If I ever have an AU, it’d probably like a suuuuper peaceful no drama garden/florist story. Like as cool as all those genocide routes can be, I just like it peaceful and with a buttload of flowers

so here’s maybe what Chara, Asriel and Frisk would look like I guess??? 8DDD

Personal Headcanons of Chara:
-Chara will appear older, seeing as that a long time had passed since Frisk’s arrival.
-Firsk’s “DETERMINATION” awoken Chara from the coffin- Thus, the mummy wrappings.
-Chara’s hair would be long when first appear in mummy wrappings. 
-I personally think that MAYBE Napstablook can see Chara o3o


I cant pick whether if I want a transparent background or not-
oh well, have Frisk and Chara in ummm pastel goth/harajuku inspired outfits… im not sure.-.”????