enzel draws stuff


I am a notoriously slow Pokemon player. As in, I’m usually only halfway through a game before the next one comes out. Case in point, I only picked up Y again because I swore to finish it before I touch my copy of Omega Ruby.

On the flip side, I finally did what I set out to do in Y: play as Gaius and assemble a Chimeriad team. Now I’m tempted to play it again as the lady trainer and make her Milla and make a team of the main party…so. I drew things. 

Just. Milla and Gaius as dumb teenage Pokemon rivals. It’s perfect ok.


And finally, the Maxwell sisters.

I want to apologize for taking so long, I caught a nasty virus that laid me out for a week, and then my tablet decided to be difficult. But it is finished! I’m going back to fix the links in the other posts. I might make a master post of all of them in a day or so.

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