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Taming The Brat

Okay so I was supposed to be finishing that Kookie request this weekend, and I’ve actually gotten pretty far into (it’s getting long in length *lol*) but I kept getting distracted by this Jaebum smut idea, probably all the fun research and sexual virgin tension proving difficult. Anyway I couldn’t get this idea out of my head so in the end I decided just to write it and get it out of my system so I can focus on the Jungkook smut and his innocent lady friend (for some reason I struggle to write an innocent girl, who woulda thunk?)

Small warning, this is probably the roughest and longest (I think) thing I’ve written so far (I still think it’s pretty tame in comparison to some but yeah, definitely the roughest I’ve written) and is basically a D/s AU that relates quite heavily to themes of masochism, so if that’s not your thing I really wouldn’t read this.

Genre: angst/smut - D/s!AU/BarOwner!AU
Requested: NO
Warnings: NSFW, alotta swearing, very minor slut shaming (like, twice?) BDSM/Masochism themes. Breath play. Not sure how rough but it’s the roughest thing I’ve written as of yet. Can’t think of anything else.

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 | Pt.5.5 | Pt.6 | Pt.7 | Pt.8 | Pt.9.1 | Pt.9.2 | Pt.10

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~ gif is a little too playful for the content but I like it, so…  The photo tho, I’m adding because add some rips in them Jeans and its pretty much how I was imagining him… Obviously feel free to picture whichever era you prefer ~

Envy is an affliction I suffer from often, it always has been, ever since I was young. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child, growing up spoilt with an endless supply of love and affection. Or maybe I’m just a natural born attention seeker, and I would have always been this way, whether or not I’d had a sibling to steal some of my spotlight. I’m just a wickedly envious person at heart, and I know that my Master is all too aware of that fact, so why my reaction to his news comes as a surprise is beyond my imagination.

“You’re out of your fucking mind if you think I’m agreeing to this, Im Jaebum!” I’m practically snarling as I stop my frantic pacing a few feet from where he leans against his desk. I stand with my arms folded, my nails digging into my palms, my hip jutting to the side in defiance. Everything about my body language screams bad attitude, and though this isn’t an uncommon occurrence for us, my bratty behaviour is normally performed with a playful air and a desired punishment in mind. Not tonight though, tonight I’m just plain livid.

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Distorted Love #2 - new Sunahama updates


Satanick: …

Satanick: Ugh…

Envi: My Devil… ((in a formal way, like in “my liege”, not possessive way))

Satanick: …

Satanick: Ah… Envi…

Satanick: …

Satanick: Ugh…

Envi: It’d be preferable if you kept laying down.


Satanick: Ulp–!


Satanick: It… It hurts…

Envi(thinking): …Where do you say is hurting…

Envi(thinking): My Devil…


((No dialogue ONLY SUFFERING))


Licorice: Did you really think I would allow you to do what you did to my mother?

Licorice: As is usual for you.

Licorice: Right here is where I put you at rest…

Satanick: …Yeah. Go ahead.

Licorice: ……



Licorice: … Mere demons like you are irrelevant to me.



our song

summary: “I’ll remember the world for you,” they whisper, touching the cold statue. “So you don’t have to worry anymore.” 
a/n: I do not own the Flowerfell AU. The credit for the base idea for this falls to the wonderfully creative mind of @underfart-snas and the beautifully written story of Overgrowth. That being said, I adore this AU so damn much. There’s so much potential for the characters of Sans, Frisk, and Flowey. Three beings of a broken mind, coming together when life slips through their fingers the fastest. I’ve purposely left the nature of Frisk and Sans’ relationship ambiguous in this, so interpret it in this as you will. That being said, I hope you enjoy.

Frisk is limping by the time they escape the dangers of the Waterfall, past the merciless pursuit of the Captain of the Royal Guard. Yellow flowers have already begun encroaching on their one good leg, and with their left eye sealed up and other buds growing too close for comfort on the right, Flowey is insistent they stop for a moment to give Frisk time to rest.

“you holding up alright, sweetheart?” Sans settles them against the damp rock of the caverns, draping his jacket over their shoulders. Flowey has already taken Sans’ right shoulder as his perch. 

Frisk wishes it didn’t hurt so much to speak. “ … Yeah.”

Sans’ hands linger on the coat he’s tugged around Frisk’s shoulders, and for a few moments, swears they can see the fine bones tremble before he lets go, and stands up to look around. 

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10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About The Muse
Inside The Actor's Studio Edition.

So the purpose of this meme is to give a little info on your muses without having to rely on others to fill your ask with meme questions. I know how disappointing it can be to come back to an empty ask so I wanted to create a meme that anyone and everyone can do (mun and muse). The rules are simple, you do not need to be tagged to fill out the questions, but once you have you must reblog and tag 10 of your followers to spread the love (as well as add a question of your own to the bonus section). You can fill it out as many times as your heart desires (we all know muses can change with their character development.)

10 Questions: 

1. What is your favorite word?: 
“Family. Friends are also family to me, so…" 

2. What is your least favorite word?

3. What turns you on?:
Bright red. “Um… I guess my neck…?”

4. What turns you off?:
“Someone being a little too rough…”

5. What sound do you love?: 

6. What sound do you hate?:

7. What is your favorite curse word?: 
“Curse word? Hm… I don’t really like cursing though…”

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?: 
“Aside from a swim instuctor… Maybe a lifeguard or firefighter. I’d be happy to be able to save lives and make a difference to someone.”

9. What profession would you not like to do?: 
“Chef. I don’t think I’d be able to do it.”

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God(s) say when you arrive at the pearly gates?:
“Hm… ‘You did good.’ … Or something like that.”

Bonus Questions:

1. Something most people don’t know about you?: 
“I’m hard to wake up..”

2. If you were one of the seven sins which would you be?: 
“Maybe Envy?”

4. Sexual Preference?

5. What position do you sleep in?:
"On my back.”

6. What if someone told you…you HAD to lose, just this one time?
“Well, if it wasn’t something that could be helped, even if we did our best, then that would be fine, right?”

7. If you were a mythical creature which one would you be?
“A centaur.”

8. If you could live in any sort of environment (with your choice of inhabitants, climate, etc.), what would it be? Describe it.

“I really love Iwatobi, but anywhere that both my family and friends could be with me, anywhere would be fine.”

9. If you could gain one super power (that you don’t already have), what would you want it to be? 
“The ability to read everyones minds, not just Haru’s. That way I’d be able to know what people want, or their true thoughts on something.”

10. If you had the choice between dying to save someone you love, or live on knowing you didn’t save them, which would you choose? 
“Hm… I’d say dying to save someone… But then wouldn’t it be hard for them after if I meant just as much to them as they did for me? Then they’d have to live with the pain of losing a loved one… I wouldn’t want that either… So I don’t really know…”

11. Describe yourself in one word. 
“Caring? Or worrisome… I worry a bit too much…”

12. Are your parents dead?
“No, and hopefully not for a long time…”

13.  Do you regret any choice you made throughout your life?
“Not really…”

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As Nodt’s Advice Column

As requested by anon. :)

As Nodt has a new advice column! His specialties are questions about love, fear, and loneliness. So let’s see what kind of advice As Nodt offers!


Dear Fear Guy,

My old captain always said that fear was good, that people who DON’T fear battle aren’t ready to fight. What do you think about that? Is fear good?


Punk but scared

Dear Punk but scared,

Yes, fear is good. It is good at eating you from the inside out until you die. It is good at filling your brain with images so horrible that you no longer dare close your eyes lest you become trapped in the nightmare world your brain has become. It’s also good for the movie industry, I guess.

I hope this helps.


Fear Guy


Dear Fear Guy,

Thanks. Now I am more scared.


Punk but (more) scared

Dear Punk but (more) scared,

I don’t really know what you expected.




Dear Fear Guy,

I have two best friends. One of them is always hooking up with older women, and the other one is always in the land of the dead saving the world. Good for both of them, of course! But I’m very lonely. I feel like I’m always being left out. What should I do?


Just a lonely student

Dear Just a lonely student,

Look for somebody whose relationship you envy. Preferably a person and the not-a-person thing they love. A man and his dog. A person with a super awesome backpack. A shinigami and his zapakuto. Then steal that which the person loves, and make it your own. You will no longer be lonely then.


Fear Guy


Dear Fear Guy,

Um….do you have any advice that DOESN’T recommend stealing from my friends? Like, I was secretly hoping for something along the lines of “talk to them about your feelings.”


Just a lonely student (again)

Dear Just a lonely student (again),

If you were good at talking, you would not be in your current predicament. I’m telling you, stealing is the way to go.


Fear Guy


Dear Fear Guy,

You’re afraid of your boss, right? I remember you once saying that you only fear your boss’s rebuke. Well, my boss is really tough too. If I try to protect him, he beats me up. If I try to get involved, he beats me up. He beats me up a lot, is what I’m saying. Do you have any tips for how to deal with a boss like that?


A sad warthog

Dear A sad warthog,

Your boss is supreme. Treat him as your god. If you displease him, you deserve any punishment he might mete out.


Fear Guy


Dear Fear Guy,

Did Nnoitra-sama pay you to say that?


A sad warthog (again)

Dear A sad warthog (again)

I don’t know who that is. Does he want a cool Quincy friend by any chance because if so you should have him write in and say so.


Fear Guy


Dear Fear Guy,

My end, like yours, involved me turning into something disgusting. Also I was killed early on in the arc, again like you. Do you ever feel like the fans don’t really respect us as a result?


Aaroniero (I want people to remember me okay)

Dear Aaroniero (I want people to remember me okay),

No I don’t feel that at all. The fans will always love me. Go away.


Fear Guy


Dear Fear Guy,

I was a frightening Bleach character. I mentally tortured one popular character and killed another. I was cruel and heartless and not prone to human feeling. Yet the fans remember me as some kind of fluffy and adorable bat.  I hate that. Do you have any advice?


Not a fluffy and adorable bat

Dear Not a fluffy and adorable bat,



Fear Guy

Episode 29 full guide

Nathaniel (If he’s her lurv):
B… I think? Well, it didn’t go down.
A.- choose to take pictures of people… I think it’s ‘A’ anyway.
I uh… I chose “wrath” but the game thinks that I chose “envy.” I got the illustration first try anyway so I guess it’s right?

For Melody in the basement, B., to make Melody and Peggy go away.
And then B. Tell him about how PEGGY KNOWS WHAT’S UP!

Castiel (Without him as your lurv):
A if he doesn’t really like you. Maybe even when he’s average towards you. B. was neutral when he likes you. C. also didn’t seem to change, but that was on an account where he was already 100 anyway so…

Castiel, lover:
B… The Care Bear one.
I chose envy. Castiel said that he’d prefer rage. I thought that that would piss him off.
And A. And I, once again, got it first try.

Kentin (Lurver):
I chose “greed.” For reasons I’ll go into later on in a different post.
C, to calm him down
Aaaand again. I got the illustration from doing this.

Armin, as lover:
B… Y'know, I think it’s good for you to kiss or hold hands no matter who it is.
Pride didn’t seem to interest him.
A.- Suggest something.
A. Again. I think.
Well, I got the illustration anyway. So cool.

Armin, not luver:
A… I think. The thing that says “video games would be interesting to learn about.” My advice? Fucking don’t.

Lysander, lover:
B. (Rather he’s your lover or not.)
C. He’s obviously foreshadowing.
I chose envy. He prefers pride. We had to do sloth.
Aaaand I got the illustration.



Rosalya and Alexy

C. and C… I think.

This was an easy one. I’m gonna go make dinner and play Fire Emblem while The Simpsons is playing in the background.

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DAY 2521(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai             Mar 10/11,  2015             Tue/Wed  1:04 am

It is with the deepest of sorrow that we learn of the passing away of Anthony’s dear Father, suddenly. All our prayers are with him and his family in this hour of grief …

Its all about launch and marketing and impressive PR that at times drives a film to the people. The people though are smart enough to gauge what publicity is all about. They are able to read through the personal appearances, being a part of important TV shows, interviews galore with every born and yet unborn journalistic pursuits … and every other probable device that shall be capable of attracting those legs and eyeballs into cinema houses all over the world ..

There has always been debate whether this practice does indeed work for a film. The final outcome despite the kind of ad spend on such acts, is the merit of the product itself. If that is attractive enough, no amount of paid publicity shall enhance it, and no amount of the same shall have the capacity to demean it .. 

The value lies in the product, not what it is being spoken about !!

So Vinod Chopra writes, directs, produces “Broken Horses” in English for Hollywood, and invites Aamir and me for its trailer release. Its a short and respectful presence at the theatre, a meet with the press and out. The few moments of the film that we witnessed looked very positive and impressive.

Its a first for any Indian and we wish Vinod the very best …

So … the work on the drainage that had been reported blocked, is perhaps over. The equipment hangs about in front of the gate, the diversions for traffic still remain. The stench does not persist thankfully, the drilling machine has reached and penetrated the bottom of the Earth, and the neighbours are not complaining. Coincidentally though, I sign on for another product endorsement and its connected to fragrance and perfumery and joss sticks - most valuable in the present circumstances !!

There is discussion and debate in almost all corners of the film industry on content, the future and box office. What does come through most pertinently is the fact that the time for better and different content is what the youth look forward to. The youth are driving everything in the country today with the largest percentage of youth the world over in one country, India. Niche films, once a domain inhabited by the so called ‘art film making fraternity’, are now a novelty enjoyed by all those that compliment the multiplexes, though the larger than life films, of the megastars of the Industry, still abound and gather sufficient foot falls. There is then the ideal situation of a balance that seems to be emerging which I believe bodes well for the Industry.

Choice then of the kind of roles and films one must accept is still a dilemma. One may be the greatest actor in the world and give a most memorable performance in a product, only to find it failing, because the film itself did not have the legs. The reverse too prevails and this then adds to the conundrum that we all go through.

What does one get associated with ?

That one bonanza, that does not boast of giving opportunity to an actor to excel in performance of a difference ? Or that one act that one takes pride in its involvement as an artist, not bothering about the box office.

But … good performances alone do not provide the fire in the home kitchen to burn. Saleability in all its forms becomes the preferred and envied vehicle.

The Industry is as you can see, a complexity that has till date not been able to come to some formed conclusions. And thank God for that !!!

Be well and be in prayer and kindness ..


Amitabh Bachchan