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If Bonnie's PTSD was legit

In my Bonnie 1994 trauma post, I explained why I thought Bonnie was given PTSD, because Plec hates Bonkai.

Bonnie has been hurt physically and emotionally multiple times, but it had to be Kai who gave her PTSD. Of course it had to be someone who only cares for Bonnie and puts her first….

She made it clear she would rather be isolated in her own part of the world, ALL ALONE than have Kai for company, yet she somehow gets angry at Kai for leaving her alone?

That’s like telling someone you don’t want a glass of juice and then getting angry at them for not pouring you a glass of juice.

Let’s address all of Bonnie’s symptoms:

Flashbacks of Kai hurting her, but no flashbacks of Damon, Enzo, Elena, Katherine, Klaus, probably more hurting her.

How convenient.

Anxiety at seeing Kai’s face at the rave, but no anxiety over seeing the faces of all the people who have hurt her before they became her friends, with exceptions for those who still remain her enemies.

Now so we see flashbacks, anxiety attacks, and her breaking apart in front of Damon.

But because Damon needs his mom back, those symptoms conveniently disappear so Bonnie can work with Kai to help Damon and company get Lily back.

It doesn’t work that way. If you wanted to go the Bonnie Kai PTSD route, then you need to keep it consistent.

Bonnie’s PTSD symptoms should have made the idea of being near Kai difficult for her, in which you would have had to come up with another way to get Lily out of 1903.

But it was just convenient to temporarily get rid of Bonnie’s symptoms, am I right?

Let’s work with facts and couples here:

  • Stefan is human, Caroline is a vampire
  • Elena is human, Damon is a vampire
  • Stefan and Elena can’t be turned into vampires again
  • Damon and Caroline can’t take the cure from Stefan without him aging fast and dying
  • Bonnie probably has her powers back and lost Enzo, so she won’t want to become a vampire (but the necklace with Enzo’s blood still bugs me)
  • Matt, well, he is still same old Matt.

In other news… TVD, you have some work to do here. Fix your mess.


you wanted to be there for everyone…. just, usually not at the same time? it was supposed to be a chill Saturday. you got one text, Klaus needed your help. so you invited him over.

then you got another text, this one from Kai, he wanted to see you. so you said sure.

another text, Enzo, he needed a favour, what did you say? ‘come on over.’

Kol just stated, ‘hope you’re home ;)’

Damon called you saying he was outside, you told him to give you five minutes since you were busy.

when you finally went outside, it wasnt just Damon on your lawn. Damon was next to Enzo and they were staring down Kol and Klaus. Kai was awkwardly in the middle, not in the fight, but not stopping it either.

“oh my gosh.” you said, “i didnt realize you would all show up at the same time. you all sounded like you needed something-” you paused, “why dont you all come in?”

it was a race to the door, and you all found out quite quickly that A: your door does not fit two men through it at once, and B: Kai is a biter.


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How they react when they see you being a badass fighter  -  The vampire diaries preference (GIF)


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