An Old Soul finds disinterest in activities of their own age group. They feel as though they need not to participate, because they have in fact experienced this before. Therefore, an Old Soul will most likely be quite independent, often a wanderlust, because he or she will feel bounded to experience their unknown. Often to be confused with loneliness, but in fact not. Because this Old Soul has the love of thousands of beings and lifetimes before.

Love yourself for not all others will love you.

But you are love in the flesh.



The Pineal Gland( Third Eye ):

This pine shaped organ once used to resemble the eye. Always pointed and starred upwards towards the light. This is the 6th energy vortex that runs through your toroidal being and up the kundalini. Once manifested correctly; love, light and visions of other worldly dimensions arrive to one’s focal point of view. This is the primary weapon, while knowledge is the ammunition of beings who’ve chosen to travel among the gods. 

Experience/ Wisdom:

Your experiences on this Earth is nothing but a chance to gain the human wisdom. An experience of 3 dimensional proportions. We are light beings traveling and perceiving a hologram of human expectations. No matter what you do as a human, the flow of father time will continue in this realm. So, ultimately your unconditional meaning of living is very simple: to experience to gain pure wisdom. To love, to hate, to work, to breathe, to feel. 

We live to learn. (:


Conceptual Part I

Visual Biography of an Old Soul

Starting a new project to kick off the new year. Join me while I travel into the minds of the not so average Old Soul. We are all One. The universe is our canvas, and we are artists of our own destiny. Architects of consciousness designing and scoping our very lives with vibrational patterns of thought and emotion.

We are love in the flesh.
Embrace yourself.
Because we are the wisest of the wise,

We are Old Souls.



StarSeed origins. Astral adventures.

Good morning ladies and gentleman.

Last night was a wondrous, magnificent and (eye) opening experience I would like to share with you all. As an Astral Realmer, I have experienced traveling through the realm beyond physical dimensions on my constant search for undeniable wisdom. As I tapped foot in my other worldly realm of manifestation, a Master bestowed his presence in my view. Spoke telepathically for, what seemed to me, hours on end about the world of ascension and ultimately brought up the topic of StarSeeds. This Master was unnamed, but holds ever so true knowledge to heart as my (eye) would be fixed to his mental words of wisdom. 

StarSeeds are essentially, beings who have materialized to this realm to experience the human aspect of living on their way to ascension and ultimately, unified consciousness. These beings are not of Earthly origins, but of other Stars and many from other Dimensions. From Sirian, Pleiadian, Andromeda to other undertones and overtones of dimensions; and many other worldly descents.

Ultimately, This Master bestowed I am, in fact, a StarSeed but I shall need to find my origins. Through finding my world or dimension of origin, I am but one step closer. I do not believe my Ascension process would be of this lifetime. But definitely my next.

What a wondrous way to enjoy an evening.


Encounter with the Astral

Last night, I meditated with intentions with speaking to my one my spirit guides. A little guidance and wisdom comes a long way as I do this often; but something even more magical happened. 

Something, only astral realmers can understand.

Please read this, as you’ll find it intriguing. 

I was deep within my meditative state as I begun my Pineal activation meditation for hopes of speaking to my spirit guide, the jackal. AKA Anubis. He is the ascended master of awakening and change. Anubis has been my spirit guide since I was 15 years old and when I feel as though I need some path chosen, I ask for his guidance. Every single time I have come into some chaos, he always knows how I can achieve the light at the end of the tunnel. 

So I was speaking and trying to reach out to him for at least an hour but no response. I was confused.. a little concerned, if you will. So I decided to just come back into the 3rd dimension and rest my body because I had an early work meeting this morning.

So this morning, out of the blue, lovely judyth; a friend of mine to whom I have not yet meet in real life reached out to me and exclaimed:

“Hey Si! I dont know if this is true, but did you call for insightful help last night? I somehow tapped into that connection and was told to inform you that you should continue on your path. Strive and pursue on your journey and reward and self-fulfillment will be awaiting your ascension. Buddha recognizes your efforts and he praises you.”

Now I have not spoken to judyth in months but I acknowledge her to be an awakened being of channeling capabilities, which wows me. She somehow connected to my frequency last night and was listening to my calls to Anubis but a different Ascended Master reached out to me, The Buddha. She channeled his being and informed me by his visit. 

I am humbled and so enlightened by this experience.. I get to share with a moment with The Buddha.

So I thank you, judyth, for reaching out to me. You’re a special one.

My soul honors yours.



Spiritualism and an interest in the realm of metaphysics and mysticism does not have to include any drugs or psychedelics.
—  Meditation is all you need to achieve nirvana and setting foot into the Astral.

Immortality (Infinite):

Immortality defined is not what you believe it is. Through the definition of a infinite being of light is to be conscious. To have infinite collective conscious thoughts and recollections of experiences will never cease. Our bodies are and will always be finite. Our spirit, (ka), will continue to be conscious. To see and experience while knowing what we known so far. As this age of unified consciousness is coming to be this might as well be our last times in this physical realm, as we ascend to Christ Consciousness. To a fourth dimensional way of being, an astral realm of travelling through consciousness. 

I shall see you all soon!

Happy Thursday ladies and gentlemen.