Life lessons:

🔸You get what you need, not what you want.
🔸The universe will never give you anything you can’t handle.
🔸There is so much love within every single one of us, it’s difficult to grasp. So much love. Love is always here. It can never be lost.
🔸Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Risk getting your heart broken. It’s worth it.
🔸The earth is part of us, as much as we are a part of it. Caring for nature means caring for ourselves.
🔸Move past your fears. They are here for you to learn. Let go, and only love remains.
🔸Separación no existe. Es una ilusión creado de la mente, por miedo de ser abandonado. Todos somos UNO.

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Permit me, oh God, to
Penetrate the spirit of your
People. Grant not only to me, but to the world through me, your

Photographer: @b2raw
Model: @rocksteadyy_
Creative Director/Stylist: @tastelikerum

Just another sneak peak for the #mypeloha look book. #envisionary #peace

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“Baby’s thoughts : Thank you mama for being an inspiration. For showing me anything can be achieved no matter what’s the race or gender. I was born into this world full of hate. I was born into this nation strategically planned to go against me for the color of my skin, and the amount of money in your pockets. Right now you’re holding me up in celebration of your success. I only pray one day I’ll be able to hold you down because of mine.

Mama’s thoughts: This one’s for you. I’m holding you up right now to condition you not to be afraid of heights. Birds are made to fly, stars are made to shine. You my son, you’re made to be that light in a world full of darkness.”
- Brandon Jovan
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This is a movement, a way of thinking, and a way of life. We spend a lot of our money building the dreams of so many other people. This isn’t to divide the races, it’s attempt is to uplift our race. It’s not to take away money from other corporations, but to start investing into black owned businesses. An abundant amount of money we spend go to people of different races that don’t even live in the same city as us.
Let’s start helping each other afford to live the way we want to live. You will start seeing this sticker on black owned businesses in your city to help you identify a black corporation. If you want stickers to put on your laptop, car, backpack, etc .. Just hit me up. Let’s make a change you guys. #BuyBlack #Envisionary #MyPeloha #My28daysofFreedom

“Sometimes I envy the bird, because when it gets cold he could just fly away. When life gets too cold for me well … It just gets cold.” - Brandon Jovan