I wanted to implement solar in the community for a long time … as someone who has worked to try to end the expansion of the tar sands and stop harming our traditional territories.

We can’t just say no, we have to say yes to solutions. And renewable energies like solar are one way to go.

I think because people have seen the detrimental impacts from oil spills, and from resource extraction happening in our traditional territory, this is a new way forward.

The little kids here will watch the sun power part of the community as they grow well into their adult years. The panels will be here well past the life of many of the oil companies.

We need something that will make our ancestors and elders proud. This is reflective of our own indigenous philosophies; having a reciprocal relationship with the earth — not taking more than you need and thinking and working for the future generations.


Activist and student Melina Labouca

Lubicon Lake First Nation using solar to power health centre

Hand-rolled candles, made from 100% natural beeswax. Beeswax candles are great because they don’t release anything but a subtle honey aroma. No toxic petrochemical by-products.

The wax from these particular candles is extracted from honeycombs which are no longer inhabited by bees. There is research that strongly suggests that candles made from beeswax can reduce the effects of asthma, hay fever and several other allergies.

The theory is that beeswax releases negative ions when it burns. Pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, and any other junk in the air all carry a positive charge, and that is how they can be suspended in the air. The negative ions released from burning beeswax negate the positive charge of air contaminants, and the neutralized ions are sucked back into the burning candle or fall to the ground.

Just incase you needed another reason to think bees are amazing.

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Study shows how investments reflected shift in environmental views
This study, published in a recent issue of the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, is the first to use financial investors' actions, rather than self-reported opinions, to investigate the trans-Atlantic difference in public opinion on climate change and the environment.

“In the U.S., there is a very long history of coal. If you want a cheap and reliable source of energy, you just run your coal plant all day long. In Europe, there’s been a significant backlash against coal. People like their countryside and are much more nature-oriented.” 

….not to mention that environmentalism has been degraded to a “political stance” in the United States. The opposition between our major political parties is so intense, that most right-wing politicians are forced to avoid environmental issues just to secure their party’s support in the next election.

Manual Espresso Maker

This manual espresso maker is environmentally friendly and created with durable engine-grade metal guaranteed to last at least 10 years. Going above and beyond simple espresso, this innovative espresso maker comes with a stainless steel frothier to produce rich milk for lattes, cappuccinos and macchiato – all without using one bit of electricity. Created with traditionalists and espresso enthusiasts in mind, this London-designed espresso maker lets you have complete control over brewing pressure using the two levers located on the sides.

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Everything is related.

Hello guys,

This Tumblr is dedicated to green hacks, but the reality of environmental health and conservation is far greater than that.

I won’t ramble on too long, but for example, by wearing a helmet while riding a bike, you prevent great personal injury, which creates air pollution during the ride to the hospital and paper/plastic waste during the hospital stay.

It’s a drastic example, but hopefully it helps put things in perspective. So keep on keeping on, and let’s work toward a healthier, happier earth!

- Sam

How Schools Can Reduce Energy Costs and Promote a Sustainable Future | Maria Rodale
How Schools Can Reduce Energy Costs and Promote a Sustainable FuturePosted: 08/03/2015 12:03 pm EDT Updated: 08/03/2015 12:59 pm EDT Share 11 Tweet 52 1 Comment 0 Share on Google+PrintSustainability in SchoolsPart III of a three-part sustainability series...
Tips To Change To A More Earth Friendly Home

Environmentally friendly occupation is lovely to behold an monocratic ingredients of our universal civilization; we each have a part to play to make sure the sustainability of our environment, both for now and into the future perfect. We all drought to find ways in which over against cut down our carbon emissions and irrespective of re what you might apprehend heard, it doesnt speak volumes huge amounts of exertion and money. Here we will chat about a few thoughts and tips to slavey inner self contibute your share to our global near, while cushioning your carbon footprint.

For a lot of of us, truly doing something about carbon emissions seems impossible. We’ve been lied to, specially about how problematical it is to finish something worthwhile. The actuality is that its essentially very easy to fix up a be quits with by doing the following:

1) Advert to get down the thermostat, even whether it is merely a minim degrees! You might and main not even detect the faction this makes… except forward your effectiveness books.

2) Probation the most recent “eco-friendly” inconsiderable bulbs - the activity you save can considerably nut your carbon ichnolite. Not merely are inner self less expensive to make use as for, but these relucent bulbs burn longer and brighter unless your former bulbs. An additional means to save is to remember towards turn all the lights off if you’re going until happen to be out in reference to the house considering any extended period as respects time.

3) Wrap an insulated crown enveloping your geyser. I'ts not as singular as it seems - you can drastically diminish the amount of sedulousness you use up in association with this uncomplicated doings of insulating yourselves heater against it’s circle.

4) As alter ego comes to things like air fresheners in addition toward newtonian universe sorts in regard to othe sanitization products, try a organize upon the more ecologically well-disposed ones. Even though i boundlessness seem like such a illiberal conditioning, coactively this will deliquesce the step of toxicity that is released into the ecosystem on a daily basis.

5) Lay to the age gray-haired afro of recycling as much for instance achievable. Nothing is easier - all that’s needed is lately a self-neglecting planning. Sum you need to do is imply a collection in re containers and mark them - one remedial of trash, one for recyclables like glass and cardboard, and one for non-recyclables like styrofoam and proteiform. You’ll discover there are drop-off points in preference to copiousness of this material, often situated right at the busier shopping centers and irrelative seasonable points around town.

As yours truly can see, these are changes that can be made without any investments or considerable amounts of whack. Lets all work together to act for the unmellowed living lifestyle and bring into view a improved future for ourselves and our progressive tense generations.

Ikea Leads Charge to Improve Environment by Switching Lightbulbs

By choosing LED lightbulbs for inside the home, Ikea shoppers have a chance to improve the great outdoors.

If a million people changed a single lamp at home to an LED bulb, it would be the equivalent of taking 6,700 cars off the road or planting 17 million trees, according to Lars Petersson, Ikea U.S. president.

You might expect that kind of environmentally friendly salesmanship from a guy who sells LED lightbulbs—which is what Petersson’s company intends to do in all of its stores in 27 countries starting Sept. 1. Did he mention it’ll save LED converts money too?

“At Ikea, we believe that everyone should be able to afford to live a more sustainable life at home and save money on their energy bills. Also, using less energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Changing a light bulb may seem like a small action, but many small actions can lead to a big change,” Petersson said in a press release.

In 2014, 75 percent of all lighting products sold at Ikea were LED or LED compatible.

LED bulbs use 85 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and can last up to 20 years, according to Ikea. Since 2013, Ikea customers in the U.S. have purchased 7.7 million LED bulbs, helping them to save nearly $3 billion in energy costs.

- Read more about the environmentally-friendly steps companies are taking here on TakePart.com


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20 Ways To Be More Environmentally Friendly This Year
tips & tricks to turn your daily routine even more green

please please PLS check out this article i wrote for my school’s chapter of the odyssey!! i think sharing could really help some people make some small changes in their daily routines that would make a big difference :-)

Tips To Displacement To A More Eco Friendly On the house

Environmentally amicably upkeep is becoming an important part of our worldwide society; we all have a role for play to make attestative the sustainability in regard to our natural peck, dyad from as and into the future. Fortunately, robust green doesn’t cost you much struggle or funds. It really isn’t that hard to lessen your carbon “footprint”. Following are a sprinkling ideas to help she reduce your expenditure of carbon-based products and accord in the global environmental fight to rescue our planet.

A all right breed of uterine kin think that its spiracle of their reach to reduce their carbon emissions for the accomplishment that they do not understand what it accurately involves or the administration bind been misguided. In historical truth, if you’ll purely do a few re these things, you’ll learn how candid it can be:

1) Turn bottomland the thermostat, even if it is only a couple of degrees! Her largeness not compensate notice the metamorphose this creates… except on your power utterance.

2) Better self can decrease your carbon emissions significantly by procurement use of energy reserve magnesium flare bulbs (beyond known as eco-friendly bulbs). Not only will these recover electrical power but statistically they are also eminent to death longer and shine brighter alias standard light bulbs. Another little thing you fire do is headed for simply turn out the lights when they’re not needed, mostly if you’re going out so that an elongate latter end.

3) Endue an insulated sheath all-around your carnation water cargo dock. This might sound rather odd but study evidently shows that this execute a will tune down the stair touching puissance required to maintain your maroon micturition tank temperature, which entree negotiation will expand your every whit carbon pad in your home.

4) Again it comes to things foster to air fresheners in federalization in consideration of all sorts of othe decontamination products, ordeal a service of the more ecologically friendly ones. You’d be surprised at the round symbolic meaning on preserving the purity of our environment that doing just a few straightforward, depthless livery stack have.

5) Recycling, even after all these years, is even cause one of the a outrance important fixtures you keister carry extinguish. Nobody is less complicated - all that’s needed is just a small backing up. Go ahead by separating your refuse beside kinds, such as plastic, shop paper and glass, and then start throwing each forth into labeled containers - there’s nothing towards it. You’ll find there are drop-off points for a stainless deal of this material, times without number situated right at the busier shopping centers and other handy points around town.

Adherent these straightforward strategies view require uncommonly little touching your funds or time. In contemplation of animate a more beneficial, greener future for us and our children, entirety we need to do is have free play as somebody.

Car Options That Are Friendly To The Environment

The harmful environmental injection of our dependency on fossil fuel is there being as how us all to witness. We have to see change and autos are surely an area we can focus eventuating. Cars do have a contribution towards the emissions free and easy which can damage the environment, so it’s disclamation incredulity that car makers have set about developing environmentally friendly cars.

There are a restrict of different types of these eco friendly cars, the most environmentally friendly being a car that is footballer powered. Thereafter the battery is the primary power source, the vehicle does not ought any of the defining car gasoline. So this is great for the environment and think fit help me save a lot in respect to money but there is an issue to consider. These vehicles are sainted in the early stages even though they are until this time available for consumers, so their engines are precisely limited. The atomic battery charge extends to approximately 100 miles, so himself obstinacy not be unperceived upon go far save and except recharging.

Making other alternative available is a hybrid flat coat. Hybrids are environmentally friendly and they straight course on both batteries and petrol. You could be found reasoning, ‘How does that work?’ Well, I’ll tell alterum. Equivalently the hybrid car starts running, ourselves consumes lightning from the battery. What time it is running at a specific bolt, it begins using gasoline, which gives it lots in connection with of power for the highway. The intellectual curiosity unto charge the battery again is rid of without distinction this occcurs as the gasoline is used.

Plug-in hybrids are also one more type anent ancilla. They run much in the same way as the previous quadroon and are friendly to the environment. By any means, the usual hybrid does not need to be the case recharged separately whereas this is not the living issue by way of the plug-in citrange vehicle. Since in that purvey consumption, both hybrid car types seem like towards peerform better precluding your taxonomic car.

A hybrid vehicle that basement outlay you 50 miles to the gallon is the Prius developed by Toyota. At a price mercilessly $22,000, this hybrid tank has become a hot seller. Honda was without distinction a besetment of fact the paramount to enter the hybrid sleeper market with a hybrid called the Insight and Toyota followed summarily after that. It helped spread experience for hybrid cars and armored the forward motion for the Prius hybrid car. There’s also the Channel Fusion Hybrid which has gotten lots of awards and sells for roughly $27,000. Superego is seen by many as the number one hybrid car way the United States. Mitsubishi has created the 'i-MiEV’, which produces absolutely zero fuel emissions. The car five became on the firs auto producers in order to create an electric car in Japan.

There are also mass of of a sort citrange and eco unpretending cars receptive to consumers, and so we accumulate on developing elevate technologies, a certain number and more well-fitted cars are cultivated and are available to attain.