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air signs feel light on their feet and flittery, away with the fairies
water signs feel dreamy, haunting, fluid, mysterious, captivating and vulnerable
earth signs feel analgesic, entrenched, rhythmic, in cycle with nature, leave a resonant etheric imprint
fire signs feel like warm radiance, lightning environmental response, invigorating, recharging, nourishing

MULTIPURPOSING: 5 items you can use for a variety of purposes

MULTIPURPOSING: 5 items you can use for a variety of purposes

The essence of green living is consuming less. You sort of can’t get away from that. Consuming less has too many environmental benefits—decreased waste, carbon footprints, energy use—and beyond that, deciding to live with less enacts a culture shift that brings us back in tune with our natural environments. That said, we’re pretty accustomed now to being in easy reach of a product that solves…

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Little things to do to protect the environment :

It’s not easy to know how to act in an environmentally responsible manner. Personally, it interests me a lot, because we have only one earth and I think that’s important to protect it. 

That’s why I made this list of tips, information and ideas that can help to act in an environmentally responsible way. These are just little things, but I hope it will be useful to people who are interested in the environment and its protection.

  • Generally

50 ways to help the planet

How to recycle

Ways to reduce air pollution

Seasonality table

  • Less plastic

50 Ways to reuse bottles & jars

No plastic bags 

What’s the Problem with Plastic Bottles ?

Cool reusable bags

  • Do it yourself !

5 Ways to Clean Naturally

Natural glass cleaner 

Homemade playdough 

Natural shaving cream

Natural air freshener

Natural deodorant 

Built a bug hotel 

  • Some associations and NGOs (don’t hesitate to follow them on social networks and watch their news)




Friends of the earth international  


World nature organisation

Fair trade usa 

Sea shepherd

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

  • Beautiful photographs of the earth

by Yann Arthus Bertrand

National geographic 

Satellite Photographs 

  • Earth without art is just eh

Gregg Segal

Lorenzo Duran (art with tree leaves)

NYC-based design agency MSLK

Michel de Broin

  • Press

The Ecologist 

Academic journals 


  • Policy

Green politics 

European Greens 

  • Information

Great Pacific garbage patch 

Things you can do to help save bees

  • About Nuclear Energy (disasters)

Fukushima : Don’t forget 

Nuclear news from japan

  • Movies

Vanishing of the bees

An inconvenient truth 


  • Quotes 

Quotes about earth 

Quotes about nature 

  • Follow them on tumblr !

The Ecology 



The Treevolutionary 

Conservation biologist

(Sorry for any mistakes in English, it’s not my native language)

Woolen Mill Fan Company

Have you ever been to a restaurant or a hotel and looked up to see those antique style fans connected and run by belts?  They are really extraordinary.  Tonight I started snooping around and found what I think are the best ones from the Woolen Mill Fan Company of New Park, Pennsylvania.  What I love about this company is not only their antiquated designs, but their philosophy that craftsmanship and small production lead to the best final product.  They also run their factory without a hint of damage to the environment, including utilizing solar panels and a wind turbine for electric energy.  Not even their shipping crates are mass produced.  If only more companies were so devoted to the protection of our environment!

If you’ve never seen this style of fan in action, check out the video below, and be sure to visit their website here for more information about the company and it’s products.

Belt-Driven Fans from Jim O'Connell on Vimeo.

Tips For Planning The Best Family Vacations

Tips For Planning The Best Family Vacations

There is always room for improvement when it comes to travel plans. No matter if you want inexpensive ground transport or nicer hotels, the tips below can help you get what you need. Don’t exchange all your cash for the currency of the place you’re in. Use an ATM and withdraw pocket money. Typically, banking institutions can get lower exchange rates than individuals can. This can save you a…

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10 Tips for Raising Green Children

Raising green children is important because being environmentally responsible impacts the planet they’ll be living in in the future. There are simple things you can do to teach them the importance of being green.

  1. One of the easiest ways to conserve energy is to turn of the lights when leaving a room. Children also have a habit of leaving appliances, such as the television or fans, on when not in use.
  2. To conserve water, have your child turn off the faucet when they are brushing their teeth. It may be tough, but teach them that showers use up less water than bubble baths.
  3. For their school lunches, use containers that can be reusable. Say goodbye to brown paper bags and invest in a cool lunchbox.
  4. Set up a recycling station in your home for papers, plastics, and glass. Recycling can be fun is you use colorful bins with signs designating the different types of recyclables.
  5. Clothes can also be recycled. Children outgrow clothes at a fast rate. If their pants start looking like capris, it’s time to donate them.
  6. One of the fondest memories I have of my childhood is making forts out of old boxes. Be sure to save boxes, egg cartons, or any other useful materials for arts and crafts projects.
  7. Teach your child the importance of planting a tree or growing some of your own food. Plant a tree outside or grow a couple of plants inside. This will also teach your child the value of light, water, and clean air for living things.
  8. Cut back on those Happy Meals! Prepare fresh, organic food for your child. It’s better for their growing bodies than processed foods from drive-thru’s.
  9. Reduce your carbon footprint by walking, biking, or taking public transit. You can reduce air pollution and get exercise.
  10. You are your child’s role model. Set a good example and also live green.
Los Angeles Becomes Largest US City to Ban Plastic Bags

Last week the state of Hawaii introduced a state-wide ban on plastic bags, becoming the first US state to do so. In spite of significant loopholes, this is a very brave move as plastic bags cause untold environmental problems.

Now the city of Los Angeles has banned plastic bagsbecoming the largest US city with a ban. Although it is not the first California city to institute a ban, the inclusion of LA to this list is newsworthy. 

Stores throughout LA will be required to ‘phase out’ plastic bags by the end of the year. Once the  ban ordinance is enacted, larger stores will have six months to stop handing out plastic bags and smaller stores will have up to a year. After this time, all retailers will have to charge 10 cents for each bag that they provide to customers.

The ban will keep a whopping 2.7 billion plastic bags used each year from ending up in the trash. This will significantly reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills as well as environmental pollutants. Plastic bags are not only an environmental hazard but also create havoc by being a major cause of litter as well as by blocking waterways.

Natural Alternatives

During the month of October we will be doing one post a day with natural alternatives that you can use to substitute everyday products. Many commercialized products contain harmful chemicals or contain harmful chemicals in the packaging. By substituting these products out of your daily routine, you can take steps towards bettering your health and leaving a smaller environmental footprint. Stay tuned!

Warby Parker: An Eyeglass Company with an Inspiring Vision

Last Friday I had an experience many of you may share: wandering around the optical shop after an eye exam, eyes blurry and cartoonishly dilated, looking at potential glasses for the first time. Though I could barely see, I saw something was extremely off: the prices of the glasses themselves. A basic level pair was going to run me $300! I wisely decided to wait until vision cleared enough to go search online for glasses and ask for recommendations on Twitter.

Many suggestions came, but one stood out. Warby Parker. Why? Whereas most others make a point to crow about their massive selection, designer brands, and low prices that fluctuate widely depending on style and options included, Warby Parker takes an entirely different approach: it has a relatively small selection of glasses all at one price, $95, all including the three elements typically priced separately: frame, lens, and anti glare/scratch coating.

All well and good, but dig a little deeper, and you find that this B Corporation is committed to make a positive impact in everything it does. As they put it:

More Coal Mining or Saving Tigers? India Wrestles with the Choice

Maharashtra Forest Department officials have rejected proposed development of an open-cast coal mine in an increasingly diminishing area of Central India forest. Greenpeace India and other organizations have joined with local residents in opposing the plan. They’re now circulating a petition on the Web calling on the Prime Minister and national government to protect all Central India’s forests from coal mining, and to further investigate a scandal involving the PM, government and the nation’s powerful coal mining and industrial companies.

Want to break out of the herd wearing Tom’s shoes? You know that for profit company which donates ugly shoes to Africa, when lets be honest, most African countries need financial aid and food, not damn ugly poorly made shoes. Try Civic Duty, they’re socially conscious and fashion forward.

In addition, each year an exclusive shoe will be uniquely designed with 100% of the profits donated to a social cause benefiting those in the United States. Join us and Conspire to Inspire!

Smart Ways To Safeguard Your Luggage And Money

Smart Ways To Safeguard Your Luggage And Money

We travel in order to experience lives and places different from our own, to escape the humdrum and discover the exotic. Although, for many people it becomes difficult to find that exciting new experience. We’ve given you these tips to help. They have been compiled by expert travelers just for you.

Leave any valuable items you don’t need at home when traveling. Valuables attract attention and…

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toys toys toys!

as you’ve probably noticed, our selection of baby merchandise continues to grow and grow. those babies you bought for a few years ago? well they’re big brothers and sisters now, and when you come to buy for the new baby, you’ve told us you also want to bring the older kids a little something as well. hape, in business for 28 years, began as an educational toy supplier in germany. their philosophy is that ‘reduce, reuse and recyle’ is a responsibility that is reflected in an assessment of the environmental impact at each stage of their toys’ life cycle: from the materials they used, to the way the products get to our shop, to the packaging a child rips open. these toys are designed to have a long life and to be intuitive. the play is neither limited, nor defined, by culture, language or gender. every hape toy encourages children to have fun, no matter who they are or where they live. we made an effort to choose a selection of toys that are appropriate for ages up to 4+. we’re excited and hope you will be, too!


Image - Daikin Europe’s factory headquarter in Ostend

In May 2013, Paul White of ‘Russen & Turner Architectural Design’ visited Belgium to take a tour of Daikin Europe’s factory headquarter in Ostend. Daikin are the market leader in environmentally responsible, renewable energy heat pumps, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The visit, arranged by Daikin Air-Conditioning UK and EOC Services Ltd of Downham Market, provided a small group of local professionals the opportunity to learn more about Daikin and the products they manufacturer.

Paul White says:

“The visit included the opportunity to see all of the Daikin products available for the European market. The‘Solutions Plaza’ was a fantastic opportunity to see exactly how much technology goes into manufacturing their incredibly energy efficient products”.

“The Factory Tour was impressive as few people get the opportunity to ‘go behind the scenes’. The production line was immense, the number of people employed there was vast and the technology and systems used to produce what is now ‘proven’ technology was quite incredible”.

Russen & Turner Design are no strangers to specifying renewable technology and have been doing so for a number of years now. They are currently overseeing alteration works for a local commercial client where a hybrid heating and hot water system, including air source heating, looks set to reduce the existing annual gas consumption by 30% and see Co2 emission reduce by 23 tonnes per year.

Paul White explains “The days of raising an eyebrow when the words ‘air source heating’ is mentioned are well and truly over. The technology is understood, the energy and financial savings are clear to see and with updates to the Building Regulations on their way, renewable technology will become more and more common-place in domestic and commercial properties”.

If you wish to learn more on how renewable and sustainable technology and energy efficient design can benefit you, please contact Russen & Turner Design on tel: 01553 768256. Twitter :@RTArchitectural

The Gravity Light

In his novel Caesar’s Column  (which is vastly better than his pseudoscientific writings about Atlantis, for which he is unfortunately better known), Ignatius Donnelly used a throwaway reference to “gravity lights” in classic science fiction fashion, to remind the reader that the story is set in the future.  The meaningless phrase stuck in my mind, and now I finally have a real-world referent for it.

And you know, it really does look like something from Portal, doesn’t it?