Supertree Grove - Singapore

Supertree Grove is a uniquely designed vertical garden. The “trees” are 25-30m high and provide a shaded canopy during the day, before being lit up at night. With over 200 species of plants covering their frames, the trees are environmentally friendly and harvest solar energy.

reusable water bottles are a good idea for a few reasons. #1, environmentally friendly; this one’s a no-brainer. #2, hydration made easy! and you KNOW i love that sweet hydration… #3 you gotta think outside the box a bit for this one but bear with me. lets say youre out and about on a pleasant nature walk and you see, say, a cool bug, and you wanna show your friends. if you have an empty reusable water bottle, bam! instant container. just make sure to let some air in. and dont get bitten by anything poisonous

How to actually help the environment:

Eat less meat.

After seeing the effects of meat production/consumption on the environment, water supply, and human health, it’s a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint.

And nobody is telling you to eat NO meat. Just LESS meat. I’m not a vegetarian/vegan, but this seems like a common-sense solution to some major environmental issues. Use your head! Go forth and be awesome.


So, my mom is pretty amazing. Awhile ago I showed her this roll of re-usable “paper towels” on Pinterest. She recently presented me with a roll of them she sewed herself & then had my uncle made a wooden holder for…

I was like “Ma, I just thought they were a cool idea!” She says “yeah I know, so I made you some!”

So yea they are terrycloth on one side and cotton on the other, they snap together and are wrapped around a hard cardboard tube then placed on a regular old wooden paper towel holder. They can be washed, dried & snapped back together for future use.

Environmental Science Pick Up Lines

“Our love will last till the radioactive waste on Earth has decayed to a safe level.”

“You light up my life like an energy-efficient LED light bulb.”

“Girl, is your name methane? Cause you are makin’ my world hella hot.”

Every year, humans cut down approximately 15 billion trees.

Aside from providing 30% of our planet’s oxygen, trees are vital in providing habitat, holding soil, controlling floods, reducing noise pollution, and maintaining biodiversity.

A single tree has the capacity to absorb 20 tons of carbon dioxide, produce 1550 pounds of oxygen, and take in 45 pounds of suspended dust in a given year. Yet, since the dawn of their time, humans have reduced the Earth’s tree coverage by nearly one half. 

Americans consume nearly four times the amount of animal protein than the global average. Don’t think you can commit to a vegan lifestyle? For every day you don’t eat meat, you can save over 400 gallons of water and reduce your carbon footprint by 8 pounds. Challenge yourself to at least one “meat free” day per week.