envy killing your brother is not a good way to bond

evolving soulmate tattoo AU

A world with soulmate tattoos that evolve based on your actions, affecting your compatibility with your soulmate.

When you do something that makes you at odds with your soulmate, the tattoo becomes fainter – do it too often and the mark might fade entirely and change into something (someone) else. When you do something that makes you more compatible with your soulmate, the mark becomes bolder and darker, more permanent.

• You’re a low-level thug from one of the most notorious drug cartels. You do your best to quit and live a more honest life when you discover that your soulmate is that sweet, kind florist from the next block. Imagine your horror when your mark becomes fainter with each good deed you do, disappearing entirely when you manage to free yourself from the cartel, albeit in exchange for grave injuries. Imagine your horror when the boss himself hunts you down and executes you – because there’s no such thing as quitting in your group. Imagine your horror when you discover that the boss and the florist are the same person.

• You’re an undercover cop who hasn’t met your soulmate yet. You’re fine with not meeting them ever, you’re content with your life. Imagine your horror when you realize that your soulmate is your next target – a young CEO suspected of every possible crime under the same, brandishing his company as the front for some illegal mobster operations. Imagine your horror when your tattoo becomes bolder, darker, with each report to the higher-ups, with each evidence you find against your soulmate. Imagine your horror when the tattoo starts to burn with permanence the moment you arrest your soulmate.

• You’re one of the lucky ones – you grew up with your soulmate. You’re one of the unlucky ones – your soulmate is your brother.

• You’re one of the rare, chosen ones – your tattoo has been burned in permanence for as long you can remember. You’re lucky, they all say, because no matter what you do, your soulmate is yours for life. You spend years waiting for your mate – over each unlucky thing that befalls you, the loss of your family, your failure to complete your education due to poverty. You spend years more cursing the supposedly-lucky tattoo that seems to attract all the misfortune your way. You’re past your prime with aching joints and brittle bones. Your heart stops one day and you never meet your soulmate.

• You embrace your soulmate with joy – and within your first touch, both of your tattoos burn with permanence. You two are the envy of every person you meet. Your mate proposes that you test the limits of your bond. It starts slow – insulting your mate’s closest friends. It soon escalates and soon, your mate is setting fire to your parents’ retirement home and your tattoos remain vivid and solid.

• You grow up with your soulmate – they’re your neighbor, classmate, best friend. Both of your tattoos don’t change – doesn’t become faint even when you drunkenly make out with your soulmate’s best friend, doesn’t become more vivid when you propose marriage. You’re married for ten years – and as you prepare breakfast in bed to surprise them for your tenth anniversary, you realize that the tattoo on your hand is suddenly gone without trace.

• Your tattoo changes every day. Everyone who sees it – and it’s right on your forehead, like some kind of homing signal – thinks you’re either an unstable freak or some kind of slut. You find someone who befriends you and is kind to you and moves in with you and loves you despite society thinking that you don’t deserve them. Your tattoo continues to change every day.

• Imagine Chuuya’s tattoo growing darker and more vivid each time Dazai fucks his life over, while Dazai’s remain faint the entire time.

• Imagine Judar and Hakuryuu having matching permanent tattoos – but Hakuryuu is in denial so he tries to push Judar away. The tattoo remains permanent.

• Imagine Akutagawa being horrified at how each and every one of his attempts to be mean to Atsushi only makes their matching tattoos more permanent.

• Imagine Yuuri being torn between worry and contentment that Victor’s tattoo remains shimmery-faint. Because on one hand, why are their tattoos faint?! On another hand, at least the tattoo matches Victor’s nice skin…

• Imagine Katsuki and Midoriya having matching permanent tattoos since they’ve met each other. Katsuki enjoys how even as he bullies his Deku, the tattoo proclaim them as the best possible match…

• Imagine Will being SO DONE because no matter what he does – try to kill Hannibal, try to flirt with Hannibal, walking his dogs, giving out lectures – his tattoo only becomes darker each time.

• Imagine your OTP :D


Alec was happy, in fact he was happier than he’d been in a while. But to some degree, in amongst all the sadness, he had always been happy. He was happy knowing that deep down his parents loved him, maybe not in the same way they’d had previously but that had always been more like pride than love. His relationship with his parents had somewhat deteriorated over the years, almost like the space between them mirrored Alec’s age. His childhood wasn’t normal, but who’s to say what a normal childhood is let alone one for a shadowhunter. Alec knew that Maryse loved him, and Alec was happy with knowing that. Maybe she didn’t love Alec completely, but he had confidence in rebuilding some sort of relationship between them again. His father had never been hands on with Alec. Since he could remember, Robert was always a figure in the background; present, always present, but never fully involved. He watched his son become a strong leader, but Robert thought that was the most important thing. He’d never considered his son’s happiness, because that has Robert’s ultimate downfall. He was happy working with the charismatic Valentine, and now that would’ve been considered a crush. Valentine was this beautiful, powerful person who Robert envied and he yearned for the attention of the younger boy. Robert saw far too much of himself in Alec, and falling for the wrong person ruined his life. But, this was a sure sign of how much Robert payed attention to his eldest son, for if he looked close he’d see that the only thing they shared was their surname, as one was happy and the other was not.

Alec knew Izzy loved him and always would, as it had always been the both of them together. Izzy was strong and solid, and Alec was happy knowing that. Izzy had known from the start about Alec’s sexuality, and she for a long time was the only person he trusted with it. He and Izzy had been bought up the same, and this unique experience bonded them. Most siblings bickered and fought, but not these two. An argument in the wrong place at the wrong time, and any mistake would cost them their lives, and they knew that they wouldn’t be able to live without the other. Izzy was Alec’s security blanket growing up, and every thought he’d had he confided in her. Izzy had never been as open with her secrets, but Alec knew that if anything was serious he’d be the first person to tell. Izzy was never one for the small things; Alec had always made a big deal about his sexuality but to Izzy, that didn’t matter. What was important was Alec’s happiness, and if he was happy she was happy.

Alec had come to terms with how Jace loved him, now knowing he loved him as a brother and nothing more. From when he first met him, Alec was enamoured. Jace was a mystery, a puzzle of a boy with a scarred heart. Jace was a golden ray, shot into Alec’s life. Jace learning of Alec’s sexuality put some things into perspective for him. That odd conversation they’d had about Alec loving Jace was suddenly made clear. Jace wasn’t disgusted about how Alec felt for him, they were parabatai so Jace felt everything Alec did, but now Jace knew Alec didn’t love him like that, Alec just loved the idea of Jace loving him the way he wanted him too. Alec had also come to grips with how he actually loved Jace, and he was happy with Jace being his best friend.

Since meeting Magnus, Alec had quickly come to realise his feelings for Jace. These feelings still lingered around the edges, but when you completely devote your soul to one person for such a long time, they don’t disappear completely. Alec realised he loved the idea of being in love with Jace, he loved the idea that Jace might feel the same way. But Jace doesn’t, and despite that being the harsh reality of it, Alec found it enlightening. He now doesn’t have to fight for Jace’s attention, because he is his parabatai and thats enough. Jace hadn’t completely worked it out, but he knew that if Alec was happy, then he was happy. Alec was more than happy to be able to distinguish the brotherly love he felt for Jace, and the deep, romantic love he felt for a different man. Alec was happy to have his best friend as his best friend.

Max was a mystery, being posted in Idris with his parents meant that neither brother saw each other often. Back in Idris, Alec knew that the Clave was still reeling in the fact that a man could love another man. That a shadowhunter could fall for a downworlder, a warlock. Alec knew that Max’s mind was still elastic, and that he was susceptible to all the hate that was being thrown around along with the Lightwood name. Alec knew that it was still possible for Max to hate him, but he hoped that Max remembered Alec as the cool older brother who bought him comics and listened to his stories. He hoped that Max would always love him, and if he did so, Alec and Max both would be happy.

Alec loved his job. Shadowhunting ran in his blood, and fueled his every being. Deep down Alec wanted to be a superhero like the ones in Max’s comics, and shadowhunting was the closest thing to. Abiding by the law was what Alec was good at, and keeping people safe (despite not being a fan of mundanes) was something that got him out of bed in the morning. The hunt, the chase and the kill exhilarated Alec, sending waves of euphoria though his racing body. He loved shadowhunting more than life itself, despite being born into and for this job. The world, his family and life itself could change but shadowhunting never would, and that was a constant Alec relied on. His bow and quiver were an extension of his soul, something that also would never change. He was happy being a shadowhunter.

But in this moment, Alec had never been quite this happy.

A man, the man, who Alec loved was resting on his chest, snoring lightly. Never in his wildest dreams had Alec thought that he would’ve found someone who accepted him, who respected him, like this man did. It was early morning in New York, a time to move and to get ready for the day, but Alec couldn’t move. his arms were locked around the sleeping form of his boyfriend, his boyfriend, and Alec’s nose was buried in the soft black strands of his lovers hair. Magnus shifted slightly in his sleep, rubbing his cheek against Alec’s heart, his ear resting above his heart which was jumping out of his chest. Their legs laid intertwined under the soft sheets, with Alec’s knee bent allowing his big toe to trace the line of Magnus’ calf. In return, Magnus’ long slender fingers were resting on Alec’s bare chest, softly combing through his chest hair. Alec couldn’t move, yet he couldn’t think of a single reason as to why. Moving would mean that they day was passing, but Alec would be happy to live in this moment forever. Alec hadn’t told Magnus yet, they’d only been together for 4 months despite nearly having sex a few weeks into their relationship, and Alec now didn’t want his relationship with Magnus to disappear down the drain. Magnus was notorious for his long list of ex-lovers, and Alec was prolonging admitting his love to Magnus, because he wanted Magnus to want him and to want to keep him around.
Magnus hummed, the sound penetrating the silence of the normally noisy apartment before turning into a soft sigh. “I love you Alexander.”

Alec had never been happier, and he couldn’t picture himself happier with anybody else.
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Like Father Like Stepson

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles (Larry)

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Underage, Bdsm, Slightly non-con scene 

Word Count: 7500

Summary: Louis has a complicated life being the stepson of prestigious business executive Harry Styles. It doesn’t help that he is forced to live along side two annoying step brothers Liam and Niall. With Louis’ bad temper and lack of boundaries, quite the eventful week is about to ensue. 

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ourironbouquetfire  asked:

Can you make a list of Marvel Cinematic Universe films related to cognitive functions?

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Sure. ;)

Extroverted Sensing (Se): The Iron Man trilogy. Se. So much Se. Action, explosions, fast decisions and visual spectacle. The movies are exciting, they’re thrilling, and they put you at the edge of your seat. The main character, Tony Stark, is a Se-dom, and for fun, he parties hard, surrounds himself with gorgeous women (none of whom he truly loves; the only woman he truly loves is Pepper), drives really fast cars, and spends a lot of the time playing with his toys, even demonstrating the sensually engaging Iron Man suits. This one is inarguable. Tony even has the flaw of alcoholism, and his constant impulsiveness puts him, as well as his loved ones and innocent bystanders, in danger, eventually leading up to his break-up with Pepper, as well as his damaged image in the public eye.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): The Avengers movies. The director, Joss Whedon, is an ENTP, so it kinda makes sense. However, it is more visible in the second movie than the first movie. Age of Ultron is crammed with WAY too many sub-plots for its own good: Tony’s angst, Cap’s patriotism, Bruce and Nat’s romance, the introduction of Ulysses Klaw, the quick killing of Baron Strucker, the introduction of Wanda and Pietro, Pietro’s death, Hulk struggling with his anger issues, Ultron’s scheme to perfect the world, the birth of Vision, Thor discovering the Infinity stones, Thanos’ cameo, Hawkeye’s family, and the reassembly of the Avengers, with some new members? They all make it hard to tell WHAT EXACTLY was the movie’s goal. There were so many interesting things that could’ve been done with the plot, but Joss threw away many of those plot-lines simply because he lost interest. The first movie shows Ne as well, with the many plot-lines of each of the Avengers, Loki, and the members of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as the death of Agent Phil Coulson, but the plot-lines were all better controlled, leading to a clear idea of what the movie was about (the birth of the Avengers, and the pleasure of comic book fans everywhere), as well as better reception from audiences and critics.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A lot of the movie is filled with espionage: the discovery of a shady organization’s rebirth, talks of how to “improve” the world with some new oversight projects, and the insane amount of planning that Dr. Arnim Zola went through all showcase it very well. It also has many events happen, all of which are meant to progress the plot forward: the introduction of Bucky as the Winter Soldier means new plot-lines for the future. The rebirth of Hydra means exactly the same thing, as does the introduction of Strucker, Wanda and Pietro. The movie also showcases some pretty good planning from the side of Nick Fury; but, most importantly, the scene where Cap reaches out to Bucky allows him to regain his memories, meaning that he will possibly join the Avengers (a team). This all would please comic book fans, but it’s all meant to maximize profit for the later movies yet to come. And, it has a very dark, logical, tough feel to it, where Cap is forced to take swift action at every turn.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): The Incredible Hulk. The entire movie is about the fact that Bruce wants to repress his inner self (the Hulk), because he’s seen what he can do (hurt his loved ones, as well as many innocent bystanders). Throughout the movie, he tries to find ways to “cure” himself, showing a lack of embracement of self, as well as embracing the views of most people around him as his own (if they see him as a monster, he is one). It talks a great deal about “fitting in”, even showcasing people like General Ross (who doesn’t use Fe) constantly trying to contain him, because he’s “a nuisance” to the public. In the overall themes of the movie, this would be Fe, though Ross is actually using Si (the Hulk is something that shouldn’t even have existed; if he goes out, many unforeseen consequences will take place, and if he hurt his daughter once, it may very well happen again). What causes Bruce to stop running away is that his girlfriend, Betty Ross (also a Fe user), assures him that he isn’t all that bad, and encourages him to use his powers for good, even with the doubts in his mind.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Captain America: The First Avenger and Guardians of the Galaxy. The first movie is, at its heart, very classic, which makes sense, considering it took place at the time of the World Wars. It has loads of classical music, parties and whatnot. The main character, Cap, is a Si-dom, and he is very obsessed with patriotism, America, kindness, chivalry, generosity, heroism, bravery, and all the other traits that were championed in the old days. Very controlled action, and tends to play it safe in regards to the plot. It also features many classical views (the Nazi’s being evil, for example), though anyone knows Nazi’s are evil. As for the second movie, it is filled to the brim with pop-culture references, 70′s music, and characters who remind you a lot of sensory archetypes done many times before (the charismatic thief, the detached female assassin, the genocidal maniac, etc.). The main character, Star-Lord, who has inferior Si, keeps his recorder as a reminder of his dead mother, who used to listen to these songs when she was alive. And, in the end, Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot get over their past horrors, and join up to form a team that has a very close bond, stopping all intergalactic criminals who dare to cause harm to innocents.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): The Thor movies. Filled with symbolism, which is given, considering that the movies are based on Norse mythology. The characters are more-or-less archetypes, rather than actual characters (Thor is the impulsive hero who learns to be more responsible, Jane Foster is the one who studies him and changes his heart, Loki is the brooding step-brother of Thor who gives into his ambitions and envy to take the throne and rule, etc.). Many events foreshadow the future: the “death” of Loki foretells his takeover in the next Thor movie as the main antagonist, the cameo of the Collector foretells the importance of the Infinity Stones, etc. The movies are pretty hard to understand, being very abstract, complicated, and vague in their storytelling.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Ant-Man. The movie is full of abstract concepts, is very intellectual, and is the movie most focused on science. Its main purpose is to make a show of all the cool new concepts (shrinking technology, the quantum realm, heists in a Marvel movie, the Ant-Man and Yellow-Jacket suits, etc.), but it doesn’t do those without several sarcastic quips on the side. The main character, Scott Lang, is a Ti-dom, very well-known in his universe for being able to think his way around any kind of system. The movie explores every single concept in full detail, breaking them down and showcasing all of the concepts’ intricacies. This movie would undoubtedly send smiles to the faces of every science nerd and geek. Also, the comic relief, Luis, is very unique in his sense of humor, showing creative and original thinking.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Captain America: Civil War. The movie’s main focus is the emotional dynamics of the team, in that the unique emotions they feel towards the increased danger of the Avengers separate them into groups of 6, though each of them have their own reasons for which side they support, and some of them are clearly along just for the ride (Spider-Man and Ant-Man). Tony and T’Challa are both Fi users, and their reasons for supporting government oversight are all very personal (Tony does not want to be seen as a bad guy, whereas T’Challa is out for revenge against the man who killed his father, whom he believes to be Bucky, and supports the government because they are opposed to law-breakers / murderers like Bucky). Tony has emotional angst in the beginning, regarding the last argument he had with his parents, and it explodes with rage when he finds out who killed them (Bucky), and that Cap willingly kept this information from him. The main villain, Baron Helmut Zemo, who also uses Fi, sets out to stage some crimes in order to divide the Avengers from the inside, as revenge for the loss of his family in the Battle of Sokovia. He sympathizes with T’Challa’s loss, because he went through exactly what he did. Team Cap is strongly against the government, and refuses to back down on their beliefs to support the government. Overall, the movie is very dark, gloomy, and full of angst, and will tug on your heart endlessly.

- Nick

Delena: Consuming, Toxic, Co-dependent Relatonship!

Delena is the most disgusting relationship in the TVD/TO universe (right next to Haylijah) and is completely wrong that I can’t understand why girls ship Delena because it’s “fun”, “dangerous”, “adventurous”, “reckless”, and “sexy” but they call Stelena “boring”, “dull”, “creepy”. If anything Stelena is the most healthiest relationship on this show and they are absolutely beautiful together, and this has been acknowledged by characters on the show who have called Stelena: “pure love”, “soul mates”, “I love you no matter what its the best choice I ever made", “that kind of love never dies”, “I envy the love you have”. And fans of the show have stated things about Stelena: “Elena’s words are firm and convincing. Stefan will always be her best choice, no matter what and in her words choosing Damon is the worst choice she ever made. Nobody denies that Elena did not loved both the brothers but her vision for both the brothers were very different. It was only the situations that set Stefan and Elena apart starting from Klaus to sirebond.-Priyanka”, “Delena will never compare to this. Elena thought she was going to die and she used her last dying breath for Stefan, her words were specific in emphasising that he was “the best choice she ever made”. Delena is based on some sire bond bullshit and fan pandering.-west allen”, “She did not love Damon enough to keep those memories. Actually that is cruel. She never wanted Stefan to forget her memories and flipped out when Rebekkah was about to erase Stefan’s memory in 4x10. It was Elena’s word that ‘memories are important’. What she had with Stefan was always love and beyond selfless. Damon was always like a drug to her.-Priyanka”.

This is how Delena has been acknowledged by characters on the show: “Out of all the choices I’ve made this will prove to be the worst one”, “codependent”, “toxic”, “revolting”, “consuming”. First of all when someone calls your relationship codependent and toxic that is immediate warning signs as to why this relationship is WRONG on so many levels! It’s like I don’t know if the writers are doing this on purpose as if they are trying to show us why Delena is bad, or they’re just really dumb. Do they not know that codependent relationships is an emotional and behavioral condition that affects an individual’s ability to have a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship. It is also known as “relationship addiction” because people with codependency often form or maintain relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive and/or abusive. Does that sound like an amazing relationship?! And toxic relationships is a relationship characterized by behaviors on the part of the toxic partner that are emotionally and, not infrequently, physically damaging to their partner. I mean come on! Do I have to pull up the gifs:

Damon has not only physically abused Elena, but he has emotionally and mentally abused her. He sexually harassed her when he got rejected by Katherine and went to Elena hoping she would give into him. He has threatened to physically harm her because he thinks he’s protecting her (we have never seen Stefan do this even when he was protecting Elena, not once did he ever threaten to physically harm her as a way of keeping her “safe”.). He has raped her best friend, constantly terrorized her friends and family especially Jeremy who she has put in Damon’s care like the dumb ass she is! It’s as if she forgot this is the same guy who not only killed your brother because you rejected him and he was sexually harassing you and he can’t take no for an answer so he wanted to hurt you, but he tried to kill him again because he thought that you broke up with him so he choose to torment you and hurt your family and friends as punishment! 

Damon has emotionally abused Elena into staying a relationship with him by basically saying “If you break up with me I’ll hurt the people you care about.” That is not love! That is what abusers do when their girlfriend/or boyfriend tries to leave them, they threaten to harm their friends and family as punishment for trying to leave them. 

Delena has been called a “consuming relationship” and what confuses me is why do people think that’s a good thing? A consuming relationship is WRONG! A consuming relationship is a relationship in which you lose yourself and it is  depleting you. You basically do things for your partner for their sake such as changing your fashion sense because they say they want to see you dress sexier, or living life the way they want to live it, or mainly focusing on their needs instead of yours.  All-consuming relationships are very unnatural and unhealthy. This are guided by fear. In an all-consuming relationship, fear of not being loved is the driving force. We see how this relationship has consumed Elena so badly that she is a different person. Characters on the show have acknowledge this and they themselves don’t recognize Elena and this happened ever since she got with Damon. Being with Damon she isolated herself from her friends and Jeremy cause her main priority was Damon. What did she do over her summer vacation in season 5 when they talked about it? She did nothing but have sex with Damon and spend the whole summer with him! We did not see her with her friends or with a newly resurrected Jeremy, instead we saw her screwing Damon over the summer. In season 5-6 we barely saw interact with any of her friends because she was too focused on Damon, it took having her memories of him erased for her to show them the slightest attention but that didn’t even stop from just shutting them out yet again and having her main priority be Damon.

This was so bad that not once did we see her mourn Bonnie’s death all she said was that she mourned but got over it, but we never see it! It’s as if they’re telling us she could really give a fuck about Bonnie all that matters is Damon. Which what they’re basically saying! She even began to take drugs to hallucinate him, whenever someone takes drug or any other substance to hallucinate someone that means they need psychological and mental help. That is not healthy that is something that is considered wrong and that you would need to seek professional help for if you are driven to that point. 

Not only is the drug part horrible but the fact that Elena killed herself so Damon wouldn’t have to die alone is horrifying! She literally killed herself to be with her boyfriend she die alone! Do you know how horrifying it is when someone is willing to commit suicide all for the sake of a boyfriend?! Not only do you need to seek mental help when you take drugs to hallucinate your dead boyfriend, but you would need to seriously get psychiatric evaluation if you are willing to kill yourself for a boyfriend! Elena was basically saying that she did not give a fuck about her family and her friends and that they were not important, Damon is more important then they ever will be! Hell she’s saying that she’s not important that Damon is more important than she is! So not only did she say her family (her brother who is the only family she has left! Someone who is supposed to be your ride and die!) and friends (the people who have been there for here since Day 1! She they were freaking babies! Who she has known her whole entire life!) are not important, but she is saying that she is not important! She is saying that she is worthless and that if Damon is not in her life then she is nothing! She has no self-respect nor self-worth for herself! 

She is basically doing what Joker and Harley Quinn did in Suicide Squad, “Would you die for me”, “Would you live for me.” That is what she did, she died for Damon. The only people you ever die for is family! You never die for a boyfriend/or girlfriend because yes there are other fishes in the sea. You can always find a new boyfriend/or girlfriend you may not find one right away because you still haven’t fully moved on, but that doesn’t mean that you will never find somebody new to love. But you can NEVER EVER get a new brother or sister. You can never replace the one that is your family your blood and someone that has been there for you since day 1! Someone who is your ride and die, and no matter how much they may hurt you and have made your life a living hell you would still protect them, risk your life for them, love them, an die for them because that is your family! Family above all! (Damon and Stefan is an example. No matter how much of a shit brother Damon is to Stefan he will still die for Damon and Damon will die for him because at the end of the day you can never get another sibling.) 

That is the person you die for, you never die for a boyfriend/or girlfriend because they are not as important as a mother, father, brother, and sister is. Dying for Damon is the most horrifying, disgusting, baffling, and destructive thing Elena has ever done in her life! We never saw her like that with Stefan even at their worst moments, so why is it she’s like this with Damon? She is like this because her relationship with him has consumed her into becoming a selfish, self-centered, self-obsessed, manipulative, and co-dependent person who’s life revolves around not her’s, not her family and friends, but Damon’s. 

That is another thing she’s doing she is living for Damon, she is living his life not her own she is living the way he wants to live it, and she is living it by his ways meaning that no matter what he does no matter how horrible it is she will defend to her dying breath! No matter how much she tries to make excuses for it people will always see that she is just being codependent like Qetsiyah “I’m not a shrink but I believe that’s called co-dependence”. Even Damon knows and has told her countless times to stop defending him and it baffles him that she finds ways to put the blame on someone else when it is no one’s fault but his! His actions clearly show that he is the bad guy that he is does what he does because he wants to because he’s clearly a psychopath, but Elena does not see that! All she see’s is guy with a tragic past who is misunderstood and just wants to be loved. That is how consumed she is! She is blinded by her “love” for him that he can do no wrong in her eyes, and that his victims aren’t victims he is! He’s the victim and their the bad guys! You see that right there is backward logic and that is what an abusive relationship will do to someone, no matter how bad the abusers actions are they will always stay with because they love them and will never see right from wrong. Everything the abuser does is the right thing and he can never do anything wrong! For example, when Katherine was possessing her body and she broke up with Damon what did Damon do? He terrorized her family and friends and killed Aaron Whitmore out of anger and wanting to take his anger on Elena. And when Elena got back in her body what did she do when she found out what Damon did, she excused him for all of his actions and instead of ridiculing him for what she did she put the blame on Katherine saying that it was Katherine’s fault for taking over her body and pretending to be her and breaking up with Damon. And this of course baffles Damon even more when she says this and he doesn’t understand why she’s putting the blame on someone else when his actions clearly show that he can’t take no for an answer. His actions show that if Elena ever broke up with him that he would hurt people and he would hurt her by terrorizing her friends and family basically as punishment for hurting him. If that does not scream abuse then I don’t know what does.

And last but not least, Damon and Elena will never be able to communicate like her and Stefan. You see how her and Stefan talk and communicate even after they broke up? They still talked like the way they always did, they were so at ease with each other and could just tell each other anything and never be uncomfortable with each other. They know each other better than anyone else does and still find comfort in each other. They are mature, serious, passionate, loving, caring, selfless, happy, and comfortable. With her and Damon they are not like this, and this gif clearly shows that. You know it’s bad when you have to go to your ex and ask them advice on how to make your relationship work, and if you and your current partner will ever have a relationship like you and ex where you two can talk like mature adults and be comfortable with each other and to never be in relationship where you two will always have doubts, be insecure about each other, never communicate on civil level without bringing sex into the topic and using it as a way of release, and most of all being happy with each other. With Delena their relationship is selfish, Damon wants her to be happy with him not happy in general, but with him! That is selfish if you really loved someone you would want them to be happy no matter what no matter if you’re together or not. And we saw that with Stelena even though they broke up Stefan still wanted her to be happy! He still went to find the cure for her because he knew she hates being a vampire and it made her miserable so he did everything in his power to make her happy by getting her the cure. Even when she broke his heart and hopped onto Damon’s dick in the span of 24 hours he still was willing to get the cure for her because it wasn’t about him, it was about her and about making her happy no matter how much she hurt him. That is selfless love. Delena is completely selfish and it is only about making themselves happy! Damon wants Elena to be happy with no one else but him! He is her main priority, no one else is! Elena isolates herself from her family and friends because all she cares about is Damon. Delena is immature as well because all they did in the relationship was argue about how bad they are for each other and have sex and break up. They used sex as a release and were never mature about their relationship they never talked about the problems in it and never tried to work it out on a civil level! In mature relationships you talk things out and work through them, you don’t find ways of releasing anger because of the problems you have in your relationship (i.e. sex) you talk! In the end you both find your way back to each other and find a way to overcome your problems because at the end you don’t give up on each other. That is Stelena they never gave up on each other and never used sex as a way of release, they talked and communicated and work their problems out. Damon and Elena is built on lust, fear, abuse, obsession, insecurity, toxicity, co-dependence, consuming, and selfishness. Delena is the most abusive, possessive relationship on this show and should not be romanticized and is something little teenage girls should not want to have! Stelena is the relationship they should strive for where it is healthy, safe, loving, mature, caring, selfless, and happiness, and full of life not death like Delena.

Invisible - Chapter 13

Jay’s POV: Inappropriate

I went to my cafe because earlier today I got a text message from my mom saying that she missed me. I hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time with my family lately, since I was busy with my own label. And it didn’t help either that I just started dating. I was constantly going back and forth my work and my girlfriend. It was exhausting, but there were responsibilities I had to take care of.

My mom’s face lit up as soon as she saw me. She quickly walked to me and pulled me into a tight hug. She took my face into both of her hands and gave me a peck on my forehead. I looked away embarrassed while Jehan was smirking at me amused. No matter how old I got, my mom always treated me like a little boy.

“How are you?” I asked and while examining her face . She still looked good despite her age. The crinkles on her face may had become more visible but overall she was still beautiful.

“I’m fine, Jaebummie, but you look tired!” She said in a worried tone and she looked at me pitiful.

“I’m alright, mom,” I reassured her with a smile. She returned my smile and made her way to the counter to make me something to drink. I sat down at a near table and watched her.
When she finished with the coffee she came back.
“So, when will I meet her?”

“What?” I nearly chocked on my drink. I turned my widened eyes to her surprised. How did she know? I never told her about Mina nor did she ever see us together.

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