano chuckled, “Is there anything you’d like to say to me?” 

I sighed, “I’m sorry for calling you ignorant and comparing you with the patients, and thank you for washing the dishes this morning” 

Cristiano gave me a smile pulling me close to him, “I love you”

I smiled, “I love myself too”

Butterflies ~ Finn Balor imagine

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Note : Let me know if I should continue it

You were in the car with Sami, Enzo and Cass driving to another city. Music blaring in your ear as you looked out the window passing by trees and more trees and more trees. 

One of your headphones got ripped out of your ears.

“ Hey!” you turned your head glaring at Enzo who was sitting besides you. Sami who sat in the passenger seat turned around, rolling his eyes before facing the front again. 

“ I’ve been calling you for the past 5 minutes. You’re brain doesn’t hurt from all the loud music booming in your ears?” 

“ Nope” 

“ One day your going to go deaf Y/N” Sami muttered. You had heard him, scouting up your seat you playfully smack the back of his head. “ Hey! what was that for?” He turned around in his seat once more glaring. 

“ Be nice” he stuck out his tongue at you before turning around in his seat. 

“ Children, calm yourselves” Enzo said. Your eyes glanced over to Cass who was driving the car, he was shaking his head at the three of you. He had to deal with you three for the past 4 hours. 

“ Hey Cass?” “ Hmm?” “ We there yet?” He groaned hearing it. He thought Enzo would stop asking him that now you. 

“ I am going to say this one more time. The next time I won’t be nice about it. We. Are. Not. There. Yet.” 

“ Alright then” picking up your headphones putting them back in your ear before they were snatched away from you. 

“ Dude!” you yelled trying to grab them from Enzo who had a hold of them. 

“ What are you listening to?” He asked putting one of your headphones in his ear. He rolled his eyes hearing the familiar theme song. 

“ How many times are you going to listen to his entrance. Why don’t you walk up to the guy and say “ I like you now let’s bang.” 

“ What!No! Enzo what the hell…!” punching his shoulder before snatching your headphones away from him crowing to the other side of the car glaring at him. Sami laughed from the front, “ Oh and why are you laughing sunshine?” 

“ You’re going to have to tell him at one point” 

“ Never in a million years” 

“ Why not? He’s just a guy like we are” 

“ No he’s my best friend and I won’t ruin the friendship between us. Now shut up before I strap you to your seats” 

“ Your so hot when you threaten people” you groaned rolling your eyes. 

Running a hand through your hair as you walked backstage from your match that you just had with Nai, she was one of your favorite superstars to wrestle in the ring. 

“ You good girl?” She asked coming up from behind you. You nodded holding your stomach. She frowned seeing you wince, “ You sure you’r okay?” you nodded. 

“ I can take a fall or two” walking to the women’s locker room having a quick shower before getting changed. When you opened the door, Sami greeted you telling you how good you did in your match before taking your bag with his. 

He always did that if you traveled with him. The two of you walked into the parking lot where Enzo was waiting for you with Cass standing by the trunk. 

“ Took you long enough” glaring at Enzo, he shut up right away before grabbing the bags from Sami. 

“ We’re good to go?” 

“ Were having one more coming with us..” 

“ Who?” 

“ Me” a familiar Irish voice said from behind you. Sami had a huge smirk on his face, your eyes turned to Enzo was shrugged but had a smile on his face. Then you turned to Cass who put his hands up getting in the passenger seat. 

Finn Balor would be joining you along the ride. Oh how you would love to wipe off Sami’s smirk off his face and that smile from Enzo’s face. 

Finn brought his bags into the trunk of the car, you groaned getting in the back. Sami would be driving the car this time which meant you had to share the backseat with Finn and Enzo. Enzo got into the right side of the car which left the middle and left side for you. 

“ Jerk” you muttered underneath your breath but clear enough for Enzo to hear. He chuckled watching you climb into the back taking the middle seat. Finn finished loading his bags into the car before he hopped past Enzo. When he got around to you, his ass was right in your face. He had a fine one at that. He sat himself on the left side, glancing at you. His lips spread in a wide smile before he said, “ Hello.” 

“ Hi” you greeting him turning your head forwards. Oh how much you just wanted to strangle Enzo and Sami for this. Why did it have to be Finn out of all people?

Sami turned to look over to you then to Finn. He had a small smile on his face. 

“ Come on Y/N, tell him how happy you are to see him” 

“ Drive Zayn, just drive” 

As Sami began to drive down the road, a conversation picked up between the guys but what brought you to become tense was a hand on your thigh. Familiar one. 

His hand. His thumb stroking circles around your thigh. He knew what he was doing. 

You looked over to him to see him laughing at something Sami had said but his eyes turned to you holding mischief in them. 

This was going to be a long ride. 

Meet the Parents

Okay!! Okay!! I did it!!! I worked through the mental block to bring you some fluff!! This was a request from @native-snowflake. I really, really hope you enjoy it doll!!

Tags: @noamrollins @meaganottiz02 @racheo91 @lunaticfringe216 @neeadinghugs @gracea-boo @thatonegirloncealways 

Y/M/N = Your mom’s name
Y/D/N = Your dad’s name
Y/L/N = Your last name

Pairing: Enzo Amore x Reader

Originally posted by robvandamdatass

You looked over to your boyfriend in the driver’s seat, taking notice of his left hand squeezing the steering wheel tightly as his right hand rested comfortably in your lap.

Tonight, Enzo was going to meet your parents and nervous seemed to be an understatement judging by the way he was white knuckling the steering wheel. It was important to Enzo to be liked by your parents because he knew how much it would mean to you. You were always pretty close with your family, so your parents liking him was a big deal. Not that you would break up with him based solely on the fact your parents not liking him…but nonetheless, it meant a lot to you, so it meant a lot to him.

Enzo knew that it might take some time for them to warm up to him…it may not happen tonight, but he could win them over. You had to be a reflection of them since they were your parents, right? He could do this.

You gently squeezed Enzo’s hand, causing him to look over to you. You threw him a comforting smile before kissing the back of his hand.

“Try not to be nervous. They’re gonna love you, okay? I promise.” You assured him.

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I’m Yours

Requests: “Can your write a one-shot where Enzo gets jealous and includes the reader riding his face” “More Enzo smut please💕” “More Enzo please!!💕” “Can you do enzo, we haven’t seen enzo! At least I haven’t. I feel like in the show he’s just there and Julie doesn’t really know what to do with him”

You just couldn’t believe how ridiculous Enzo was being. Just because you hung out with your friends for a day doesn’t mean you were tired of your relationship. It was nice to get some time away for a little bit. 

“Enzo just stop! Okay?” You whipped around to face the vampire who you were madly in love with. “I’m tired of your bitching. I spent my day with Elena and Bonnie. Not with another man, and it doesn’t mean I’m bored of you.” 

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Certified Sub

Prompt: Hey, since your doing wwe imagine can I request a Enzo smut where he let the reader dominate him?

Pairing: Enzo x Reader

Warning: Sweat Kink(I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, sweat just turns me on), oral(male receiving), sex, Miss/submissive play, and a walk in.

Word Count: 1.6k

P.S: I usually don’t get worked up so my own smuts, but LORD HAVE MERCY, this right here is a dirty ass smut, soooo yeah, enjoy!

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Liz reopening the Gilberts case thinking there’s something supernatural involved in this & kept Miranda’s voicemail

The voicemail was just to scare Jeremy… and was also the last time he talked to his mom

Stefan & Damon were in Mystic Falls the day of Elena’s parents accident because it was the anniversary of their mother’s “death”

Damon giving a joint to Jeremy as a graduation gift and Elena being a wonderful big sister smokes it with him

Steroline preparing the Forbes cabin for Liz to spend her last few moments there

Caroline telling both Liz and Stefan she heard their conversation but Stefan saying he wants to be here with her

Stefan: “when you told me you hated me it was pretty much the worst thing I heard in a long time”


Enzo luring Sarah to Mystic Falls, threatening Jeremy’s life and running over Matt with his car and playing hero in front of Sarah

Jeremy leaving not to go to art school but to play vampire hunter and Alaric supporting him

Goodbye little Gilbert

Jeremy leaving without Bonnie being back

Liz and Damon moments

Liz saying Damon can write her an eulogy

Liz to Damon: “I’m exceptionally ordinary, I’m okay with that. Caroline is anything but, she was meant to be extraordinary, and she needs to know how proud I am of her.”


Caroline didn’t get to say goodbye

Caroline creating a memory to say goodbye to Liz → When little Caroline learnt how to ride a bike

Little Caroline: “DON’T LET GO, I’M NOT READY.”

Liz: “YES, YOU ARE.” *lets Caroline go*