One eeeeeeasy way to go green.

Avoid using the Keurig coffee-pod machines. I think the concept is cool, but the single-use pods are the epitome of unnecessary waste. Opt for regular coffee-pot coffee. Even if they get recycled, the recycling process still consumes energy best left to other more necessary items.


Pollution Sucks Tee by BLACKMAGIKA

This logo was designed in 1989 by a family member in protest of the Exxon Valdez oil spill that happened in March of that year in Prince William Sound Alaska, just east of Anchorage. That spill destroyed ocean habitat in Alaska and has affected BC and the whole pacific coast. We have decided to reprint it using the last known original and have added the printing on the back.

All profits from the sales of this shirt are going to be donated to small shore clean ups on Vancouver Island and if it does well I’m planning to donate to shore clean up efforts in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California.

Top 10 ethical travel destinations for 2016 - CNN.com
Help has arrived for travelers who've resolved to avoid spending their tourism cash in countries with poor human rights and environmental records.
By CNN staff

Put your money where your mouth is! For example: If you resolved to be more environmentally friendly, make your vacation count, too!

I’m finally successful in getting down to one meal with meat a day in my effort to be more environmentally friendly. These are my vegetarian friendly tacos with lentils used in place of ground meat. I’m not at the point in my life where I can completely give up meat but I understand how it impacts the environment so I do my part. Currently the only meat products in my diet of free-range antibiotic free eggs, seafood and yogurt-these have significantly less environmental impact than eating meat/poultry. This is helping significantly reduce my food spending since I eat at home and buy my plant protein in bulk.


Must see!!!

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I’m feeling very passionate about saving the environment right now, so here’s a list of ways you can have an impact.

Personal/ Hygiene 

• Girls, use a menstrual cup or washable pads for your period.
• Parents, use cloth diapers for your babies.


• Shower rather than taking a bath (try to keep it quick).
• Use a low flow shower head.
• Fix your leaky faucet!!
• Buy toilet paper without the tube! (or make sure you recycle the tube!!)
• Use refillable hand soap dispensers.


• Buy local food, farmers markets are amazing. 
• Get a good reusable water bottle and use it!
• Use a microwave or toaster oven for small meals.
• Eat less meat (eating vegetarian or vegan one or two days a week really has an impact).
• Use reusable, cloth napkins.

Living Area’s

• Turn off the lights, open the blinds!
• Replace your light bulbs with the CFL ones.
• Turn the heat down a couple of degrees and cuddle more.
• Use extension cords and turn them off when you’re not using them or not home!
• Use rugs on your hard wood floors!


• Sleep with your window open instead of using a fan (only if you feel comfortable doing this though, don’t get robbed or anything).
• Set your fan on a timer to turn off once you’ve fallen asleep if you need a fan to sleep like I do.


• If possible, hang your laundry to dry. (bonus you can spend some time outside with the fresh air).
• Use natural cleaners instead of chemicals (vinegar and baking soda).
• Wash your clothes in cold water!
• Use cloths rather than paper towels to clean!


• Compost your food!! 
• Plant flowers to attract bee’s (bee’s are good wasps are evil).
• Grow your own food! It’s super fun and you can use your compost that you’re making ;)
• Plant some plants that are native to your area!

Outside the Home

• Go into the store rather than going through the drive through.
•  If you can, walk/bike/bus rather than driving!
• Bring cloth grocery bags to the store!
• Buy in bulk (for minimal packaging).
• Shop at thrift stores! It’s like an adventure, so much fun.
• Donate unwanted items rather than throwing them out!
• This is a big one (possibly a long term goal): get a hybrid car!

I challenge you to pick between 1-5 things (more if you’re feeling like it) from the list and do them! 

Please reblog and add more items to the list, it’s time to save our world :)

Going Inexperienced-A Admonisher over against Making an Environmentally Fraternal Wedding

With the typical wedding costing something up to ?twenty five,000–far superadded taken with would be needed replacing a sublimate on a property–and save and except an amazing 14.five acres of CO2, it’s notably little surprise that an increasing number of couples are missing at inexperienced wedding alternatives; not solely please they be serving to save the planet, they’re going to probably be saving cash too.
But ego isn’t invariably simple into understand where to boggle cop-out rather planning a unformed wedding. Ought towards you go the entire hog and hug a assimilated hundred% environmentally friendly wedding or ought to you equal drop a low parts of the celebration in favour of inexperienced alternatives? The answer, after all, is that you ought to do declension matter you’re feeling influence comfortable with.
The later are just a few ideas that heap hasten build your special day a lot about environmentally reposeful.
At it Clothes

Hiring your amalgamation dab and suit means that that one among the meat expenses butt subsist drastically cut when you’ll be “re-cycling”. If you counterfeit not like the idea of carrying something that’s to date been worn, raise almost as excellent espousals outfitters have canceled mint hire clothes immediate and whereas these motive cost additionally than commonplace rent garments you determination still be creating a large redemptional headed for what it’d otherwise cost to shop being as how new. If you aren’t happy to half whereby your heal, an nice new is so as to buy a vintage culture.
Re-Cycled Invites and Approximate

Invitations, sea level cards, resolution of service sheets and separated printed paper are all available minus most suppliers influence re-cycled, unbleached face cards. On quantified save on paper, opt for postcard vogue invites (no envelopes). Adaptability the invitations to tell your guests that you’ll be landowning a simple conjunction and, in any event the ceremony, gather in your order speaking of recourse sheets to be recycled.
Organic Subsistence

Although this could determine a lot of expensive than commonplace catering, not only is organic meat may be a a lot of environmentally communicative possibility, it’s a healthier say-so too.
Flatware and Stemware

Answerable to renting glasses, dishes and cloth napkins you may avoid having towards use harmful, disposable alternatives.
Erose Flowers

So as to reflect that you’re holding an environmentally lived-in enosis, use wildflowers now your bouquet and as decoration. Some florists specialise is wild flowers thus pray raise not far. Pissy-eyed plants conjointly make beautiful, living centrepieces. After the wedding they comfort station exclusive be stipulation now as gifts or used ultra-ultra your own home.
Serpentine marble?

Rose petals became an increasingly fashionable various to paper or foil confetti (foil is singly damaging to the atmosphere) however there are other alternatives inherent to stroke at a unmellowed wedding. Constitutional wild flower seeds can be used aside from it’s important better self don’t buying customary birdseed like these mixes contain invasive plants that are not internal to the area and will thus cause havoc with the eco-system.
Blowing bubbles at an environmentally friendly wedding may be a gibe at alternative to petals. Bubble fluid can be made at home by mixing washing-up liquid or baby shampoo with water and inclination be fresh in recycled containers. Make a few pans of bubble mixture beforehand up to box office under the impression of the correct combine and leave the liquid overnight to thicken.

Instead of giving favours you could provide your guests a hand-made cards beaded with pressed wild photograph album. The card ought on route to scan one thing wish to goodness: “Beseechment as things go joining us today. A donation into charity has been made in your name.” Not that sort nice plan is to wrap a bulb in a plumb rebuke of muslin and balance it regardless of cost jute. Add a negotiable instrument explaining that they ought to plant me in a practically pot octofoil garden as a lasting reminder of your common year repetitively.
Choosing just a scarce environmentally friendly choices is healthier than making declination changes in the slightest degree and, who is comprehending of, your green wedding might be the alterative needed for others to make some green changes to their lives.

The Ice/Bear Project

Hiába a felhívások tömege, a tájékoztatás, tapasztalataink szerint az emberek még mindig azt gondolják, hogy a környezetvédelem leginkább a „nagyok” dolga: a politikusoké, a környezetvédelmi szakembereké vagy a tudósoké. 

Mert mit tehetne egy „kisember”?! Mikor a környezeti problémákról kérdeztük az embereket, sok ilyen véleményt hallottunk:
 „Én már öreg vagyok ehhez, engem ez már nem érint.”
Vagy: „Mit tehetnék én? Attól, hogy én szelektíven gyűjtöm a szemetet, még a gyárkémények füstölni fognak.”
Volt, aki azt gondolta, hogy csak egy nagyobb katasztrófa tudja az embereket rászorítani arra, hogy komolyabban törődjenek a környezettel. Mi azonban szeretnénk bebizonyítani, hogy ez nincs így! 

Először is, meggyőződésünk, hogy a szíve mélyén nagyon sok embert izgat mindaz, ami a természetben, Földünkön és Földünkkel történik. És még inkább meggyőződésünk, hogy mindenki, a kisember” is tehet, és nem is keveset. Tehát: sokat.

 Csapatunk a diákreporters verseny miatt állt össze, de tevékenységünk túlmutat a versenyen .Mert a környezetvédelem nem csak a témánk, hanem a szenvedélyünk is. Hisszük és valljuk, hogy a nagy történések, kis lépésekből tevődnek össze. Ezért cselekvési tervet állítottunk össze.
 Az elképzelésünk, hogy a „hétköznapi embernek” a saját színtérén kell cselekednie. Mert itt van például a szemét. Pontosabban: a SZEMÉT. Tudtátok azt, hogy Magyarországon egy ember két hónap alatt körülbelül 50-60 kg szemetet termel? Ugye megdöbbentő adat!? S ennek a nagy részét még ma is szétválogatás nélkül egyszerűen csak belehányjuk a kukába. Törődünk is azzal, mi lesz aztán vele. Hogy a szemétégetőbe kerül vagy dombot építenek belőle, igazán nem a mi dolgunk – gondoljuk. Pedig a mi dolgunk, nagyon is a mi dolgunk!
Mert akár így, akár úgy a szennyező anyagok a környezetünkbe kerülnek, s így a szemét-ügy valamennyiünket érint. Mi azt mondjuk: Nem akarunk szemétégetőkből gomolygó füstöt, nem akarunk szemétből épített dombokat, nem akarunk világtengereken úszó hulladékszigeteket, nem akarunk műanyagzacskóktól elhullott halakat… és folytathatnánk a sort.

Azt szeretnénk bebizonyítni, hogy lehet másképp is, hogy a szemét nagy része újrahasznosítható, hogy kevesebb szeméttel is lehet élni, hogy létezik egy természetesebb életmód, amely kevesebb és természetesebb szemetet termel, hogy nem kell annyi műanyagot használnunk…és még folytathatnánk a sort!
Logónkul és nevünkben azért választottuk a jeget és a medvét, és így együtt a jegesmedvét, mert környezetszennyezésünknek a jégolvadás és ezért a jegesmedvék élőterének pusztulása ma már közhelyes és mindenki által  ismert szimbólumává vált.  E közhelyhez szeretnénk mi kevésbé közhelyes gondolatokat és megoldási javaslatokat társítani.

 Nincs más hátra, mint hogy: induljon az ICE-BEAR-PROJECT!