One eeeeeeasy way to go green.

Avoid using the Keurig coffee-pod machines. I think the concept is cool, but the single-use pods are the epitome of unnecessary waste. Opt for regular coffee-pot coffee. Even if they get recycled, the recycling process still consumes energy best left to other more necessary items.

Plastic isn’t the problem… our need for convenience and disposable items is.

Possibly a controversial post, and perhaps a misleading title. But it makes my point well.

The reason we waste so much plastic is because we want a life of convenience. We live a disposable life. We’re constantly on the search for the next best thing.

The plastic bottle I use for hair oil, which I reuse over and over, is much better than a glass bottle I’ll throw away after one use, even if I will recycle it.

Plastic isn’t good, but neither is using materials from our environment at the same rate. We need to address our disposable lifestyles just as much as the materials we use. Simply switching to environmentally friendly materials isn’t good enough if you’re still going to consume in such a disposable and unconsidered way.

Minimal tips #1

I see a lot of people who are getting into minimalism, specifically making more eco friendly choices, who decide to throw away all plastic products they have to replace them with eco friendly ones. The majority of plastic isn’t recycled! You’re contributing to the problem by doing this. It’s admirable and exciting that you’re wanting to live a more sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle, but use the products you have first! I had tons of plastic Tupperware, cosmetic bottles, phone cases etc. which I needed to use (and still do) until they’re broken. If you really don’t want to use them, sell them, donate them, but don’t throw them away. I’ve recently sold all of my SkinnyDip phone cases and bought a Pela phone case (Pela is an amazing eco friendly brand). I need Tupperware so I’m going to use the plastic ones I have.

Replace your things with eco friendly alternatives, but not until they need replacing!


Pollution Sucks Tee by BLACKMAGIKA

This logo was designed in 1989 by a family member in protest of the Exxon Valdez oil spill that happened in March of that year in Prince William Sound Alaska, just east of Anchorage. That spill destroyed ocean habitat in Alaska and has affected BC and the whole pacific coast. We have decided to reprint it using the last known original and have added the printing on the back.

All profits from the sales of this shirt are going to be donated to small shore clean ups on Vancouver Island and if it does well I’m planning to donate to shore clean up efforts in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California.

Top 10 ethical travel destinations for 2016 - CNN.com
Help has arrived for travelers who've resolved to avoid spending their tourism cash in countries with poor human rights and environmental records.
By CNN staff

Put your money where your mouth is! For example: If you resolved to be more environmentally friendly, make your vacation count, too!

I’m finally successful in getting down to one meal with meat a day in my effort to be more environmentally friendly. These are my vegetarian friendly tacos with lentils used in place of ground meat. I’m not at the point in my life where I can completely give up meat but I understand how it impacts the environment so I do my part. Currently the only meat products in my diet of free-range antibiotic free eggs, seafood and yogurt-these have significantly less environmental impact than eating meat/poultry. This is helping significantly reduce my food spending since I eat at home and buy my plant protein in bulk.


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