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Where the Hell were all his Lost Boys?

Pan stormed around the camp. He could feel their presence on the island and could probably locate them was his head not so filled with frustration.

Kicking a log across the camp with his foot, he slumped down with his head in his hands.

Then he heard it.

Distant, but distinguishably your voice.

And you were singing.

Following the voice in a sort of trance, Peter found himself at your cage- you were a prisoner of Neverland and that was where he kept you. From his position just at the edge of the woods, he was facing the clearing where he kept said cages and he could see the Lost Boys completely surrounding your cage, all sitting or lying down.

“Ein Tad, yr hwn yn y nefoedd
Sancteiddier dy enw.
Deled Dy deyrnas,
Gwneler Dy ewyllys,” you sang, voice mingling with the cool magic in the air beautifully.

Peter didn’t recognise the language you spoke but he knew that it was a lullaby.

“Megis yn y nef,
Felly ar y ddaear hefyd.
Dyro I ni heddiw
Ein bara beunyddiol,” the foreign words seemed to calm the excited tingle that burrowed itself into the Lost Boys’ skin, and Peter could see the younger ones falling asleep to your words.

“A maddau I ni ein dyledion,
Fel y maddeuwn ninnau i’n dyledwyr
Ac nac arwain ni l brofedigaeth
Eithr gwared ni rhag drwg;” he wished you would carry on singing forever, as he watched the frost of your voice travel through the air.

“Canys eiddot Ti yw y deyrnas
A’r nerth, a’r gogoniant
Yn oes oesoedd, Amen…” As the song came to a close, Peter was sitting peacefully on the ground, surrounded by silently sleeping Lost Boys, and had a smitten smile plastered on his face.

“Welcome to the Lost Boys,” Peter said to you quietly, the corners of his lips quirked and a smug set to his brow, “Lost girl…”

Lord’s Prayer in Welsh

I’m not particularly religious, but I went to church as a child and as such, I know the Lord’s Prayer. So, it is interesting to read something I already have memorized in my native tongue in another language because I can quickly figure out which words mean what.

Ein Tad yn y nefoedd,
sancteiddier dy enw;
deled dy deyrnas;
gwneler dy ewyllys,
ar y ddaear fel yn y nef.
Dyro inni heddiw ein bara beunyddiol,
a maddau inni ein troseddau,
fel yr ym ni wedi maddau i'r rhai a droseddodd yn ein herbyn;
a phaid â'n dwyn i brawf,
ond gwared ni rhag yr Un drwg.
Oherwydd eiddot ti yw'r deyrnas a'r gallu a'r gogoniant am byth. Amen.


For the last year me and my brother have been making spray paint art. Its been an amazingly fun time and a we have had a great response with them. I have been meaning to make a tumblr post to show you guys. What do you think? 

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We post a lot more behind the scene and process work on our insta.

What one is your favorite?

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Einai kako pou opote ton blepw thelw apla, na kanoume erwta ekei pou eimaste xwris na mas noiazei pou,h poioi einai mprosta; enw den einai kan dikos mou; enw den kserei kan pws den uparxei allos na ton agapaei opws egw; enw den niwthei tipota gia emena; einai kako pou eimai erwteumenh mazi tou kserontas pws pote den prokeitai na eimaste mazi;..

Eimaste peripou stin idia fasi Opote den thewrw pws einai kako -mallon den borw na to xaraktirisw me afti tin leksi- apla se vasanizei full kai elegxei thn psixologiki sou katastasi opote to mono pou exw na sou pw einai kalo kouragio

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Ferguson has reached an important agreement with the Department of Justice

Another step forward for the city of Ferguson, Missouri. After a period of negotiation, the Department of Justice has reached an agreement with city officials on the reforms that the city needs to undergo in the wake of a police shooting that roiled the city and helped spark a national movement against police brutality in 2014. If the agreement is adopted, here’s how it would change police-community relations for the better