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In your rogue lance au ( which I love btw and it would make suck a good fic) how dies each paladins react 2 lance leaving and to him coming back.

Keith is the first one to discover Lance is gone. He was orginally going to go and apologize for the jab he took at Lance’s abilities and hoped to make it up over a date. That’s right. I’m takin the angsty route with this au, because Keith had feelings but was so frustrated he scared off someone who still treated him the same when he discovered his Galra genes. Keith is obsessive in his search for Lance to the team. When Lance is back, he damn near kisses Lance.

Like stated in the AU, Coran is the one who helps Lance get away. Sets up a pod, rations, and even keeps in communication with Lance during the entire thing. He’s happy Lance is able to make his own decisions, but sad at the loss of what felt like a son- and frustrated at the other paladins. He stood back, like the advisor he was and watched as the others had disregarded Lance. Coran misses his lessons about Earth culture and the jesting nature most about Lance when he is gone from the castle. Coran pats Lance on the shoulder for their reuniting moment, they don’t have much to say because they had kept contact all along.

Shiro would feel like he failed as a leader, for one. As a leader, it’s his jobs to listen to each of his teammates with equal chance and fairness, but he allowed himself to play favorites (cough Keith and Pidge cough). Shiro runs himself ragged with the guilt. Shiro squishes Lance in a bear hug when Lance states that he will be returning to the team, and even cries on Lance’s shoulder. 

Pidge is inconsolable. Lance is like their pseudo-brother, a partner in their shenanigans because the paladins are still human and need time to feel a little normal in their crazy lives. Losing that connection to home? It hurts a lot for Pidge. Pidge tackle-hugs Lance and hangs off of his back for around three days. They missed him too much,

Hunk would definitely be devastated. A slow sort of sad, and he would become a little more hot-tempered after Lance is gone. Lance was his best friend, platonic soulmate, his bro from the garrison and one of the people who knew Hunk the best. Hunk makes all of the enw dishes he created while Lance was away and cries during a sleepover they have shortly after, apologizing for his neglectful behavior to his bestfriend duties.

Allura is shocked and angry at first, news of Lance just leaving is too much for her already weighted down shoulders. She loosens up on the team, though- makes them bond and listens to everyone better. Lance’s leaving was a lesson for her as a leader, just like it was for Shiro. Allura fallls to her knees and hangs onto Lance like her life depended on it when Lance gives her a pick-up line for the first time after they’re reunited. The castle was too quiet and solemn for her without those silly lines. 


For the last year me and my brother have been making spray paint art. Its been an amazingly fun time and a we have had a great response with them. I have been meaning to make a tumblr post to show you guys. What do you think? 

If you guys dig these please follow up our instagram account!!!


We post a lot more behind the scene and process work on our insta.

What one is your favorite?

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Ar y funud mae fy mheintiadau ar ddangos yn Amgueddfa Gwynedd. Os ‘da chi efo diddordeb gweld nhw, mae gena fi flog Tumblr a Instagram ychwanegol o dan enw Caren Morys.

Pan o'n i yn yr amgueddfa, nes i sbio o gwmpas y lle achos dwi rioed ‘di bod yn yr amguedda fel mae o rwan. Blynyddoedd yn ôl mi ‘oedd o mewn adeilad gwahanol ac yn lot llai hefyd. Rwan mae o mewn adeilad newydd a mae o'n edrych yn llawer mwy modern a golau.

Dyma ddau beth ‘naeth ddiddori fi fwyaf. Y cyntaf ydi'r wisg traddodiadol Cymraeg, a'r ail ydi llechan o chwarel yng Ngwynedd a gafodd'i cerfu gan y chwarelwyr ei hunain. Mi ‘naeth y chwarelwyr gerfu ‘hein i addurno'i llefydd tân .


At the moment my paintings are on show in Gwynedd Museum. If you are interested in seeing them, I have additional Tumblr and Instagram accounts under the name of Caren Morys.

When I was at the museum, I looked around the place because I’ve never been to the new museum as it is now. Years ago it was in a different building and a lot smaller too. Now it’s in a new building and it looks a lot more modern and lighter.

Here are two things which interested me the most. The first is the traditional costume of Wales, and the 2nd is a slate from a quarry in Gwynedd that was carved by the quarrymen themselves. The quarrymen carved these to decorate their fireplaces.


Notes -

Pan o'n i yn yr - abbreviated ‘pan oddewn i yn yr’

llawer/lot - a lot. I’ve deliberately used both of these. Native speakers use both. 'Lot’ is one of those English words that are 'allowed’. You will probably hear it being used a lot instead of 'llawer’.

'gafodd'i gerfu’ - this is abbreviated 'gafodd eu cerfu’, which is the grammatically correct way of writing it. However, in reality, informal, spoken speech replaces 'eu’ (their) with 'ei’ (his or its), and you’ll often only hear the tail end of it with just 'i’ tagged on to the end of whatever it’s used with.

mheintiadau - mutated version of 'peintiadau’ (paintings).

Nath/naeth - sometimes I use both. You will hear 'nath’ in spoken Welsh instead of 'gwnaeth’.

Ponaei na vlepeis oti einai energos kai na mhn mporeis na toy milhseis e; Na ksereis oti milaei me alles, me alles poy phran thn thesh soy kalyteres apo esena,me alles poy protimhse.. koitas ayth thn prasinh teleia gia wres. Skeytesai kathe mera giati ginate etsi. Skeftesai enw aposyndeetai kai to epomeno pragma poy eyxesai einai na ksana mpei. Niwtheis adynamh xwris ekeinon dipla soy, niwtheis adynamh giati efyge to xamogelo toy apo thn zwh soy kai to xeirotero; peire kai to diko soy mazi. Ksereis kai esy oti den tha ksana eiste mazi. Alla akomh elpizeis parolayta. Ma akoma xeirotero einai na vlepeis oti h apoysia soy gia ekeinon den egine kan asthith. Oti se kseperase opws kseperase tis perasmenes 100. Poy hsoyn mia apo ekeines kai enw ta skeftesai ola ayta thn epomenh mera thn pernas rwtontas ton eayto soy an se skeftetai estw kai ligo. Ti skeftetai otan akoyei to onoma soy; Panta tha htheles na matheis e; Meta pali xanesai sthn mayrila monh soy. Misontas ton eayto soy poy enoiases tosa gia ekeinon kai sixainontas ekeinon. Ekeinon giati; Giati den eniwse osa htheles.

Up from Under the Waves

Fandom: The Hobbit

Rating: T
Character(s): Kili 
Word Count: 2,552
Prompt: Can I request a fic for this imagine from imaginexhobbit? It’s this one: ’Imagine being a mermaid and looking after the Company as they travel down the Forest River, making sure none of them drown.’ But could I also ask for an attraction between Kili and the reader, and the reader notices Kili’s wound and uses mermaid medicine to heal him? Thank you so much!
Requested by: Anonymous

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Ponaei na vlepeis oti einai energos kai na mhn mporeis na toy milhseis e;na ksereis oti milaei me alles me alles pu phran thn thesh soy kalyteres apo esena,me alles pu protimhse.. koitas ayth thn prasinh teleia gia wres.skeftomenh ti perasate ‘giati ginamai etsi;'skeftesai enw aposyndeetai kai to epomeno pragma pu eyxasai einai na ksana mpei.Niwtheis adynamh xwrhs ekeinon diplasu,niwtheis adwnamh giati efyge to xamogelo tu apo thn zwh soy kai to xeirotero;peire kai to diko soy mazi.Ksereis kai esy oti den tha ksana eiste mazi.Ma akoma xeirotero einai na vlepeis oti h apoysia soy gia ekeinon den den egine kan asthith.Oti se kseperase opws kseperase tis perasmenes 100.pu hsun mia apo ekeines kai enw ta skeftesai ola ayta gyrnaei kai se koitaei “giati me koitas;;moy dineis elpides"thn epomenh mera thn pernas rwtontas ton eayto soy "me skeftetai estw kai ligo;;ti skeftetai otan akoyei to onoma mou;"panta tha thelame na mathoyme e;meta pali xanomaste sthn mayrila mones mas.misontas emas pu noiwsame tosa gia ekeinon kai sixainontas ekeinon.ekeinon giati;giati den enoiwse osa thelame.

Do you miss Wales?” Tessa inquired.
Will shrugged lightly. “What’s to miss? Sheep and singing,” he said. “And the ridiculous language. Fe hoffwn i fod mor feddw, fyddai ddim yn cofio fy enw.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means ‘I wish to get so drunk I no longer remember my own name,’ Quite useful.
—  Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince