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Tools for Painting Props

Even an expert painter would have trouble leaving a smooth coat if their brushes were garbage. You need to make sure you have the proper gear before you begin painting your prop! Here are some of the basic tools that you’ll need:


For Glue (low-quality)

You’ll go through these fast, so don’t spend a lot of money on them. 

●     A thin-tipped brush

●     A medium-tipped brush

●     A fat-tipped brush

For Sealant (low to moderate quality)

Since sealants harden, these brushes will also need to be replaced at some point. Don’t overspend.

●     A thin-tipped brush

●     A medium-tipped brush

●     A fat-tipped brush

For Paint (high-quality)

●     A thin-tipped brush

●     A medium-tipped brush


Everything Else


This is 100%, irrefutably, totally, non-negotiably crucial to painting. You don’t use primer, your project looks bad. End of story.

Sand paper

You’ll need this for sanding out bumps in the primer.


It doesn’t have to be fancy. Anything that won’t disintegrate and taint your colors will do.


Smock/Apron/Old Clothes

Protective Covers for Your Work Area

Waterproof Sealant

If you don’t use this, than you paint job will bleed, run, and look generally gross.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there aren’t any specific tools listed here. That’s because there are as many kinds of paints as their are materials for construction! This is a checklist to follow when you start painting any kind of project, whether it’s in wood, fabric, Wonderflex, paper mache…you get the idea.