enzo stop

More Than Ever

Enzo Amore x reader

(y/n) and him have always been friends, but she feels sad that he got in WWE and didn’t think she’d see him again. Then (y/n) gets in as an interviewer! She gets to interview him about his matches, then later on, cute sexy smut.

Requested by @heyitstatianita

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I’m Yours

Requests: “Can your write a one-shot where Enzo gets jealous and includes the reader riding his face” “More Enzo smut please💕” “More Enzo please!!💕” “Can you do enzo, we haven’t seen enzo! At least I haven’t. I feel like in the show he’s just there and Julie doesn’t really know what to do with him”

You just couldn’t believe how ridiculous Enzo was being. Just because you hung out with your friends for a day doesn’t mean you were tired of your relationship. It was nice to get some time away for a little bit. 

“Enzo just stop! Okay?” You whipped around to face the vampire who you were madly in love with. “I’m tired of your bitching. I spent my day with Elena and Bonnie. Not with another man, and it doesn’t mean I’m bored of you.” 

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