enzo appreciation week


Enzo Appreciation Week: Day 1 – Why Do You Love Enzo?

I love Enzo, because (in no particular order):

  • the accent, of course
  • he has the best lines on the show at the moment
  • he doesn’t like Elena and shows her that
  • how he brought the “bad” Damon back and went on a killing spree with him
  • his interactions with Caroline
  • his relationship with Maggie
  • he is kind of considered a bad guy, but he does so many good things for the people he loves
  • he is the reason for my smiles & laughs during the show, I always look forward to his scenes
  • the actor, Michael Malarkey, is just the greatest guy ever and an even greater actor from what I’ve seen from other shows.
  • he is still a vampire, killing people and drinking blood, just like it should be
  • roleplaying him is so much fun!
  • the list is endless, I’ll just stop here ♥

Caroline Appreciation Week: Day 2: Favourite Sassy Scene

Choosing just one scene? Again, not possible! We are talking about the fabulous sass queen. I love that she is always sassy, she doesn’t care who’s in front of her, she says what she thinks. It’s funny and just fantastic!


Day 3 – Favorite Quote(s)

“I will accept it when that darkness comes and yanks me to oblivion. I will accept it when I no longer exist. I spent over 50 years stuck in a cell; poked, prodded, tortured. By all rights, I had no hope of ever getting out, but I clung to it. So, I will accept it when it’s done… not a minute prior.”


Enzo Appreciation Week Day 2
Favorite moment/scene
: S05E14; the date.

Damon and Enzo went out for a bite to eat and found themselves trapped in a house. They decided to make the most of it, though. They were getting into some heavy bondage when Wesley the cockblock showed up to chum the waters, and Damon couldn’t resist the scent of fresh V-juice anymore.

And least, I think that’s how it went.