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How about Enjolras who stress cleans?

Combeferre and Courfeyrac both know from living with Enjolras that the state of the house is a clear indication of how stressed Enjolras is.

  • A clean kitchen means that Enjolras is stuck on a part of his essay or speech and needs half an hour to come up with just the right phrase.
  • Their bedrooms all tidied up means that he’s finished off a major piece of work and isn’t happy with the result but just can’t get it to work.
  • Enjolras following you around with a broom and dustpan and yelling at you for dropping crumbs on the floor means he’s just had a particularly awful argument conversation or read something that really made him angry and it’s best to stay out of his way.
  • Coming home to a house smelling like hospital grade cleaning products means Enjolras is worried about someone and doesn’t know how to express his concern

Combeferre and Courfeyrac have learnt to just let Enjolras be when he gets like this, knowing he’ll come out of it in his own time.

But Grantaire hasn’t lived with Enjolras before, so when they start dating, he doesn’t know that avoiding the stressed blonde is perfectly acceptable. So instead, he comes up with his own way of helping Enjolras deal.

  • Grantaire who introduces Enjolras to stress baking so that they can at least enjoy the fruits of all that energy spent.
  • Grantaire who takes Enjolras to his studio so that their fearless leader can take his aggression out on paints and then pass it off as Enjolras creating art (”people get paid obscene amounts to do this you know, and you’re a natural - I think you could get rich from this!”)
  • Grantaire who sits down with Enjolras one day and researches on environmentally friendly cleaning products and alternatives to store bought products (”all the blogs say baking soda and vinegar, E - we’ll need to go shopping”) because he doesn’t like how dry and calloused Enjolras’s hands are because the dope doesn’t bother with gloves when he cleans.

Enjolras learns to make the most delicious puff pastries and home-made macarons (and Grantaire starts complaining he’s putting on weight).

Grantaire sneaks in one of E’s artwork in his exhibition as a guest work and calls it “Fury” - it sells for obscene amounts of money (much to Enjolras’s dismay and Grantaire’s delight)

namjoon, a world class man, is really out there supporting good and environmental friendly products. he literally just posted a pic of him using a MoreThan backpack (the company that makes recycled/eco-friendly backpacks)  and now the company is struggling to keep up with orders. a free fucking promo y’all. like. i’m so at awe at this man


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NTAMW tells you that you should switch to using the menstrual cup because you’re being “wasteful” by using tampons and his ex came to love the cup therefore you should also be more open to putting foreign rubber objects in your vagina too

Agreed. Although I personally prefer menstrual cups, that doesn’t mean it is for everyone. There are plenty of environmentally friendly menstrual products other than cups out there (washable/re-usable pads are another personal preference of mine, you can even get them in fun patterns!), and a woman’s body is her own so she can do whatever the hell she wants with it. Also, it’s not always possible to be green, as an individual, sometimes in can be expensive or inconvenient, and at that point in your life it isn’t an option, and that’s okay too.

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its true that not everyone can use reusable pads but it would still be nice for them to be free, so that people who are able to wash them can and will be more motivated to use them! so many environmentally friendly products are prohibitively expensive, ideally all kinds of menstrual products should be available for free...

At the moment it’s for folk that can not afford them. It’s great to aim for something but people criticise every step for ‘not doing enough’.

It’s getting tiring to listen to especially when wherever they are is doing next to fuck all to help anyone.

tips for people with periods:

- take advil before you sleep
- use organic sanitary products if available to prevent skin irritations
- wear comfortable clothes
- get lots of sleep
- think about using more environmentally friendly products like cloth pads or menstrual cups to save money and the earth
- don’t be afraid to cry a little
- drink water
- do yoga!
- heating pads are your best friends
- when you watch the blood drip down your legs in the shower it’s okay to feel like a powerful warrior
- it’s also okay to run out of the shower like a banshee when you finish so you don’t bleed all over your bath rugs and your clean legs
- be kind to yourself
- remember that you’re beautiful
- and good enough
- and yeah, eat that ice cream with no shame!

name: maya
age: 18
country: Finland (i’m actually spanish but)
zodiac symbol: gemini

hobbies: drawing/painting/doodling, cooking, knitting, reading, visiting museums, geocaching, music, learn languages, series, movies and music, going to picnic, crafting, snail mail (obviously wtf), deep conversations, petting animals and traveling.

(even though i’m worthless choosing favorites, let’s try it)

  • favorite singer/band: Lana del Rey, The Smiths, The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Russian Red, 1973, The Japanese House and Belle & Sebastian
  • favorite series: black mirror, AHS, sense8 (currently watching), gossip girl, skins and penny dreadful (currently watching)
  • favorite films/directors: i like almost all the work of Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen and Tim Burton, but i also like a real lot this kind of romantic movies that never ends as they’re supposed to ( Moulin Rouge, 500 Days of Summer or Submarine for example) and Big Fish style (that “grand finale” always makes me cry)

things i do not like: people who think that are better than the others. People who doesn’t have goals in their lives and are not interested in learning and discovering new things. The heat, sausages, olives, excessively romantic films (f.e. The Notebook), animal testing, killing bugs (could you please just gently take it and set him/her free? thanks), selfish people and conceited people.

things i do like: people talking about their passions, old fashioned love, berries, mythology, bees, veggie/environmentally friendly products (like lush!), moomin, the smell of new books, manley, copic ciao, dogs, cats, plants (every alive creature is welcome to my tiny heart), long walks, snow, christmas, the mountains, candles, cute socks with cute shoes, pressed flowers and handmade things.

why am i looking for penpals?: i have always been this kind of weird girl in the class who’s doing “stupid”, “ridiculous” things, like going to the theatre, art galleries, doing snail mail, having a journal (i don’t really know why this was considered weird in my high school, i think those thing are totally cool lol), etc. I just think it would be nice to find someone who shares some hobbies and  enjoys them.

Contact mayatokki.tumblr.com/

Things I wanna do in 2018

Make delicious and interesting salads
Meditate often (I use Headspace guided meditations)
Walk in park often
Go camping and do weekends away in mountainous places
Explore Vic
Make a webseries with @stormwindjack
Work on a movie concept
Take dance classes!
Buy less crap, manage money well
Save for the end of the year (grad show, holiday)
Go to Tassie
Swap to environmentally friendly products like cotton buds and toothbrushes etc
Continue listening to my body - it tells me how far I can push it, what it needs, when a situation is dodgy
Spread myself less thin. Invest in a few quality frienships, don’t overbook myself, create mental space and freedom
Pull back on the emotional labour I do at uni - fuck those guys
Disregard fuckboys entirely
But meet an incredible man, who knows, I’m ready, where are you?
Produce more music, jam with friends
Reject stress
Love making art and make art I love
Drop a few kg to fit into a few fave clothes (there, I said it)
Avoid diabetes for another year
Be more confident in being exactly who I am


Tumblr, moral absolutism, and Joss Whedon: I’m aware that this is a very loaded topic. But it’s also a very important topic to address.

Anyone that’s been following me for a while know how much I point out problematic behavior. My goal with that isn’t to get you to change your mind about something. But for you to understand that no matter how much you love something, there are negatives. And it’s horribly problematic to ignore them.
But the reversed it just as true. No matter how much you hate something, you shouldn’t discredit the positive aspects around it.

Tumblr is a place of moral absolutism in a lot of ways, which can be a bit of a double edged sword. Grey areas are treated like the plague, and mostly I agree that they should. But not because grey areas don’t exist, cause they do. But because the “grey areas” that get attacked are almost always not grey areas at all, but morally wrong areas that get glossed over in sneaky and manipulative ways.

Joss Whedon gets a lot of hate on tumblr, and mostly the hate is aimed correctly. But something that happens so easily with moral absolutism is misdirected hate. Because it’s so much easier to hate everything about this evil thing, than to accept anything positive about it at the same time. It’s so much simpler morally, and quicker, to label something as trash and move on.

But here’s the thing: When a generally good person does something bad, that doesn’t make the thing they did good. Just like when a bad person does something good, it doesn’t make the thing bad. Because no one is 100% evil. I mean, even Hitler was a vegan right?

I don’t believe claiming everything someone does as bad is a healthy mindset (just like the reversed isn’t). It dehumanizes them, and that makes us expect less from them, when we should be expecting more.

Thankfully, most Joss Whedon hate posts I see start out directed correcting. But very often do I see these posts bleed into claiming everything about his work as bad. Which to me is scary. It’s scary for a large number of reasons. But lets focus on the two main ones:

1) The feminism in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is more complex than most give it credit for. This type of feminism often get discredited as it is, and for all the wrong reasons. To see an entire generation possibly reject this type of storytelling and feminism, because of their general dislike for Joss Whedon, makes me so sad.

BtVS taught me so much about internalized misogyny. It also helped me love a lot of my own traits that I used to view as negative, and even weak, simply because they were feminine. Here’s a few posts I’ve written on these topics if you’d like to know more (x) (x) (x).

But no, BtVS did not get everything right. Far from it (and that’s important to remember too). But that shouldn’t discredit all the messages it got right.

2) What does this mean for our future? Will an environmentally friendly product get less support because someone who helped develop it was homophobic? I see people hate entire brands because one of their CEO’s have bad and outdated views. Views that yeah, they really should reconsider. But views that doesn’t effect their product quality or morality around manufacturing at all.
I’ve seen people love and support presidential candidates, and political parties, because of their shining personalities. Instead of considering what they might do if they get put in a position of authority.
Does this mean that we’d rather support a silent/neutral system instead of an opinionated one that get some (but not all) points right? 

It’s so important to teach our youth both negatives and positives regarding as much as possible in life. Since this is how you build empathy and a strong moral compass. And that’s why you can’t condemn the positive aspects linked to a negative. Just like you should never forget or accept the negative aspects around something positive. 

So please lets aim our hate correctly, and stay critical.