environments & tiles


With over 200 elements this pixel style 3d western town construction kit offers a wide variety of options for city planners. It also comes with the option to kit bash your own buildings by combining windows, doors and beams with plane buildings to make your own variations. The set also contains environment tiles for immediate surroundings.

Models and textures by Csaba Baity


every now and again i go back to messing around with my WW style test map in unreal 4.

i tried to do the ocean as my first unreal material but i couldn’t get it right. tried it again last night with everything i’ve learnt since then and it turns out recreating the original WW ocean is actually rly easy 

updating it tho is a lot harder. i’m not happy with the refraction and i spent forever trying to figure out how to make procedural wind waker waves instead of using a single texture to fix tiling but maaaaaan, you just cant proceduralify WW’s waves (or do the foam that way. i already know thats gunna need a seperate mesh and material everywhere the water collides with geo :| )

i’ve been having trouble with normals too. WW’s obviously a very flat game and too much detail in the normals looks off. i’ve been hand painting them which works ok for tiled environment textures but i really want to incorporate zbrush into the work flow since thats such an easier way of making normals