envy (fma)

fma realization time

so i was thinking about the mustang vs envy fight in episode 54, and just now realized a thing.

i’m sure everyone has noticed the difference between mustang’s fights against lust and envy. with lust, mustang was focused on eliminating the threat as soon as possible. sure he gloats a bit, but overall his approach is very pragmatic, more about protecting others than any personal feelings.

with envy, on the other hand, there’s no pragmatism, no focus on stopping a threat from doing more damage; only a rage-fueled, borderline-sadistic desire for vengeance. he could kill envy and get it over with, but instead he draws out the “fight” just to make him suffer as much as possible.

now look at envy vs hughes.

envy had hughes at his mercy for a good chunk of that scene. even if hughes was fast enough to knife him in the face like with lust (who, incidentally, could have killed him immediately if she hadn’t instead taken the time to gloat first), envy still had his immortality on his side. nothing was stopping him from just straight up shooting hughes and getting it over with.

no, he had to pull the gracia thing. he drew out hughes’s death solely for the purpose of making his death as painful as possible, potentially risking hughes’s survival, which would risk ruining his father’s plans, for no reason other than just to be a dick, because it makes him feel better about his inferiority complex with humans.

in both cases, we have someone who will unnecessarily draw out what would normally be a quick fight in order to torture their opponent, prioritizing their personal feelings of vengeance for their tragic situation over simply preventing further damage to their side.

in taking his revenge on envy for hughes’s murder, mustang behaved exactly like envy did during hughes’s murder.


(side note: even when i first saw the anime episode, the way roy’s eyes are drawn have always reminded me a bit of envy. for the longest time i thought it was probably just a coincidence, like maybe that’s just how the animators draw characters acting truly monstrous, but maybe there’s something there after all?)