This Life

requested: Hi! I read your Tae scenario and loved it! I wanted to request a Jungkook rainy day type of fluff? Lol like he and his gf just stay in on a rainy day and chillax and play around 😃

Genre: fluff 

Word count: 1.7k

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*squish squeak squish squeak*

Your shoes were sopping wet and the inevitable noise coming from them was agitating you even more as you walked down the hallway to your apartment. You reached into your bag trying to find your key to finally get inside and relax, but the sudden pool of water you felt at the bottom distracted you. “UGH OH MY GOD.” You yelled.

Jungkook was on the other side of the door, sitting on your couch and playing video games. He jumped at the sudden screams coming from outside the apartment and dropped his controller. Gosh he was startled, not many people yell so loud in apartment buildings. His eyes opened wide once recognizing your voice and ran to open the door and check if you were alright. You weren’t one to be so disruptive.

In a matter of seconds after you let out your anger verbally the door in front of you swung open and your boyfriend with wide eyes started questioning you immediately.
          “Y/n! What’s wrong?! Why’d you yell? Why are you soaking wet?!? Did someone do this to you? Why-”
    You let out a sigh as he was speaking. He calmed down and quieted himself. “No, I’m ok Jungkook.” You responded
You stepped forward and he stepped aside to let you into your shared apartment.
          Jungkook, still watching you wanting to know why you were in this state, stood silently. His eyes following your figure as you walked straight into the kitchen and to the sink. First, you took off your shoes. Wet shoes was one of your most hated feelings. After dumping the water out of them you did the same to your purse, after plugging the drain so nothing falls down the pipe.
      Damn. That’s all that was running through Jungkooks mind. How the hell is so much water coming out? He didn’t know that was scientifically possible.
             Finally, you ringed out your hair, bent over the sink so you wouldn’t ruin your wood floors.

“…so?” He questioned

“I wanted to walk to the food market today since we needed more produce and the weather seemed so nice. I was half way there, and you know how far it is, when it started raining so hard. It didn’t even look like it would rain. It’s like the grey clouds appeared out of no where!” You huffed. He went a few seconds without showing response. “It’s raining?” He asked confused.
You walked over to the window and swung open the curtains. He always closed them when he was gaming, it was his cave in a way. “Jungkook, it’s pouring.” He was appalled at the sight of the harsh amount of droplets being let down from the sky.
You proceeded to the bedroom to get changed into dry clothes. And warm ones. You were freezing by now.
He followed you a few feet behind, “yes, I do know how far it is, we always take the subway, why would you walk there baby?”
“I didn’t think it would rain and I wanted to be outside so I didn’t mind the distance..” you sulked and pulled off all your wet clothes clinging to your skin.
Jungkook left you to yourself for privacy while doing so. He yelled down the hall as he was almost back in the living room, “do you want hot tea or anything?”
“No it’s ok babe I’ll make it,” you hollered back.

A few minutes later, you exited your room with your pajamas on… even if it was only 2 pm. The coziest pants you could find and a soft t shirt (which happened to be Jungkooks but he let you claim it as yours a long time ago. He thought it was cute on you) and some fuzzy socks. You boiled the water in the electric kettle on the kitchen counter and made your way to the couch where jungkook continued his game. He was sitting with his legs apart, leaning forward when all of a sudden you blocked his vision and knelt down to make your next action easier. You then scooted in between his legs. There wasn’t much room on the couch between his thighs but you didn’t care because the only thing you wanted right now was the warmth of his body enveloping around your frame. Bringing your knees up to your chest you cozied into his torso and he scooted backward so you would have more room. The contact of soft skin from his lips on the nape of your neck made you even more at ease. You leaned your head back onto his shoulder so you wouldn’t block his view. He nuzzled into your neck once again, not leaving his eyes from the screen. “Who are you playing with” you asked
“Yugyeom, Bam Bam, Tae and Hongbin. Heechul left before you got home.”
“Why don’t you have your headset on then?”
“Because I’m with you y/n. I’m gonna get off once this match ends so I can cuddle my babygirl.” He said and he sent little pecks up to your ear while he was still nuzzled against you.
      Affection like this always made you giggle, it was such a precious thing. And he loved your giggles, so he only continued.

He put down his controller on the cushion next to him and snakes his arms around your stomach to give you a little bear hug. 


“Ahhh,” you frowned. The water was ready to be poured. Why couldn’t it have waited a little longer. You just wanted to stay in your boyfriends arms. “I don’t wanna get up” you whined, “but I really want tea,”
“I have a solution.” He held your waist and guided you to stand up while he did the same. Once standing, he turned you around so you were facing each other, only a few inches apart.

“Jump.” He said
“Jump on me, I’ll carry you over.”

You did as he said, jumping onto his torso, latching your arms around his neck and your legs around his back. Like a piggy back ride, only in front. He place one hand on your lower back and one under your butt for support. As he walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a mug out of the cabinet, he requested, “tell me what to do, you just hang on to me jagi.”
“Yes sir.” You playfully responded to his stern spoken words.
After telling him what tea bags to use, how much honey and milk you liked, he carried the cup of tea back to the living room and you sprung off of him landing on the couch flopping at the impact. He chuckled. “Aww your game ended. Sorry Jungkook.” You said sitting up.
              “It’s alright, I like you better.” He winked. He sat down next to you and put on the TV. Subconiously he raised the glass with your tea and put it to his lips. “Yah!! That’s mine!” You sounded like a little kid. So smol and cute when your angry. You reached for the cup but being the teaser your boyfriend was, he leaned far away from you and held the tea up in the air. There was no way you could reach it. That little meanie always teasing you. “Jungooook-ahh” your voice was raised and eyebrows furrowed. He gave you his signature bunny smile, all his teeth showing.
     You felt the warmth spread through your body. Every time he smiled like that you just fell more in love w him. You forgot all about the tea, only able to remember what a blessing this life was, how much things like this meant to you. How much he meant to you. In only what felt like a second to him you wrapped your arms around him and put your head in his chest. The scent of him made you try to snuggle into his chest more.
                Just a moment ago you were “mad” at him. You had your nose scrunched and you just wanted your tea. Now you couldn’t be closer to him. It psychically wasn’t possible. He was puzzled. But he didn’t mind it. He loved it actually. He softly placed the mug down on the coffee table and leaned back to the right so you two could lay down. He pulled you up closer to his face and you poked your head up to look at him, hands resting on his chest. He was looking back at you.

“Fuck I’m so in love with you.” He cheekily smiled.    “Well it’d kinda be awkward if you didn’t considering we live together.” You teased

He chuckled at your words before responding, “yeah yeah but seriously, I’m so incredibly lucky to have you. I love you y/n. So much.”
“I love you too jungkook.” You softly said back.

He pulled his head up to kiss your forehead before you both put your heads down. His was on the arm rest of the sofa and yours was right under his collarbones. His heart was right under you. You could hear the steady beat of his body and it made your life comfortable. He hand his hands towards the curve of your back and would draw insignificant patterns with his fingers from time to time. It all put you in a trance.
It felt like a dream, and maybe it was, but you didn’t want to wake up from it yet.

             You were tired. Being so tense earlier and walking all that way in the rain exhausted you. Sleepy was how you felt. And sleepy you looked.
“Go to sleep baby” he whispered to you
“Will you meet me in my dreams? I don’t wanna fall asleep yet if I stop getting to look at your face right now.” You said, sounding like a little kid because of your half awake state. You said such cheesy things when tired.
He smiled to himself, “yes. I’ll never leave your side. Now rest my love. Sweet dreams.”

                And with the melody that came naturally through his voice, you closed your eyes, took one last deep inhale, and by the time the last of it was over you were sleeping soundly. And he soon followed you. As your minds connected in dream land your heart beats connected on the couch. Your own essences of time synchronizing, making everything feel more secure and as if your love would never fade away.

         This life. It was made for you two to share. So share it you shall.

God Save The Prom Queen. (Otayuri Mafia Au)

⚠⚠⚠ Warning! This story is gonna have some adult like moments and language, so if you’re uncomfortable with that then I don’t suggest you come here! ⚠⚠⚠

Prom Queen, they called the youngest son of the most dangerous Mafia man in the world, Prom Queen.

Otabek couldn’t imagine being so bold.

But he could see it as he looked over at the boy, biting his lip. He had the perfect. body, all long and lean, pale white skin and his hair was bleached blonde.

He also dressed like one, the boy seemed to flip one elegant finger at gender roles and binaries and wore whatever he liked, which tonight was a black shorts and a black lace top he’d stolen from Mila, topped off with pink lipgloss and dark pink eyeshadow.

“I’d stop staring Atlin, Yakov is very protective of his youngest boy, even if he does let him go out and get high as fuck at three in the morning at the club.”

Otabek jumped as he turned around to see Phichit Chaulount standing behind him, sipping on a glass of something bright purple while his date watched over him protectively and slightly possessively.

“I-I wasn’t staring at him, I was just looking at a girl…” Otabek mumbled into his drink as the Thai pimp walked closer, laughing as he hugged Otabek.

“Oh Otabear, you were staring at that boy like Ciao-Ciao stares at me, like you were starving.” Phichit teased him as Otabek’s cheeks burned in shame.

“No need to be ashamed Otabear! It’s good to see you taking interest in someone, I was close to setting you up with one of my boys.” Otabek choked on his whiskey and Coke.

Phichit truly had no shame, offering up one of his prized sugar babies, a contract with one could cost you somewhere around a million dollars. “Uh-uh, thank you Phichit but I wouldn’t have accepted, not my kind of thing.” Otabek stuttered, eyes snapping back over to Yurio as he stood up.

“I have to go.” He cut Phichit off as he started to follow the boy, he was off for cigarette from what Otabek could see he pulled a pack of menthols out of his Chanel purse and fumbled with his lighter out on an open balcony. Perfect chance for Otabek to step in.

“Need a light?” Yurio jumped a little as he stepped forward and offered his lighter. “Yeah, thanks.” Yurio took his lighter and lit his cigarette, handing it back.

“No problem, I’m Otabek, and you?” Otabek lit his own cigarette and leaned back on the railing. Even out here he could feel the heat and energy of the club. “Yuri Plisteky.” Yuri answered back sighing as he tilted his head back, exposing a pale neck interrupted only by a void black choker with a silver ring with two silver chains that disappeared into his shirt.

“I like your choker, what’s it connected to?” Yuri smirked and leaned forward conspiratorially, Otabek felt himself still.

Chanel No.5, Dove soap, raw vodka and cigarette was Yuri’s smell and it envoloped Otabek as the boy whispered in his ear: “They’re connected to my nipple piercings.” There was a rush of warmth to Otabek’s groin and he had to suppress a groan.

“And your father let you leave the house like that?” Yuri scoffed. “My old as fuck father was about six inches deep in a Russian Victoria’s Secret model, and besides it’s my birthday.”

“Oh?” Otabek felt his heart rate speed up a little, because really he wanted the boy to be legal, then woo him with his muscles and motorcycle before whisking him off to his hotel room to bang him through the weekend. “And how old is the birthday boy turning today?”

“18.” Otabek groaned then when the beat dropped on a song that could cover it. So this beautiful little fairy was legal? Otabek was going to have a stroke and love it.

“At least papa isn’t stupid, he filled my purse with everything a birthday boy could need.” He showed Otabek the contents of his purse, sniggering.

Inside was lube, about 20 condoms, the plan B pill, a bottle of Vicodin, a wad of cash and his phone along with another phone. Well beyond stocked for a one night birthday stand.

“But papa expects me to use this on a girl, but…” Otabek actually said ‘eep’ as one slender hand reached across the space between them and toyed with his zipper.

“You’ve been eyeing me all night Atlin, I’ve seen you, got everything I ever needed to know about you twenty minutes ago and I know that under all leather and linen you’re ripped and fuckin hung.”

Otabek groaned out loud then, as he unzipped his pants and a pale, slim hand darted in to toy with him through his boxers.

“Take me to your hotel room Atlin, and then fuck me until the sun comes up and don’t stop until we both pass out” Yuri whispered in his ear, Otabek blushing hard as he was groped by Yuri. For a virgin he was talented with those slim fingers.

“Listen here you little hellcat.” Otabek growled at him, wrenching Yuri’s hand out his pants and spinning around, pinning him to the wall, Yuri groaning. “I ought to take you to the back alley and teach you some damn manners, but.”

Otabek tugged on those blonde locks making Yuri groan and whine. “I’ll take you to my hotel and really show you what respect and manners mean you little brat.”

Phichit was wide eyed as Otabek dragged Yuri through the club, tugging lovingly on his chains, quickly turning Yuri in a moaning mess.

“He works quick…” Celestiano yelled over the music, Phichit nodding in agreement.

Victor wasn’t going to like it one bit that he’d let his baby brother go off with total stranger but he knew the two of needed a night of mindless passionate sex. “Enjoy yourself you horndog!” Phichit yelled to Otabek who flipped him off before he disappeared out the door with Yuri.

He smirked into his drink and raised it up. “God Save The Prom Queen!”


Otabek didn’t know how he even made it to his hotel room, it was a blur of strawberry flavored kisses and purple neon lights.

‘God this boy is gorgeous.’ Otabek thought with a happy groan as he effortlessly ripped his shirt off, loving how Yuri mewled in surprise and squirmed.

But what really made him come undone was when Yuri wrapped legs that seemingly went on for miles around his waist and moaned: “Fuck me please sir!” His head was thrown back, skin flushed cotton candy pink and his emerald eyes wide in lust and Otabek was hooked.

He went at Yuri for hours, the sheets soon becoming mess from orgasm after orgasm, lube, sweat and by four am overwhelmed tears.

Only when Otabek could feel the scratch marks burning on his back and those handprints on Yuri’s pale hips were staying there for a while, he rolled over and laid on his back panting hard, Yuri doing the same.

“For a first time.” Yuri huffed, wiping his hair back from his eyes. “That was fucking amazing.” Otabek nodded, so worn out he couldn’t speak, still ingraining those faces Yuri had been making in his mind.

“These sheets are fucking disgusting but.” Yuri faceplanted into Otabek’s chest and snuggled in sighing. “I want to nap here Atlin, don’t leave until I fall asleep please? I’ll feel less like a prostitute.”

Otabek nodding and wrapped his arm around Yuri’s slim waist and drifted off.


When Otabek woke up the next day, Yuri was gone but scribbled in pretty pink lipstick on his mirror was Yuri’s phone number with a message which read:

“Had a great time last night Atlin, call me sometime when you get bored and your dick too hard that even jacking off doesn’t help call me~”

Otabek groaned and shook his head as he picked up his phone and dialed in the number.

“Hey Yura, it’s me Otabek…wanna go out for dinner sometime?” He smiled as he stared out towards the water.

God Save The Prom Queen and now, save his king.

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Love yourself spell

So this is the first spell i am posting here. Remember that if you put enough intention behind something, you can have it. So this is a spell to love yourself, increase self confidence and feel amazing!


*Rose flower ink*(this is done by crushing rose pettals, adding them to boiling water(just enough to cover them, dont fill till top) let them set overnight or a day. Then strain the colored liquid through cheese cloth and add rubbing alcohol in it! Tada! Ink ready)

Rose quartz



*Lavender flower*

*red* candle

Soothing music(optional)


1) Do whatever you do before performing a spell
2) light the candle and meditate on it
3) take a paper and write your best qualities in it with the rose ink (ex. I cook good, i can listen to peoples problems, i am awesome, i can sing etc)
4)fold the paper into an envolope and seal with the candle wax
5)put it in the jar along with a rose quartz. While doing this think about all your good qualities
6) add the lavender to the jar and imagine adding self confidence to your life.
7) add any other flowers that make you feel good or help you relax
8) close the jar and seal with candle wax
9) store some place dark

*–* subatitue for your favorites

^Add any other ingredient you would like to add.

^This spell is best performed during full moon in the open

^charge your rose quartz with your intention before adding it to your jar

Disclaimer: remember you are awesome!!!!

ID #49870

Name: Charli
Age: 17
Country: UK

Hi! Ive never wrote or receieved letters from anyone so id like to have a penpal, it seems fun :)

At the moment, i am a college student studying travel and tourism. I love travelling and different cultures so i would love to learn about new places.
I am a big fan of japanese culture and kpop. I am also a book nerd so if you want new books to read then look forward to my book recommendations.

I am quite awkward, I am a bi bean so no homophobic peeps please :(

Preferences: 16-19
Any gender
I prefer snail mail, i have cute envolopes :)
Anyone not from the UK

Chanyeol As Your Boyfriend

- Getting to hang out with the Beagle trio

- Him playing his guitar for you when it’s hard for you to sleep

- Channie making fun of your short height

- “Stop it, Chanyeol.”

- “Woah! I didn’t know armrests could talk!”

- Him having to bend down to kiss you

- Wearing his hats

- Him teaching you how to rap

- Hearing his voice extra deep when he first wakes up

- Watching him play the drums at concerts from the sidelines

- Calling him Yoda

- Back hugs. Many, many back hugs.

-His hands cupping your face when you kiss

- Always being happy around him

- Him envoloping your body at night

- Your face in his chest when the two of you hug

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In The Name Of Love

Characters - Bucky x Reader, Steve

Word Count - 1,013

Warnings - Language, Mentions of sex, Fluff, Self Loathing, Reader being an asshole

A/N - Idk where this came from but I hope you guys like it. Feedback is always welcome.

“This is only gonna hurt in the long run,” you huffed out a heavy breath, gathering yourself as you rolled off of Bucky’s sweat-soaked sheets.

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why moana isn’t just “another quirky princess”

so ive seen far to many posts complaining that Moana is just like “all the other princesses and that shes “just another quirky princess” and i disagree with that

i mean for one, being quirky is a main character trait 101. and while i get some people find it annoying, dont diss all the disney princess for the very same trait that every male character has as well

also a very distictive difference between moana and most (not all) disney princesses is that she’s NOT inexperienced or unqualified for leadership. in the very beginning we see her constantly stepping up the plate and demonstrating her intellegence, forsight, and quick thinking to big problems. SPOILER: such as when she immediately thought of a solution to the diseased coconuts or thought of several solutions for the fishing issue until every established route possible was used up and then she started thinking outside of the box. or just simple things such as being able to fix a roof.

but i think the most stand out quality of her leadership is her willingness to give up her asperations of explorations for the sake of the prosperity of her people. like she does push the envolope a bit as a kid but as she gets ready to become chief, she puts her wants of sailing behind her for the sake of her people, without needing to be instructed by anyone else because she is a leader. it is only until SPOILER all the fish have gone that she finally has to consider going beyond the reef but she only does this for the sake of her peoples survival and not for her own rebellious reasons. and when she finds that it infact wont work, she immediatly gives that small hope of her dream up and is ready to become chief, because THAT is what her people need, even if she would want otherwise. its not until her grandmother shows her that in order to save her people she MUST leave is when she finally goes. not for a rebellious adventure or a way to act out. but as a leader to brave the unknown for her peoples survival. 

moana acts as a selfless hero right from the get go, and NOT as some fanciful rebellious teenager acting out for the sake of adventure who later learns to be a hero. 

moana is quirky, but her defining traits are her leadership and bravery. shes not just some girl whos quirky and wants adventure and has literally no idea what she is doing and just wants to have fun and do what she wants, against her parental figures wishes. moana is a leader, a hero, and a chief.

Winchester brothers-Revenge

Title: Revenge

Pairings: Winchester brothers x Child reader, Jody Mills x Child reader

Word count:1175

Request:This is for sister Sunday and it is a little odd. So Charlie had a little sister (around 14ish.) who she never told the boys about so she wouldn’t get wrapped up in the mess. Though when she finds out Charlie died (She has contacts.) She uses them to find out (and makes a lot conclusions) it was Sam’s fault and she goes to claim his life for her sister but ends up breaking down in front of him, Sam realises how close she was to Charlie and comforts her, then the boys send her to live with Jody.

You stood outside the bunker, eyes glazed over. You felt anger flush over your body, hand twitching on the gun that you held in your hand. This was for Charlie. 

Your sister. 


Sam was sitting in the bunker chairs, laptop open as he scrolled for more cases, his eyes flickered across the screen, finger tapping away at the keypad. 

‘’I’m going to get some food, be back soon’’Dean called out as Sam waved him off. As soon as Dean left you knew this was it, this was the moment you had been waiting for, getting revenge for your sisters death. 

Sam;s head shot up, eyes narrowing as his breath caught in his throat. He heard the footsteps, something or someone squeaking against the floor. He started to panic, supernatural creatures can’t get in so how the hell was something in here?

Hoping to God it was just Dean playing pranks on him. He took his gun, making sure not to shoot straight away until it was a prank. He slowly ducked into the kitchen, where the noise was coming from. 

Reaching over h flickered on the light, gun quickly darting to the centre of the room as he prepared himself for whatever was in here. He frowned when he saw it was empty until he felt something hard and heavy hit his head. 

Thankfully since he was strong and whatever hit him had a weaker hit he was able to stay conscious. However, he did fall to the floor, spotting a shoe kicking his gun away. 

He looked up, eyes widening in confusion and shock as he noticed you, a little girl holding a gun to his face. He held his hands up in defence, slowly trying to look up at you from his position on the floor. 

‘’Who are you? How did you get in?’’He asked with confusion. Why would a little girl be trying to kill him? Unless it was a shifter or someone’s daughter that they had killed their mother or a family member (that turned out to be a supernatural being).

‘’You’re a monster, and you deserve to pay for what you did’’You spat out, hand quivering as you felt the tears run down your cheeks. You angrily wiped them, glaring at Sam as he looked up at you with a shocked expression. 

‘’You murdered her!’’You screamed, hands tightening around the gun making Sam flinch. 

‘’Look, I think you’ve got me confused with someone els-’’

‘’No, you’re him. You’re Sam Winchester and you killed her!’’You spat. 

‘’Who?’’Sam yelped with a panicked tone. You froze, anger completely taking over you. He noticed, watching as you glared at him, lip twitching. 

‘’You don’t even know. Wow! How many people have you killed then?’’You yelled as you pulled back the lever of the gun. 

‘’NO WAIT!’’He yelled. You opened your mouth ready to yell at him again but he slipped his foot underneath your foot and yanked. You went flying to the floor, gun sliding by your side. 

Sam shoot up, pinning you down as he kicked the gun away. 

‘’Just calm down and tell me who you are. Please, I don’t want to hurt you’’Sam begged as you struggled under him. His hands gripped your wrists, pining them by your side as you tried to break free. 

‘’Why don’t you know her! You killer her! You took her away from me!’’You screamed, one fist going free as you punched him in his chest. He grunted slightly, your tiny fist doing no damage to the giant hunter. 

‘’Who are you on about?’’He asked, hand pinning your wrist back down. 

‘’You took her away from me, she didn’t deserve to die. She tried to keep me a safe but she went and died!’’You whimpered, eyes finally flooding as you sobbed underneath your sisters killer. 

He froze, not knowing what to do. Normally he would comfort you but since only a few seconds ago where you pointing a gun at his head he was sure it wasn’t the best. 

You knew about the Supernatural life and deep down you knew that Sam didn’t really ill your sister you just needed to believe that he did so maybe you wouldn’t feel so hurt. 

Maybe it could take the pain away. 

Sam breathed out, his breath slightly tickling your cheek as he sat up. The minute he let your wrists go you used them to cover your face, your body shaking. Sam felt guilt over take him, he really hoped that you had got him mixed with the wrong person but he knew it probably wasn’t true and he’d have to yet again tell a innocent person-child about the supernatural life. 

Sam stared at you, unable to move. He knew he should lock the door and call Dean but he couldn’t leave you. You were what? 13? 14? Just a child who was broken and mourning. 

Sam fought the urges to comfort you as he hesitantly placed a hand on your shoulder. You stopped fighting, looking up as he sucked in a breath at how sad and innocent you look. 

You body was slumped in defeat, lower lip in a trembling pout, eyes red with tear tracks. 

‘’I’m sorry’’You whispered as you hung your head in shame. ‘’I shouldn’t have done that, I was being stupid, thinking if I could blame you then maybe her death wouldn’t hurt so bad’’You sniffed. 

‘’Who?’’Sam repeated, this time with a soft tone rather than a shocked one. 

‘’Charlie’’You whimpered out as you started to cry again, burring your face in your hands. Sam drawed back, mouth falling open with shock before he looked back at you.

You had no time to process what was going on before you felt a warm body envolope you in a hug. You cried into his shoulder, hand curling up in his shirt as he cradled the back of your head. 

‘’Shh. You’re okay, I’ve got you’’He whispered as he closed his eyes in sympathy. 

‘’I’m so sorry’’You sobbed into his chest. He only shushed you, whispering soothing words into your shoulder as he completely forgot about the incident earlier. 

‘’Hey, Sammy. I got so-who’s this?’’Dean asked as he fell quiet upon seeing Sam cradling a sobbing little girl. Sam glanced up at his brother with sad eyes. ‘’Please tell me she’s not your daughter’’Dean breathed out anxiously. 

‘’What? no’’Sam hissed as he motioned for Dean to shut up. ‘’This is….This is Charlie’s sister Dean’’Sam explained. Dean’s mouth fell as he looked towards her with pity, guilt flooding in his eyes as he ran his fingers through his locks. 


Both brothers stood by the doorframe, glancing at you as you slept. 

‘’What are we going to do?’’Dean asked as he turned his head to his brother who was still looking at you. 

‘’We’ll send her to Jody in the morning. She deserves someone kind and loving Dean’’Sam said as Dean nodded his head. 

‘’I’ll go call her up’’Dean sighed as he patted Sam’s shoulder. 

‘’Yeah… she’ll be safe there’’

asteriaofthenightsky  asked:

Hey, do you have any head canons about transmale/ transfemale/nonbinary hunters? If not, could you write one for me? Thanks~

I have a few up my sleeve!

  • Artemis doesn’t five an f about who you were born as - it’s who you currently are that matters
  • Transfemale hunters are welcome with open arms and are not as uncommon as you’d initially think. The tight bond between the hunters envolop the new girls and create a sense of family. Eventually, they are able to extend that to other nervous newcomers who are unsure whether their reception will be friendly
  • Artemis uses her blessings to help those who want to transition and accepting those who don’t. These girls are her daughters and she will do whatever it takes to make them the strongest they can be
  • Anyone who dares to be transphobic to their sisters faces the wrath of the whole squad. If educating them doesn’t work, well, let’s just say they always end up in a hospital not long after. And are mildly inconvienced when possible because you can hold a grudge for a long time when you live forever 
  • When any of her hunters realize they identify as male, she helps them in any form they need - transition, money, support - before revoking their immortality and sending them to live in the world. While she loves them dearly, men can’t be a part of her hunters

Mod Isabel

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Saying She is Not Good Enough For Them

So I did an insecurity post, but it wasn’t quite like this, so I decided to do this request too. 


“What wrong?” he asked her as he sat down next to her on the couch. His girlfriend sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and chewed on it.

“Nothing,” she told him with a small smile. He looked at her knowingly, telling her with his eyes that he didn’t believe her. She sighed. “I just feel like I’m not good enough for you…like I’m holding you back.” 

“Don’t be stupid,” Baekhyun said as he leaned his head against her shoulder. “You make me happy. How could you ever not be good enough?” 


She had been more sombre than usual, craving solitude and avoiding him. Chanyeol was sick of it, he wanted to spend time with her so he confronted her about it. She broke as soon as he asked, spilling everything she felt including how bad of a match she thought they were. 

“Jagi,” he said firmly as he grabbed onto her hand. He was a shitty dancer, but he began to twirl her around and dance with her anyways, smiling at her until she slowly began to smile back at him. “We might not be the perfect match, but I love you anyways.” 


The minute she started spewing about how she wasn’t good enough for him was when he snapped his fingers and held his hand up to get her to stop. He looked at her sassily, his eyes dull. “Don’t talk about yourself like that.” 


“Are you okay?” he asked her after she pulled her knees up to her chest while they were watching a movie together on the couch. 

She pursed her lips before she shook her head, signalling him that she was not okay. His girlfriend felt horrible. He was always so busy and she was forcing him to spend time with her. Not to mention, Kai was so out of her league it wasn’t even funny. “I’m not good enough for you…” 

“Don’t cry,” he told her kindly. She hadn’t even realised she had teared up in the first place. “Of course you’re good enough…you’re the only person that is. You make me better, Jagi.” 


“It’s nothing,” she told him firmly as she wrapped her arms around her stomach. He gave her that look that told her she had to continue. “Sometimes I look at you and I just get overwhelmed…I don’t feel like I deserve to be with you.” 

He smiled at her suddenly and took her hands in his. “Sometimes I feel like that too, Baobei. But I’d never let you go over something so silly.” 

(that was atrocious…I apologise profusely to the Kris stans)


“It’s just that you’re so famous now,” she said as she shook her head. “People always talk about you like you’re a million miles away; something unreachable.”

He smiled at her as he rested his hand on her side. “Jagi, I’m right here. Always. I promise you’re all I ever wanted.” 


“Don’t talk about yourself that way,” Lay said as he pulled her close and began to kiss her ear and the back of her neck. “Baobei, I love you. You will always be good enough.” 


“What made you suddenly think that way?” Luhan demanded as he crossed his arms. 

“I don’t know,” she said with a sigh as she closed her eyes and laid back on the bed again. “It’s just how I have been feeling lately.” 

“Well, stop it,” he said to her sternly. “It’s stupid.” 


She had left in tears, not even waiting for him to reply. He hated the idea that he had done something to make her feel inadequate, but Sehun didn’t even know what that something was. She was certainly more than good enough and he wanted to prove it to her; she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. 


“Junmyeon,” she said quietly as she bit her lip, “you’re too good to me. I feel like I don’t do enough…like I don’t try hard enough. I don’t deserve you.” 

Suho smiled as he pulled himself closer to her, pressing his forehead to her and whispering. “I’m not good enough for you.” 


He began to tear up just even thinking that he had made her feel bad about herself. Tao didn’t know what to do, she was so important to him and she felt like she wasn’t good enough. He wasn’t even sure where to start correcting that, but he figured starting off small was a good idea. He wrote down all the reasons he could think of about how she was good enough for him and then sealed them in an envolope and placed it on the countertop, writing her name on the cover. 


He looked at her and smiled after she had confessed her feelings to him. It was almost a cheeky grin, but his eyes were full of affection. “If you weren’t good enough, then we wouldn’t be together still.” 

the signs are all sexual deviants

aries - ruled by mars..the sex planet 

taurus - I want all of lifes pleasures come envolope me in sensuality!

gemini - i have 16 personalities and need 16 partners every week

cancer - hug me, love me, fuck me

leo - i am royalty, fuck me like the queen i am

virgo - the only time i can lose my inhibitions & worries is when im high in physical pleasure

libra - everything in life takes 2- and i cant orgasm alone

scorpio - rules reproductive zone. come over here, sting my tail 

capricorn - well practice makes perfect right?

aquarius - the uranus sexual revolutionzer - no emotional attachments freedom of expression

sagittarius - i dont want to commit i just want to explore ;)

pisces - the 10 seconds of orgasmic hallucination/derealization

He's Sick (Michael Imagine)

It’s the ripe hour of three in the morning when you feel a dramatic shift in the dynamics of your bed, and hear clumsy running followed by the sound of gagging. It takes you probably .8 seconds to realize what is going on, and once you do, you jump out of bed and hurriedly make your way to the bathroom.

Seated on the tile floor is a very disheveled looking Michael. His head leans against the toilet, his eyes squeezed shut, as he tried to combat another wave of sickness. He loses, and his head moves to empty his stomach into the toilet again. You walk up behind him and rub his bareback gently, a light sheen of a cold sweat glistening along his pale skin. You flush the toilet as he finishes, and hand him a towel to wipe his mouth with.

“Thanks,” he quietly says, placing the towel on the counter once he finishes before leaning his head against the wall.

“No problem,” you say, rubbing his shoulder now that his back is pressed against the surface. “I’m gonna go get you some water and medicine, alright?”

He nods, and by the time you come back to the bathroom, he is almost asleep against the wall.

“Mikey, take these,” you hand him the medicine, which he cringes at before swallowing. Then he takes tiny sips of the water you brought, his arms shaking just holding up the heavy bottle. You set it down once he hands it back to you.

“Anything else?” You ask. A shudder runs through him.

“A sweatshirt and blanket? Please?” His voice is cracking and thick, and once you return with his clothes you help him pull them on. “Thanks,” he says quietly.

“Of course,” you respond. “You want to try going to bed again?” He nods, brushing his teeth as you sit on the counter, waiting to lead him into the bedroom. He knows the way -it’s his home too- but there’s something about sick Michael that is just a discombobulated body of limbs, and you know he secretly loves being taken care of when he doesn’t feel good.

Once in the bedroom, he climbs into bed, waiting for you to join him.

“I’ll be in in a second Mikey,” you say, turning to head back downstairs.

“No,” he whines, making grabby hands at you like a two year old wanting their bottle. “Y/N, stay.”

Every word out of his mouth is elongated, and you decide that getting water for yourself isn’t all that necessary right now. You climb into bed beside him, immediately feeling his body envolop your’s in a koala-like embrace. He has a slight fever, which you know the medicine will bring down, but still you worry about your sick boy.

“Y/N?” He asks, his voice muffled by the abundance of blankets he has wrapped around him.


“I swear I’m not sick because we went out,” he mumbles. Earlier that night, the guys all had went out drinking, and you warned Michael about drinking too much and not wanting to deal with his hangover. He shook you off, but you knew he had listened to you. You recall him saying at lunch that he felt under the weather, and although a few beers definitely did not help, you know he’s probably got a stomach bug or the flu.

“I know,” you respond, rubbing his back again. “It’s been going around. Luke had it last week, Calum the week before-”

“And you next week,” He cuts you off, a smug smile evident in voice.

“Why me next week?”

“Because…” he trails off. “You’re going to spend this week taking care of me.”

“No, I am not getting sick, Mikey,” you respond sternly as he chuckles. “I mean it this time Michael. Absolutely no kisses.” He laughs harder, knowing that the ‘no kissing’ rule always lasts for a good 24 hours before one of you forgets. And then Michael always argues that 'we just kissed, so we might as well kiss again, because all hope is lost now’ and somehow that logic happens to pull through for him.


It doesn’t even take 24 hours. The next day, Michael has you running back and forth from the couch, as if you are his personal caretaker. Which, you kind of are, but it’s exhausting when you have a 6-foot-something tall baby that gets bored very quickly, and constantly needs refills of tissues and whatnot. His latest request was some soup, and you happily make some, because this morning he hadn’t wanted to eat at all due to his uneasy stomach. As you bring it to the living room where Michael has been lounging all day, you set it down in his lap, handing him a glass of water to go with it.

“Thanks babe,” he responds, and as you do almost every other time one of you does something nice for the other, you both lean in quickly to peck the other’s lips. It’s not until your lips are firmly pressed to his that your eyes pop wide open, and you shove him back against the couch, spilling his water and almost spilling his soup in the process.

“Y/N! What the fu-”

“Michael!” You whine, stomping your foot on the ground as realization crosses his face, and he bursts into laughter.

“Oh well babe, guess you’re infected now.”

And true to form, by the same day the next week, you were occupying the same couch, throwing up in the same toilet, and Michael just thought the whole thing was so fucking funny.


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{Requested by anon :3}

It was very early in the morning, you had just woken up and freshened up. The morning sky was beautiful, even though it was a bit cloudy, but since you pretty much loved the cold weather, you still found it beautiful.
You went and looked inside your mail box, seemed like you had a lot of envolopes in them. You sighed as you read them and walked back in the house, “Okay lets see, bill, bill, bill, bill, and oh look another bill.” You rolled your eyes and just tossed them onto your table. Just as you were about to go inside your kitchen, a pair of strong arms grabbed your waist from behind, causing you to flinch and laugh.

“Babe!! What the hell?! You scared me!” You yelled laughing at your boyfriend Jinxx.
His lips pressed against your cheek so sweetly and lovingly. You always did blush when he kissed you like that.
“How dare you leave me alone in bed, I turned around to hold you and you werent there.”
You giggled and turned around to face him, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Youre holding me now arent you?” You tell him, leaning up and kissing his soft and sexy lips.
“Well youre forgiven.” He says kissing you again, this time you two were full on making out. It caused you to get turned on a little, his lips had a way of making your body a little hot.

You leaned away, catching your breath a little as you were huffing. “Woah now, its morning, can we finish the day first?”
“Oh come on babe, I just got back from tour and I missed you a lot.”
You smiled, he was such a sweetheart.
“Tell you what? We spend the entire day together, have a little movie night and THEN we can get to the sexy part.” You assured him smirking.
“Promise.” You replied biting your bottom lip.
Jinxx shook his head, “Dont bite your lip like that you know I cant resist that.” He warns. You immediately stop and just laugh it off.

For the rest of the day you and your sweetheart of a man spent the entire day together. You ate at your favorite diner, went to the park walking hand in hand. And even spent a little time at the beach together despite the cold weather.
Now it was night time, which meant movie night, you went and rented a lot of disney movies, you loved disney movies, in fact, you were obsessed with them.
As the two of you were snuggling together, watching the ending scene of Sleeping Beauty where Aurora’s dress changes pink and blue and she’s with prince philip, it made you wonder one thing, you stared at Jinxx for a moment.
“Yeah baby?”
“Howcome you and I never danced like that?..well howcome you and I never danced at all?” You asked.
“Dont you remember our first date? When we were telling each other about ourselves?” He questions.

You replied with a nodd, “I told you that one of the things I cannot do, is dance.”
You stared at the screen again, and without saying anything, you grabbed the remote and turned off the movie, then you stood up from the couch.
“Whats up?” Jinxx asked a little confused.
“Im gonna teach you how to dance!”
You yelled with a huge smile.
“Wait, what?” He said a little shocked.
“Come on love, dancing is easy, and I also happen to be an expert.” You tell him with your head held high. He chuckled and stood up from the couch, “I dont know honey, dancing is really not for me.”
“Well it is gonna be today.” You said moving the couches out of the way so the two of you had more room.
You went back to him and came closer.
“Alright, first thing’s first, hold my hand and put one arm around my waist.” You instructed. Jinxx did as he was told, he held one of your hands, and jolted you to him when he wrapped his arm around your waist.

Your chest was against his, zero space between you guys. He gave you a very sexy smile and raised and eyebrow. “Like this?”
“Yes very good.” You say, “Now all you have to do is sway my body from side to side and you can also spin and dip me.” You added.
As Jinxx started to do that, he was fine at first, until he stepped on your foot.
“Ow!” You yelled smacking his arm.
“Sorry! I told you I cant dance.”
“Well Im not gonna let you give up, isnt that what you always tell me?” You ask.
He smiled and nodded agreeing.
“Try again, and this time just let yourself flow, dont be so tight.”
“Just do it babe!” You yell, “Alright! Okay!”
Jinxx took a deep breath and started to sway you again. It took a couple of tries but this time he was actually doing a good job, you smiled proudly at him.
“What the hell? Im doing it right?” He questioned himself.
“Yes! I knew you could do it!” You said with a huge smile.
“Thanks to you, now all we need is some music.” Said Jinxx, he turned on the boom box and plugged in the speakers. The song “Done For You.” Came on, “Oh I love this song.”
“I know.” He extended his hand, “May I have this dance?”
You smiled and took his hand, he held you close and led the dance.

Your head resting on his chest listening to the sound of his heart beat which was in sync with yours.
You danced until the song almost over.
Then suddenly your man picked you up and carried you bridal style making you laugh.
“Love, what did you do that for?” You ask.
He turned off the boom box and smirked at you. “Its the end of the night, and I believe you promised me something.” He reminded you.
“Oh no…”
“Oh yes! To the bedroom!”
You cracked up even more, as he ran with you to the room…
“Youre lucky Im in the mood!”

(Enjoyed writing this! Hope this was fluffy enough for ya! :3)


Requested by: Anon
Request: Could you please do a cheeky deadpool x reader? ;)
A/N: I made it the fluffy cheeky, not the other kind. Sorry I couldn’t fulfill the request properly.


“There are actually 4 states of matter. As you know there is solid, liquid and gas, but the fourth one is plasma-” You paused as you heard your phone rining, it was Wade you could tell by the ringtone of him singing. You looked up at your class and excused yourself and walked out of the classroom and answered the call.

“I’m in the middle of a class you know. Well what’s up?” You heard a muffled sigh then then it sounded as though fabric was moving across the mic of the phone “..Wade?” a sound of a very snotty sniffle was heard followed with something sounded like slapping what must be cheeks.
“C'mon Wade nothing to worry about, just a month until summer and they’re all yours, this is just stupid getting up set of your girl/boyfriend because they’re a high-school teacher and they’ve got over 100 kids to deal with..” Shit he’s lonely, I fucked up.’ “They’ve just been busy marking shit, i-it’s all good.” Then you heard another shuffle then a sad laugh “Who am i kidding they would rather spend time with their students rather than- than this monstrosity- b-but why?” You’ve got to make it up to him, like NOW.

You ran into your classroom with your phone against you chest,
“YOU’RE ALL DISMISSED” You shouted as you grabbed you stuff and ran towards your car.

You parked in front of your apartment grabbed your stuff and the stuff you bought and ran to your shared apartement and burst on in. Wade froze in place on his spot on the couch and slowly grabbed the sword that was hidden under the cushions, stood on his feet and jumped over the couch,
“WADE IT’S ME (Y/N)” YOu shouted as he was about to ‘unalive’ as he calls it. He was about to slice you when it registered in his head that it was actually you.
“(Y-Y/N) what are you doing here?… I-I thought you were teaching” He asked as he dropped his sword and ran to hug you. You dropped your things on the floor and returned the hug.

Wade suddenly let go of the hug and grabbed you by the shoulders and looked at you straight in your eyes,
“Wait, why are you here?” he asked more seriously, you simply smiled sheepishly with your eyes closed as you scratched the back of your neck.
“Well your ass was called me and I-” You weren’t sure if you should tell him “I heard what you said and I wanted to make it up to you by having some pranking fun or just something like that.” Wade looked back down at the floor and an faint 'oh’ escaped his lips throught the mask.

He looked back into your eyes as you knudged him,
“C'mon big guy I didn’t come here to watch you mope around lets go have some fun!” You lifted up the bags full of stuff with movies, games and stuff for pranks. A clear wide grin was seen on Wade’s mask.
“So are you challenging me, the prank god” He boomed, he was a man for quick recoveries- well on the outside that is so for today and the rest of the weekend it was your mission to make your man smile both inside and out. A sly smirk appeared on your lips,
“What if I am” You teased
“Well you’ve declared civil war” Wade shouted as he place one hand on his hip and the other pointing to the ceiling.

You shreeked as freezing water completly drenched you. You looked at Wade you was laughing his ass off as you probably look like a cat that’s been drenched in water and is seeking revenge, but you were shivering to even move.
“W-w-wade” His laughter slowly started to fade and he wiped away an invisible tear.
“Yeah honey?”
“I-I-I’m t-to c-c-old to-” You felt yourself be envoloped in a blacket of warmth as Wade suddenly hugged you.
“Say no more” He smiled and pecked the top of your head.
“H-h-how ab-b-out a b-bath-th” You suggested,
“Sounds like a plan” Wade cheered as he picked you up and walked the both of you to your bathroom.

This sure beats teaching, you couldn’t wait till summer for the real fun to begin. 3 Months of non-stop fun. 3 Months of you and Wade.

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